Reviews for It's My Life
North of the North chapter 15 . 3/22
Monster King chapter 15 . 3/13
Great story I really liked it good job writing the story.
Guest chapter 13 . 3/5
Your 'foreshadowing' is rather poor. I mean, at least foreshadow the whole, the hospital is not safe, thing before it happens, not right before it happens. Its silly.
Arwengeld chapter 15 . 3/7
Really nice and interesting story, it was a real plesaur to read it !
Arwengeld chapter 9 . 3/7
Great ! Rita Skeeter will be removed from newpapers !
Arwengeld chapter 8 . 3/7
Hum Rita Skeeter is always a prat
Arwengeld chapter 6 . 3/7
great things for Sirius but I hope that Dumdbledore doesn't use him in order to retrive Harry and take it.
Arwengeld chapter 5 . 3/7
I hope Harry will remember Ceres' sacrifice all his life and maybe he can speak with her former owner ?
Hermione is more a friend than Ron.
Arwengeld chapter 2 . 3/7
Great things this mail box but Dumbledore is a prat to restrain Harry's mail and security (he knows about Dursley's abuse but he said nothing)
Arwengeld chapter 1 . 3/7

It's the first time I discover your story. Someone translated the first chapter in french, and I would like to read your story so I am here.
It's very interesting to see Harry feelings and the Dursley's behavior !
slytherinsal chapter 15 . 2/26
well thought through
Guest chapter 10 . 2/15
Wasn't Rita arrested
fanficnewbee chapter 15 . 2/9
Love your take on a reasonably regular normal level of intelligence teen-aged Harry. Thank-you for sharing. {:) {:) {:) {:)
KnowInsight chapter 15 . 1/31
Another great story. Thanks. :D
Rawa7117 chapter 15 . 1/12
I love the way this author changed the whole plot to something interesting and satisfying to read. Thanks for writing books and coming up with plots like this~
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