Reviews for Truths, Lies and Alibis
Tinas31 chapter 2 . 5/22/2011
Ooohh I'm loving this so far! I got your story from a community...
kymbersmith90 chapter 32 . 5/13/2011
Thank you for this final peek into Edward and Bella’s lives. I always enjoy the future takes and this one is no different. I’m glad they got their happily ever after, if anyone deserved it, it was these two. I am so happy that they got their four children and it doesn’t surprise me that there was only one boy in the mix. I bet he will grow up surrounded by so much love.

I’m glad Alice and Jasper also have a child. They are nearly always overlooked in fics. I guess it’s because they never showed any preference for children in cannon. I can imagine little Zoey as a daddy’s girl, curled up on Edward’s lap for story time. You paint a picture of an incredibly happy family. As for baby Brady, any baby boy that looks like Edward must be a heart stopper.

I’m so glad you chose to set the epilogue during Easter. Most are set during Christmas, and I never really saw the appeal of a big Easter until now. Maybe I should look into one when Dexter gets older. It was a refreshing change.

What a wonderful end to their story. Thank you so much for writing and sharing it with us all,


kymbersmith90 chapter 31 . 5/13/2011
Twins was definitely a surprise. I did not expect that at all. I was sad that they found out the way they did. Bella needs to learn to take care of herself, but I’m glad that this episode has made her think about slowing down. I think if I had been working for the FBI when I was expecting my partner would have had a heart attack.

I love the babies’ room. It was so cute and trendy and not overly girly. I think I would have had to restrain Alice too if it were me. I can just imagine her now, running around stores, bringing home everything pink she could find in a ten mile radius.

My biggest fear when I was pregnant was going into labour in our local supermarket. I can’t imagine how scary that must feel. At least I was in a comfortable environment. And to have back labour too. I hadn’t heard of it until then, but, regular labour was painful enough. I can’t imagine how much more scary it would be to be unable to move! How typical was it that the police officer didn’t believe Edward? Did he expect to see one of the babies crowning?

I loved the babies names. I thought when I started reading FF that all of Edward and Bella’s kids would have the same names, but I can honestly say that I still haven’t had a duplicate baby name. You actually gave me an idea for a girl’s name. I was trying to sell my partner on Alexa and he prefers Alexandria. So thank you for that.

Edward really is one lucky guy.

Another brilliant chapter,

kymbersmith90 chapter 30 . 5/13/2011
I’m so glad you allowed Edward and Bella to plan their own wedding. It was another thing about cannon that I didn’t like. In Twilight Bella was asking about a future and possible marriage to Edward, from then on, she doesn’t care! I always thought that if she loved Edward enough, she would have wanted to plan her one and only wedding to him.

I am also happy that they decided to marry in Capri. It was where it all started after all, it should be where they start their married life. I am also so happy that there may be a baby Cullen on the way! Those two definitely deserve a happy ever after with lots of babies!

I love how close the two families have become. Its appearing more and more as one big family that the Cullen’s and the Swan’s. Landon was especially cute with his uncle Edward. It was nice to see the families eager for more of that interaction. I never knew green was good for fertility. I will have to remember that for my own wedding.

I loved the wedding. It was everything I pictured it to be. Quiet, intimate and most of all loving. They didn’t need a fancy, over the top wedding. It wouldn’t have suited either of them. And Bella’s suprise for Edward was just a perfect way to end that day. They will make incredible parents.

kymbersmith90 chapter 29 . 5/13/2011
I loved Bella’s surprise. I was pretty sure I knew she would have brought the house but I am so glad she did. The way she went about it was so romantic. I’m glad she went to Esme for help. It seemed like a brilliant way to build trust between the two women. There was no way Esme was going to be disappointed with Bella wanting to move in her son, but seeing how nervous she was, was endearing.

I loved the visual of Bella driving Edward’s car. It was actually something I always wanted to see in cannon. As much as Edward wanted to buy her a faster car, I’m sure he would have had a heart attack, should she reach the speeds he did. To see it hear was a incredibly satisfying. I’m not surprised Edward found it hot.

Edward was incredibly sweet, taking Bella to New York for New Year. The picture you painted was incredible, I’m actually jealous of them. And then he goes and proposes. The day could not have gotten any better. What girl would turn Edward down? Let alone an Edward in a tux, on a boat, on New Years eve, with fireworks?

I cannot wait to see how romantic the wedding is, after that proposal.

Lily1992 chapter 32 . 5/12/2011
I Loved the Story D
kymbersmith90 chapter 28 . 5/12/2011
I have mixed feelings about the first part of this chapter. I am really glad we got to see the judgement passed down upon Jacob. He ruined Bella’s life enough, she deserved to see his ruined. However, something about the death penalty still doesn’t sit right with me. It has nothing to do with your writing, its a personal issue. I cried when that sentence was handed down. Yes he deserved it, but the taking of any life should, in my opinion be mourned. Especially when you think about all of the people Jacob will be leaving behind. Noticeably his disabled father.

I loved the Halloween ball. The costume ideas were fantastic, I don’t think even I would have come up with Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. I can just imagine thee wway Edward’s costume hung on him. That is a very delicious image. I am glad Bella was able to freely enjoy herself at this event. Edward was right, you could see that although she enjoyed Alice’s wedding, Bella was constantly looking for a sign of trouble (and rightly so). However, at the ball, she seemed genuinely relaxed and happy. That is until Garrett and Kate showed up.

I am so glad we got to see Garrett in person. He definitely deserved the ass handing that Edward gave him. I’m sure that I, like everyone else that reads this, has been waiting for it to happen since Bella told Edward about what happened in college. It’s just a shame it was over so quick. He deserved more after what he said about Bella to Edward. Seriously, how stupid is that guy? Insulting an ex-army officer’s girlfriend. (I know he doesn’t know that but Edward isn’t exactly a push over).

Finally, I am so glad that Bella is now at that place in her recovery where she is ready to take that next step with Edward. She has gone through the recovery process and come out the other side. So many don’t make it that far! I loved seeing her future played out in the garden of that home. Maybe she and Edward could purchase it and live those memories for real? And 4 kids? Bloody hell, thats ambitious! Trust a guy to pitch higher. They don’t understand the pain we ladies go through every time! Mine still complains I hurt his hand when I was pushing (my sister in law, who is like a twig, says she didn’t feel a thing. Lol).

Another fantastic chapter,

kymbersmith90 chapter 27 . 5/12/2011

Sorry this has taken me so long to get to you but my son has been back in hospital so my FF has taken a back seat.

I was glad to see Bella getting back to normalcy in this chapter. She definitely need some of that after having had her life turned upside down for months.

I’m glad she was thinking about possible jail time for Jacob and Volturi. I hope we get to see some of that. Bella should definitely be there to see them go down, she needs the added closure. I’m not sure how I feel about Jacob facing the death penalty. Yes he did wrong, but a part of me still feels he was just misguided. On the other hand, he did take peoples lives without a second thought. You have me so delightfully confused.

I’m so glad Bella is seeing a councillor on a regular basis, I know she is a trained psychologist, but she needs someone impartial to talk to about her pproblelms, especially her living arrangements. I was so glad to hear Dr Bartholomew encourage her to spend time in her home. She should definitely not be afraid of it. It was once her sanctuary. I totally agree that getting past that hurdle will definitely make the biggest of change. However, I cannot help but feel sorry for Edward. He so desperately wants to be with Bella, but I’m sure he understands.

I thought it was a brilliant idea to ease into the separation. Having theem start out in the spare room, moving up to the master bedroom and finally to time alone. I would have just dove straight in if it were me! That definitely shows the difference between getting help, and doing it alone.

I loved all of the birthday treats. It’s a shame that Edwards treat was tainted by her realisation that the perfume had been taken during the home invasion. I am glad that it was brought up. If not I would have gone mad thinking about what could possibly have been missing from that dresser. However, the rest of the day was incredibly romantic. I want to get a Cobraward for myself! I also loved the treat waiting for her when she got back from Forks. Seeing her happy and comfortable in her bedroom was probably the best gift they could have given her. They have given her back her confidence, her freedom. And little Coco was just the best suprise of them all. I am a sucker for a cute puppy!

dazzled72 chapter 32 . 5/11/2011
I just found and read this over the last few days and loved it!
kavelf chapter 3 . 5/10/2011
Very sweet. She's going to be some kind of peeved though when she finds out why he's there. Another guy that lied to her, even if it was an ommision. Thanks again.
kavelf chapter 1 . 5/9/2011
interesting twist on things, Bella being an empath. thanks for the story.
kavelf chapter 2 . 5/9/2011
This has so much promise. I'm enjoying your beginning. Thanks
les16 chapter 32 . 5/8/2011 BMH what to say?

This chapter was absolutely perfect for these two and so very bittersweet. I can't believe it's over. It's been such an incredible journey, made all the more special number one because I've been with you from the very beginning but mostly, because I've gotten to know the amazing woman, writer, and friend you are!

I adore you like no other and you should be so proud of this story! You did such an amazing job with it from the first word until the very last word and it's been an honor to read this each and every week.

Much, much love,

Erin~ (les16)
PINKSAPPHYR chapter 32 . 5/8/2011
Hi my dear Mary...Thank you for writing such a great epilogue and giving our beloved Edward and Bella such a beautiful, peaceful and fulfilling life!

It was a true pleasure to read how They evolved and to discover what the future held for them, even though we left them pretty early in their journey together!

Thank you for blessing them with 4 kids (that's my fav number as far as children are concerned!) as well as numerous nieces and nephews...It was a real joy to see them so happy, enjoying so freely and completely their life surrounded by friends and family!

You couldn't have ended this story better so thank you!

I'll wait for the TGTCIA outtake and even for your next story, even though it'll take more time...

Hope to talk to you soon and Happy Mother's Day again. XOXOXO Cecile
amoredjenaue chapter 32 . 5/7/2011
Awe...Great chapter and great ending. I'm excited to see what you have in store for us next.
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