Reviews for Just A Matter Of Time
SarahShalomDavid chapter 1 . 8/12/2010
Awwwww my universe! Gotta love that ;)

Love you too Ima! More than anyone else on this stupid thing will ever know or comprehend!

I think with Truth in the Lies we spoke about doing more about the emotional turmoil that Ziva and Sarah are going through yes? and there battle to achieve the bond that they once had when she was little? I am not sure I have the right story but I am 90% sure that is what we spoke of... e.g Sarah would hide behind Ziva when Tempe or Booth etc came close to her! but at times would also shield her mother from them too! Depending on who out of the two had more courage/felt more protective that day or at that moment

With this story, I love the way that she has the instinct that its a girl and the need to protect the unborn child, going against Jewish law in the way that the unborn has no right and is not legally thought of as a life and often not thought of as of importance in jewish society..I love the way that she is constantly goign against him and her beliefs as well as society for her child.