Reviews for Irrevocable Abduction
sagajunkie chapter 62 . 9/5
Always have loved this story. Lots of humor. Glad Charlie lived a good life. Sometimes wonder what happened to Renee. LOL. Probably really did get abducted.:P
MaineMomma chapter 24 . 8/31
I have to admit to laughing hysterically at the Batman outbursts.
Elisedesallier chapter 62 . 8/23
That was one of the most original vampire stories I've read in a long time. Thank you!
debslmac chapter 62 . 8/7
:) loved this story
Guest chapter 62 . 7/21
Nice story
loved it
thanks for sharing
Guest chapter 1 . 7/18
I'm already hooked
k1942 chapter 62 . 7/14
With a little danger and adventure thrown in, this was a darling love story! Vampires were just an added bonus!
k1942 chapter 61 . 7/14
Charlie is just a bit too protective of his daughter right now, so back home they go!
k1942 chapter 60 . 7/14
Oh, that was too funny! I'm glad Bella came through this okay and their little boy is thrilling the heck out of his daddy!
k1942 chapter 59 . 7/14
Carlisle has another gift, besides healing, and that is diplomacy! He nudged Caius right into where he wanted him! Things are going really well now!
k1942 chapter 58 . 7/14
That is the slickest deal I've ever heard! Everyone wins in this scenario!
k1942 chapter 57 . 7/14
I'm getting some of what is going on here, and the key seems be Athenadora! evidently, once Aro was dealt with, the Cullens plan to conquer Volterra with the help of cats and babies! It is so much fun to read about kick ass Bella, she really deals with bad vampires!
k1942 chapter 56 . 7/14
James! Just who we don't need to have around pregnant Bella! Edward wouls absolutely have a hissy if he knew what was happening!
k1942 chapter 55 . 7/14
Hope they don't pass each other, like ships in the night!(no pun intended!) Bella is playing a dangerous game with this blonde vampire, I hope it turns out okay!
k1942 chapter 54 . 7/14
I kind of figured that was the news Alice was keeping from them. Probably Edward would have had a meltdown if he learned about it before the wedding. Why didn't someone snap Tanya's neck, by the way?
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