Reviews for 100 Drabbles
NovemberDreamin chapter 3 . 2/1/2011
aww, carlos is so obsessed XD

okay so my james OC idea...

Name: Jayni Bell (last name can be changed... i fail at making up last names)

Age: A year older than James, at whatever age you have him be

Personality: She's smart, insecure, motherly, sarcastic (as a sort of defense mechanism), occasionaly awkward, eager to please, funny (when given the chance) and very mature. She can get stuck inside her shell sometimes, and has trouble letting loose and having fun (here is where James comes in...). She can be intimidated by boys, but mostly just because she thinks she never has a chance. Part of the reason she can talk around James at all is because she thinks that he is *so* out of her league there is not way she has a chance with him, so she doesnt think of him that way (but of course, he starts to think of her that way).

Looks: Long, straight (or a little wavy), brown hair (just past her shoulder blades), brown eyes, caucasion (weird word, but i dont know how else to phrase it), kind of curvy (not fat, but not super skinny like all the other hollywood stars. this is why she's insecure, but its her body type so she cant change it. maybe have something about how she tries to go anorexic but james comforts her and tells her how great she is?), about 5' 6", and with cute freckles on her face. Shes pretty average looking, but she is still pretty.

Family: She is the oldest, with a 3 year old brother (Evan), a 5 year old sister (Candice), and then herself (feel free to change the sibling's names). Her parents are divorced, and she lives with her father.

Talents: She is an amazing violinist, but her Hollywood talent is makeup (maybe thats how she can meet James and the boys? Be their makeup artist?).

Likes: cats, snow, the beach, Arizona (her home state), reading, chocolate (shes addicted to all forms), coffee, boot cut jeans, cowboy boots, scarves, bangles, pretty boys, makeup (her makeup is very subtle, but skillful), and Spanish (she learned it as a kid from her next-door neighbor).

Dislikes: birds, humid weather, science, her mom, the Jennifers (although she is still nice to them, and doesn't talk bad about them, she thinks they are kind of awful), sports, and tea

so yeah... longest OC ever!

just thought i'd run it by you ;D

cant wait to read more one shots!

i might submit another OC... just FYI...
Asellia Skyrunner chapter 3 . 1/29/2011
Aw, that was cute. :) Haha, update ASAP plz! :)
Asellia Skyrunner chapter 1 . 10/22/2010
Name: Alicia Linda Garcia

Age: 16

Nickname: Linda or Leesh

Birthday: October 31st (halloween)

Desrciption: Skater-chic. Graphic tees, baggy boy shorts or short jean shorts, cargo pants, band t-shirts (mcr, tokio hotel, etc) Three piercings an ear

Interests: Skateboarding, coreography, music-mixing, crazy adventures/stunts

Dislikes: preppy girls, pink, fears

Fears: Rejection(it's happened a lot)& loss of family

Talents: Coreography and music mixing

Personality: A lot like Carlos, loud, crazy, and just a little bit insane. She's really out there with her ideas, but also has a softer side that she reveals when either she or her really good friends are injured. She's really closed off with people she doesn't trust, putting up the facade of crazy stunt girl.

Background life: One of three, she grew up in a pretty normal family. Her parents had their fair share of fights, but nothing to dramatic. Her siblings were almost never there (they're both at least 5 years older than her [Rico: 21, Marisol: 24]). She got fantastic grades for someone her age but never really showed it off. She was closest to James and Carlos, and has always been the party girl. She LOVES all her friends, but especially the guys.

Other: Her nervous habits- playing with her piercings/various other jewlery, she has a secret stash of advanced books but openly reads manga, James was her first kiss but she's never really been into him.

Feel free to change anything you want!

Anon chapter 1 . 8/21/2010
James OC

Her name is Nina Simmons and she's a complete and total nerd. She's obsessed with books like James is about his looks. Nina has brown hair and eyes and looks nerdy, unless she actually cares and then she looks good.
selenicsoulmates chapter 1 . 8/17/2010
I've never made an OC before. Can I go into depth with her? I think I will.

Her name's Alyssa, and she's from the East Coast. She's pretty preppy, but is also very athletic (basketball is her favorite sport). She's funny, and very easy to get along with. She has medium-length (like, it ends in the middle of her chest) brown hair, usually straightened, and has brown eyes. She's about 5'5.

She loves music and dancing, and can sing pretty well too.

Alyssa has a tendency to get under people's skin; see who they really are. She hasn't had many boyfriends and only lives with her mom.

So it's sort of jumbled all together, but eh, it's an OC - I tried, right? Lol.

corpuscalypso chapter 1 . 8/13/2010
ohhhh, ill read this. very good.

idea for James' OC:

a yaounger girl (not by much maybe 15) named Finley who is not inpressed by James' good looks and charm which makes james even more intrigued by her.

Finley Austin, brunette wavy hair to her waist, likes skinny jeans and tank tops, plays the drums in her band with her pals, Frank DiAngelo (singer) Helena Erden (bassist) and Kinsley Taylor (guitar)

sorry, i like making up OCs and i get carried away sometimes...hehe, have fun writing!
LoseYourselfInMusic chapter 1 . 8/13/2010


Looks:ill email you da picture.
888 chapter 1 . 8/13/2010
okie-dokie. my full name is Quinnton Alexandra Swarez, but most ppl call me Quinn, Alex, Allie, and my boyfriend Roman calls me Q, lol. im 16, i have long dark bronw hair andbbig green eyes, im a country girl, and i spend all mybtime outside playin with my bf or my twin brother(and bestest friend) Josiah. alot of times i come in at night with a farmers good luck wif choosin!

Fantasamigoricalproductions chapter 1 . 8/13/2010
Hi! I have a few ideas for an OC for James.

idea one: a shy little asian bassit names Darcy(teehee)


idea two: a tomboy but light hearted girl with rusty brown hair that James is stuck in the friend zone with named Liz. She'd be an actress and is cousins with Camille
Kaleidoscope of Colors chapter 1 . 8/13/2010
Okay, James OC,

Names: Daniella Levinne

Age: 16

Looks: Long, thing, strawberry blonde hair. Clear Blue eyes. She's 5'5" and weighs 129 lbs.
kelsmar chapter 1 . 8/13/2010
I'm gunna give this a good read. :)

I like drabbles, and you have pretty much all my favorite pairings, so I put this on alert. I'll be looking forward to the first one.