Reviews for Two Guys, A Girl, and a Ticket to Hell
xJenzaFreakx chapter 27 . 1/18/2011
Ooh, Sammy gave me chills! Poor Bobby having to witness all that, though. I know he definitely wasn't expecting Sam to do all the work or even enjoy doing it. You're right though, after Dean died and went to Hell- he did start listening to Ruby more and got hooked on the Demon Blood. He became manically depressed and wasn't himself anymore. You did a great job with him and his new personality. Very great job!

Ugh, I feel like my review sucks this time but I was really distratced while reading and writing this, two-year-olds- what're you gonna do? *sobs* It was a great chapter, though, I liked Dark!Sam and I hope Ruby can provide some info for the guys to use to help find Tasha. With her lack of POV, it's hard to imagine what she's going through!

Can't wait until your next update! As always, you leave me craving more!
PinkChampale chapter 27 . 1/18/2011
Great chapter. I thought dark Sam and tortured Dean were very accurate.

I kind of like the bikers too, lol.
Spelllesswonder29 chapter 27 . 1/18/2011
Awesome chapter! Gotta love that dark Sammy! Ita so funny that I'm a dean girl, but I just love the way you write Sam so much that I'm a Sammy girl when I'm reading it. It's weird. Oh well love the chap! Hurry with the next!
AprilC3604 chapter 27 . 1/18/2011
Oh dark Sam gives me chills but in a good way. It was awesome! He was a little off in season 4. Bad sam! lol but i love how you wrote him. it was perfect.

Omg you have Dean down. The reaction was amazing. I felt like I was watching everything that was going on. I love that man. I mailed him to you, did you get him? lol if not i think he got "lost" :)

I cant wait to see what you have for them all. I so love this story and you write so well. please update soon!
tigerlily308 chapter 27 . 1/18/2011
excellent chapter :)

Sam is really scary when he goes all darkside :S, i dont like it! haha

great work, keep it up :D

luv Sarah
Sparkly Blue Eyes chapter 27 . 1/18/2011
Definately still here and enjoying! got this update in my inbox this morning and the smile that crossed my face! )

As always you write perfectly for each of the characters, you have a way that can express every emotion and i love that! Basically with every chapter you find new ways to blow me away and i'm sitting there at the end of it!

Sam...well, all i can say is dark sammy is hot ;) hehe I am glad he found the balls to do it, although they didn't really find anything - it needed to be done to at least try!

Dean's reaction was spot on, he already has doubts about his little finding him doing that would certainly throw another spanner in the works!

I am so so looking forward to what you have planned for Tasha, excited to see what is happening to her and whether the boys can truly save her! OMG you my FF Author/friend are awesome and you need to update soon cause i really really want to know what happens next! )
BlueEyedPisces chapter 27 . 1/17/2011
Dark Sammy, it's always the quiet ones lol. It would be cool to see a bit of Tasha's POV, can't wait to read more :).
unalcuna chapter 26 . 1/15/2011
I hope that "three or four more chapters to go" doesn't mean what I thought it means. I'm so in love with your story I can't get enough of it :)

Waiting for the next chapter.
sakixry chapter 2 . 1/13/2011
I... am... uhhh... I'm awestruck! This was... HOT! SIZZLING! Oh dear God in Heaven...

I think it was the hottest lemon I have ever read! Congratulations!
Kinthinia chapter 26 . 1/12/2011
Oooh can't wait for more!

I hope they finally get rid of Diego. And it would be interesting to see this keep going on and match the television series but that would be a whole lot of work XD

I'm so happy this is a well written story with an amazing plot. There are hardly any errors. Only ones I spotted were dialogue, where at the end there was no comma/period as there should have been. One spot of dialogue featuring three Wheres between several characters and the first piece asked where, the second had were (where was needed there) and then another where. Also a semi colon instead of an apostrophe.

:) I can't wait for more!
tigerlily308 chapter 26 . 1/12/2011
woohoo i love Bobby!

a fabulous chapter, very nice twist with the vamp that knows about Diego and the torture stuff

keep up the excellent work :)

luv Sarah
SupernaturalLove21212 chapter 26 . 1/10/2011
YAY! Update! I loved this chapter! I'm glad they finally have a lead on Diego! Go Bobby! Can't wait for the next chapter! :D
xJenzaFreakx chapter 26 . 1/10/2011
Are you kidding? Of course I'm entertained! Ack, I wish I could write more detailed scenes and dialogue like you do! It seems my imagination just doesn't click when I actually sit down and write it, yknow? Anyway..

Love Bobby's participation, he always comes through with something useful in hand!

Ugh, poor Dean, though. I can't even begin to imagine what he's going through; his situation with Tasha, before and after being kidnapped...and his memories of Hell. It's amazing he was able to hold it together as well as he did, even in the show.

Awesome, amazing chapter and I can't wait for the ultimate showdown! Great work!
Sparkly Blue Eyes chapter 26 . 1/10/2011
Hey Hey, your definately still keeping me entertained! i've always said i look on you as my 'mentor' and this chapter as always is my mentor at their best! )

I enjoy reading your chapters not only for the plot (cause lets be honest you gotta love it!) but for the way you structure and right the scenes! OMG your freakin awesome, the detail is immense and suits the story so well.

I am so happy to see Bobby come in for the hunt - good that the bikers are helping them to! Poor Dean ( can't torture because he's too tortured from hell but Sammy, lets hope he can dig the answers right out of the SOB vampire!

As always i am really looking forward to your next update, i cannot wait to see what Bobby & Sam do to the vamp and of course what the hell is happening to Tasha! Update soon, please! )
Spelllesswonder29 chapter 26 . 1/10/2011
Yeah I def love that bObby is in it now. I love Bobby and you do write him so well. Actually you wrote the whole dean and Bobby interaction really well. I feel like that is exactly how it would go and it was perfect. I'm ready for dark Sammy tho. Bring on some Sam torture.
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