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OedonWrithe chapter 38 . 11/10
The binary code says:
Harkness, come on.
Wake up.
What? You gonna let some dumbass light show beat you?
You are a machine, bastard. A fuckin killing machine. No light show can keep you down. Wake up so I can kick your ass.
Babe, wake up.
Razzledazzy chapter 47 . 11/8
I felt so. Gosh. So in tune with this story. Harkness' whole journey. It's really relatable to anyone who's had to re-learn how to live. The whole thing. How Butch dealt with his feelings. The two different types of how he pursued. I'm sorry I cant be more articulate. This fic and the upcoming new game has reduced my mental capacity to a constant screaming. It's a complimentary screaming though.
JessieMellow99 chapter 47 . 11/6
I'm kind of in love with everything you've every written. You're the reason I made an account. I've spent the past three days reading all your stories... Sen P
GlimHutcherson chapter 47 . 2/16
I read the whole story in a couple days because of a few fanarts I had seen. It was mostly unexpected (I mean the amazing complicated plot). The writing is great and the last two chapters were stunning. Your portraying of Butch is crazy and soooooooo interesting. I also adore Johnny since he looks so much like my own lone wanderer (buy mine was a woman called Josh) and the part when he says that he would give his life for anyone but stayed alive etc... I LOVED it. You made me ship Butch x Harkness, obviously.
Charon is my bb chapter 47 . 8/26/2014
This was beautiful and amazing and wonderful and omg I love you bby
winegoldsayuri chapter 47 . 7/6/2014
Aw, I really really love this. You have quite a unique writing style (in a good sense).
This whole story seems very carefully thought out. From the beginning to the end. There are so many small things and dots which connect to each other over the course of the story. And that's one of the things I love in a fanfic! Reading something (be it a small phrase or a thought) and thinking "Oh, this relates to something from one of the previous chapters". Because of this you can really see and feel Harkness' and Butchs character evolve and grow. As they say, sometimes it's the small things that count. ;)
Special mention goes to the whole idea of making Harkness read colors in RGB and chapter 38 which is all written in binary code (pretty cool idea and very fitting).
I also like that you included Big Town. When I played the game I for some reason didn't really pay attention to Big Town or the characters there. But after reading this I want to go back. Your characterization of all the Big Towners makes them so likable... Shorty, Pappy, Sticky, Dusty, Kimba and the rest. I also like Saint (and I don't often like OCs in fanfiction). When he first showed up I was unsure as to what to make of him. Then he "kidnapped" Butch and I wasn't too happy with that. But after everything that happens afterwards you just gotta like him. :) I like his humour and the relationship between him and Butch. They're a bit like brothers.

You've also found the perfect ending. The little play on words about "trouble on the ship" (which brings the reader back to some of Harkness' earlier thoughts when their relationship just began and makes you see how far they've come) makes for a nice finish.

Thanks so much for writing this! Thanks for adding such a gem to the (unfortunately rather small) Fallout fandom. :)
Maverick88 chapter 47 . 6/22/2014
I stumbled across this story during my deviantart explorations. Or basically, I found the art that was inspired by it, and figured that if a story can inspire art that beautiful, it has to be pretty damn good. As usual I'm very late to the party, but I figured it couldn't hurt to write a review anyway.

In the beginning I didn't really know what to think of it. Harkness' very frequent use of the word bullshit everywhere seemed off and the actions and the conversations between characters seemed...strange. But you're a shower, not a teller; you unpack everything. You let the reader draw their own conclusions. And suddenly the dialogue didn't seem odd anymore. You leave threads and pick them up again later. It hinted at a lot beneath the surface. And I haven't seen many authors do that and pull it off.

The developing relationship between Butch and Harkness is a beautiful thing to behold. I love how it unfolds, how we come to learn more about these characters with each chapter. I also love how you drew Harkness, the struggle he has with himself. Every character has layers.

A writer once said that a good story needs to have at least 3 fantastic passages. Yours is basically one big fantastic passage. The tension between Butch and Hark is riveting. The fight scenes are fantastic. And the ending is perfect. I wish I could download this and put it on my e-reader as it's as worthy as any quality novel. You ever consider putting it up on Archiveofourown as well?
Sera chapter 16 . 5/12/2014
Sensual scenes like this are what separate great romance and good romance, imo! Awesome chemistry ;)
Walker Stalker chapter 47 . 11/19/2013
Is "bullshit" your favorite word or something? Fitting, though, considering that it describes this story to a tee. I still don't see how choppy prose, structural errors, and the change of a hetero character's canon sexuality make this the top Butch fanfic on the site.
falloutgurl chapter 47 . 9/11/2013
looool sucks
Warrior Chickenz chapter 47 . 8/31/2013

I'm a sucker for well planned romance, and this is one of the best. Yes it's long, yes it's a tad unconventional, but that's part of what makes this fantastic. I was caught on every word. Excellent work!
Guest chapter 47 . 6/5/2013
Nevany chapter 47 . 5/23/2013
Ah, man.
The ending was perfect.
Yes, Harky, take your Trouble with you and keep it safe.

He's got his won life to decide now, because finally, he really is free, ain't he?
No Zimmerman chasing him, no inner turmoil with his two 'selves', no system reminding him that he's not quite a man nor machine.
And a whole Wasteland of chances and choices for him to make.

I love that Butch is questioning his choice on Harkness' behalf, because this routine, the ship, its familiar to his android, it's a comfort he knows Harkness appreciates. Kind of needs.
Expect he doesn't, not when he has Butch.

Hmm, perfect story, perfect ending.
Well, beginning really.

Thank you so much for writing this and just ugh, I can feel your love in every word. Yup.
So thanks for sharing too :)
Nevany chapter 38 . 5/22/2013
JEzus chrst
I went to bookmark this, not read more.
now I am crying.
Nevany chapter 37 . 5/22/2013
I like to get to the last chapter, whether the story is complete or not, before reviewing. That way I can properly gush over how it all flowed and what not. Plus, I can read uninterrupted by a need to type out these feelings, just take them on to the next chapter. Because I'm a sadist and need the extra hurt of feels.

It's long (I'm sure you can see that), but really, it's your own damn fault so I ain't apologizing.

Ugh. Fuck. Seriously.
When Butch came back for him (I was expecting him to save Harkness before Zimmer finished reciting the code because Butch promised and damn if a Tunnell Snake don't keep his promise. But knowing that, it didn't ruin the moment, make it any less of a relief, seeing as I spent most of that scene hissing at my screen 'Butch you ass, save your boyfriend before they break him'.) and Meathead was crawling up those stairs, I could feel what was going to happen. After all, you don't countdown a power source unless it's going to lead to a hopeless situation with an even hopeless and three times as heart wreckingly breaking solution.
But jees, I just.
I feel like crying.
Hell, I probably would if I wasn't typing out this out rather forcibly (I'll apologise to my laptop later for my harsh behaviour because I think I'll be doing it again later).

It's just so. Unfair.
So cruel and just. No.

You know, I've never actually finished the android quest. I just shoot Zimmer when I see his face because I'm usually still attempting to play the nice guy role at this point and agreeing to help him just seems like it would blast away my already crumbling good karma. Strangely enough, shooting an elderly man in the face without much care or thought has never occurred to me to being an evil act.
Yeah, so, I didn't really know Harkness was the android (I love spoilers so it wasn't really a big deal finding out), but I've always had this thing for Harkness, gods know why. And all this is actually kind of irrelevant, but I've typed it out already so HAH.

What I'm trying to get at is, Harkness goes from mindless slave to aware 'droid fighting for his right to freedom to a blissful (for the Wastes anyway) comfy life to having it all burn in the face of the truth and kinda falling for Trouble with a capitol T and just not knowing that he's fallen for it because he's now all kinds of messed up and he doesn't deserve any of the bad and Butch, gods, Butch is telling the world to fuck off because he knows that too and wants to protect this walking tin can who could kick his ass 30 was to Sunday if he felt inclined to, which he doesn't and can't figure out why, because rationally, why not beat Trouble before it becomes trouble.
And it's torn from him, this 'thing' he refuses to acknowledge because it confuses both of his selves and he goes back to being a shell, something not quite as hollow as it once was, but twice as fucked up and even when Butch returns it just gets worse for him because he can't understand, just can't and it gets him even more because he doesn't know why, doesn't get a break because Butch seems to forget he's not human, never was, not really, so he misses clues, hints, these subtle things and it's so fucking stupid because Hark doesn't, it doesn't dawn on him suddenly that 'oh, yeah. Butch is my freedom' ,is that first glimpse of sky he was ever aware of. No.
It just is suddenly, but not really, because it's always been there, he just couldn't name it, label it. And when he comes to the conclusion that it doesn't matter, he just fucking rolls with it because of course. It's Butch. His Butch. Or is he Butch's? He's doesn't care not really, not when he's got a squish, hardass, stubborn human to look out for amidst 'droids and slavers and crazy scientists (totally including Saint in that last one).

You rip this bleeding hurt right from my chest and do the EXACT THING I EXPECTED
You make that fucking idiot of a man (because no android would even have considered this a plan or course of action, it's nothing but reacting on emotions and so painfully human,) go and sacrifice himself for the one person he's still not sure how to handle, still not sure what these odd little urges he gets from time to time want him to do.
And there's no regret and he's throwing the first hit because fuck you very much, but he's going out on his terms.

And that's just Harky feels.
Butch. Butch suffers just as bad. He's dealing with an android that he forgets is an android, that isn't always aware of human subtleties and what not.
That he needs to protect from the Big Bad because this is his Chief and this Tunnel Snake won't let no one take what's his.
Except he can't make claim, not properly, because it's awkward at best. Because Butch ain't used to dealing with an asshole of a security chief who's so fucking clueless it probably hurts just watching him blink at those smirks and smiles Butch saves just for him.
But he perseveres because he's a Vaultie, even when his usual talk-and-charm routine that works on everyone fails to get anything close to a normal reaction. Faulty wiring, crossed circuits, stupid talking toaster got a few fried boards, probably runs through his head more often as days go by, but Butch never stops coming and talking and just standing there in silence because he'll figure Hark out eventually, will get it through the thick metal skull that he's serious that he's there, for good.
Except when he ain't and that probably kills him and he manages not to think of him until Paradise Falls, until he sees the scum that would hunt and collar the android for cash. And he remembers the instant reply to that question, he won't be forgotten. Can't.
Probably thinking of that, silently grateful and sorry at the same time as he's fighting, trying to get out in one piece, that for as long as Harkness lives (not runs because it's never occurred to Butch that he doesn't really need that heart) he'll always remember Butch.
And just dropping into his arms again, 'cause it wasn't adrenaline that pulled him through the Wastes those long days and nights.
And gods, just how much it burned him, thinking that he was so easily pushed from mind, classed as done and over with. After everything he fucking went through for that tin and bolts.
What was the point anymore, why bother with all this. In the end, he's only got fighting right.
No. Because he can't quit that stupid man with his stupid smoking habit, so he throws both his addictions into one, throws fists at the man he can't drop and watches it all go to Hell in a sparkly electric blue hand basket.
And he never had any intention of going after Eulogy. None at all, but he has obligations to Saint. The whole fucking Wastes does really, but Butch and him have something special, so he has to trail after that idiot before going after the other one, knowing it won't end well, not unless he's there.
And he's probably beating himself up, having broken that promise after all, that was more than the first three words (syllables count), but there's no time and he can't think, can't find a way out of this mess, regrets bringing him here, even though he knows he had no choice in relocating Harkness. He had to come.
And he finds solace when they hid in the cupboard. Knows it's not going to last long, but he did everything he could, even if it wasn't enough. He kept Chief with him, will stay by him, right till the end.
And that one moment, so close, yet not enough, he feels the dread slip away, he ain't scared no more. This death won't be in vain.
But then he fucking does it.
Then he pushes Butch away and back to safety, safety he doesn't feel at all when grenades start dropping alongside shelves and door splinters, then door fragments, terror gripping him because there's too much distance between him and Harkness and nowhere near enough between the Meatheads and then there's blue and-
Part 3.

Fuck you. (I mean this with the utmost hatefully passionate love, because really. Fuck.)

Writing this out helped, till I got halfway, now the feels are back and I'm going to bed with the mother of all cliffhangers.
I wanna say who needs sleep but I refuse to read more and go to bed crying (out of relief, pain or just an abundance of many feels all rolling into one giant big mess) later on when I start to nod off and have to give up the good fight of finishing this in one sitting.

I shall return.
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