Reviews for Utterly Despicable
harnicem chapter 24 . 8/26
Another great story. What a horrible world the elite created,very well imagined.

I have to say I was very surprised at the ending. I would love to read more about how Draco did this, if he is going back and forth from the muggle to magical worlds or does he love her so much he is permanently living as a muggle.

Love your stuff!
dianm chapter 24 . 8/26
Wow... he chase her to muggle world... kinds wishing a story from his pov from ministry till the end
prettiturtle chapter 24 . 8/19
This is such a sad story... She has to leave behind a key part of herself not only in who she is as a witch but her memories of her friends :/ also all those women still in the magical world all oppressed by the patriarchy! I would have to say this ending is too cruel - those poor women... All of them, the muggleborn, the half, the pure blood... They are all under the whims of men - I hope they have a revolution! All those women should join together to overthrow that tyranny to get their civil rights back and be able to protect their rights as human beings! Thinking about that world they are left in is too sad - I guess I would do the same as hermione and leave if women were not rising up to take their rights back they might as well leave to a place that those rights are, for the majority, protected... It is again sad she has to leave a part of herself to attain those freedoms. :( Emma Watson would also cry at the end of this story - too sad.
Besides that rant- it was a well written story I enjoyed reading it!
Guest chapter 24 . 8/15
lol interesting ff
8862406657 chapter 1 . 8/12
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Sarah chapter 24 . 7/27
Great ending! X 10/10
dracoisforever chapter 24 . 7/19
Super creepy, unexpected ending... Loved it!
aeojdas chapter 24 . 7/19
Hi! I love this story so much, you've done a great great job! But, I just have to ask, like, the Draco in the ending is the Draco Malfoy, right? Not just a man coincidentally with the same name as Draco? Does this mean he also gave up his magic to be with Hermione? I know you've finished this story a while back but I just have to ask, and I'm probably not the only person to ask this. Sorry for being such a nuisance, but I hope you answer, I just can't live happily without knowing for sure that it's Draco Malfoy following Hermione to the muggle world. :3 cheers! :) x
Arickakent21 chapter 24 . 7/15
I was a little nervous wen I first read the summary and title but this was actually quite a beautiful story I loved it
andinify chapter 24 . 7/14
Hi! I know this has been years since you wrote this but I just came across your story and... Well, I read some of the reviews and I just had to say this:
The ending was beautiful. I know this depends on one's opinion but I like how it ends. Sort of bittersweet (and I love bittersweet endings), because Hermione ended up losing her memories (because it'd be sooo cliché if she got to keep them) but still with Draco at the end.
And I just have to ask: does Draco still have his memory? Or does he just go back and forth from wizarding world to muggle world?
Thank you for writing this by the way.
Guest chapter 24 . 7/12
I love the ambiguous ending. This is probably one of your most convincing stories, with Hermione's isolation and natural tendency toward emotional stuntedness (at least in your universe) really making sense here.

I always appreciate your understated to the human experience we can all relate to: love, loss, passion, intimacy, pride, have a unique voice.

No matter what people say, I really feel that I understand that you aren't saying this is a sad OR happy ending. It just is. In this story, you as the author make no judgement. You leave that up to us as the reader, which is rare and refreshing. Thank you.
Guest chapter 24 . 7/2
well written but very difficult to read
SKIE2314 chapter 24 . 6/12
OMG SO BEAUTIFUL 3 I hope you would make one in Draco's POV but this was good 3 Great, even :)
Vernoodle chapter 24 . 6/10
Oh, I loved this! Kind of sad that her memories couldn't come back. And I guess Draco straddles both worlds then?
amazingmee chapter 24 . 6/4
I just want to start by saying that I did enjoy the story. But I do feel bad for Hermione. I mean Draco was an asshole to her, he never let her know that he in fact cared for her. He humiliated her on several occasions. Then he just moved on to whoever was next. And then becoming her boyfriend later on pretending that none of the past happened. I mean he's married! I do however like that her love for Harry never faded.
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