Reviews for Unplanned Perfection
The Vampire Goddess chapter 3 . 12/4/2023
Ugh I feel this is going to be an angst ride. I don't see them ending up together.
Courtstuffs chapter 11 . 8/21/2023
Ugh another “poor little Bella” story when she’s a huge manipulative cunt. I feel bad for Edward.
ClaceLover08 chapter 41 . 8/16/2023
i love this story it is awesome and I love this series :) & i am happy that Bella & Edward are Married & i am happy that Rose & Em are Married & i am happy that Ali & Jazz are Married & I am happy that Everyone has Beautiful Children's
Juxtaposition001 chapter 42 . 6/20/2023
Damn. 10 years later re-reading. I had a dream about this story outta the blue and had to re-read and I'm just as in love as I was then. Slow clap to you love. Amazing
TwilightBabies11 chapter 8 . 6/17/2022
So he was kind of Rough with her Oh Well. She didn't ask him to stop or slow down, and it's not like he knew she was a virgin. Bella needs to stop acting like a victims.

I mean everyone acts like he raped her, when he didn't.

I cant handle stories like this were Bella is this innocent little victim.

She had no right to keep his child from him for no reason and somehow his family is turned against him.
Kimberley Clay chapter 41 . 4/27/2022
I loved this story. I hoped it was cathartic for you. I cried, I laughed, I held my breath. Thank you for this
Kimberley Clay chapter 29 . 4/26/2022
Now I'm thinking Tanya did the damage at their apartment instead of Cammy
Kimberley Clay chapter 25 . 4/25/2022
That bitch, Cammy, she's fucking crazy
CLEFE chapter 41 . 3/29/2022
Wow what a great, thrilling story! I loved every chapter.
Thank you so much for writing and publishing it!
Monnie Mcintosh chapter 42 . 3/15/2022
This was an absolutely beautiful story. I loved every page. Thanks
Jenycullen chapter 25 . 3/1/2022
I live in Durham and work at Duke, I wish Edward was here! Lol
bobbysgirl1976 chapter 41 . 3/1/2022
Rogue Reviewer chapter 10 . 2/13/2022
Bella was an absolute bitch again in this. Deserved everything Edward said to her, and more! She would deserve it if Edwards next move was to consult an attorney and sue her for keeping his child from him. Oh! And Esme is an absolute hag here, thinking the worst of her son and taking Bellas side. Ugh!
Rogue Reviewer chapter 1 . 2/13/2022
This is one of the worst, most frustrating stories ever written in the fandom. SO many problems! And apparently so forgettable to, because everytime I come back to it, I forgot how much I hated it!

Bella is awful. Edward's parents are absolutely awful to him. Everyone is up in everyone's business. Alice is the worst of the fanfic-Alice tropes. And then there is Charlie the elder: an officer of the law who apparently does not once in 3 years educate his daughter to the fact that she could be taken to court for knowingly and intentionally keeping a person's child away from them. Or that the child's paternal grandparents also have rights to said child and could also take Bella to court.

Anyway... I know its tempting to delete guest reviews, but it would be a service to leave this one up so that people know that they're risking spending the next several hours being increasingly frustrated and mad at everybody in the story.
Molly ash chapter 41 . 1/1/2022
Honestly this was one of my favorite stories to read! I love your work! And you are just a wonderful author!
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