Reviews for Song in Red and Gray oneshot tribute
BohemianCane04 chapter 1 . 8/11/2010
Oh Kali, it was wonderful. You completely captured the way Rose thinks about both of them in a way I just can't believe.

"In the end, she was glad she didn't know. Knowing who the father was would betray which man she wanted the father to be and that was a question she never wanted answered."

Yes. Yes, yes yes! That is exactly how she would think of it, I know.

"So many nights she would cry Cutler's name -in ecstasy or in agony... it never mattered. She was his plaything by night, his secret. She knew Cutler would have rather died than let the world know he had given his cold, black heart to a whore."

I am so glad that it's already clear to you that Cutler has indeed given Rose his black heart. I haven't even got up to the point where he can admit it to himself but it is the truth.

"She became a ghost the day what was left of Beckett's fleet washed up on the shore at Port Royal. She thought she would disappear like sea foam."-I am so putting that line into "Song"

The way you wove in Elizabeth's son was such an amazing idea. It's incredible that Rosalie doesn't even say anything in this fic and I can just see her completely in my mind. I can feel the tenderness of her heart and just know what her love for James Turner would be like.

You captured Rose's bitterness but also her capacity for love. Also just as a btw, she would totally name her daughter after your girl. She loves her.