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em ee chapter 6 . 2/19/2011
holy crap that was hot u should certainly update soon very soon please
Lillubibi chapter 6 . 2/19/2011
I really like this story!

Qu'est-ce que ton fantaisie la plus sauvage? Je le ferai, pour toi, n'importe quoi …

What is your craziest (she says most savage but I think craziest sounds better) fantasy? I will do it, for you, anything...


If you ever need anyother translation.
Runner043 chapter 6 . 2/19/2011
I've never figured out why... "so many guys had a problem with this". Stupid guys!

The ending with the Raners winning is cute and funny.
CamdenLaur chapter 6 . 2/19/2011
Freaking outstanding!

Except the Rangers part. lol

Don't stress about not having enough updates, your muse goes where it wants to. It'll come back this way :) Have fun doing your NCIS stuff!
Fixomnia Scribble chapter 5 . 9/21/2010

(stands up and salutes)
Ace Von S chapter 5 . 9/19/2010
This chapter was so incredibly sweet and hot. I think I am gonna read it again.
Runner043 chapter 5 . 9/18/2010
"He just did."... was a very good line! Yes, very full of fluff, but that's a good thing in this case.
afrozenheart412 chapter 5 . 9/18/2010
Holy Merde! That is the extent of my French! LOL! I hate to do this but I disagree with you, this is not gagging on smut. While I do agree that this is like eating chocolate, I find this is a well deserved day of feasting after a craptastic day and you want to feel good. And to do that why not spend time with one of your favorite smuffy couples, Don and Jess.

From him making her dinner, god the man can cook! I would snap him up and marry him right there, especially since they also did the dishes. But the feelings and desire that they both inspire in each other. I hope this week is long packed with a lot of love. He may not know how to dance, but what he was doing with Jess in the living room is what I call the best kind of dancing. Holding the one you love and swaying. :) As for the smut, 10 out of 10 as always. This week will probably kill me, I will stock up on chocolate!

Favorite lines

"Love it." Jess assured him. "You never mentioned you could cook."

"Didn't think it was important." Don shrugged.

"Oh, it's very important." Jess told him with a soft smile. "Means I don't have to do all the cooking. You didn't need to do this."

Don sighed. "Jess, our relationship hasn't been the most conventional. At least let me make you dinner before I completely take advantage of you."

"Take advantage of me." Jess repeated under her breath with a grin. "Honestly."

Don grinned at her. "You're right. At least allow me to feed myself before you take advantage of me."

Jess's mouth fell open and she swatted his arm. "Hey."

"Don grinned at her. "Who said I was gonna act on it?"

Jess raised an eyebrow. "You'd damn well better; I didn't drive out here to take care of things myself. I've done enough of that, thanks." She stepped backwards towards the door. "Coming, Detective?"

Don shook his head with a smirk. "No, Jess; you are." He scooped her into his arms and kissed her again."

"I promised myself," he said quietly. "I promised myself I'd take this slowly … because I want to go to sleep tonight knowing that I know you better than you know yourself." His lips brushed against the junction of her shoulder. "But I don't think I have that much restraint."

Jess sucked in a breath as his fingers moved down to tease the edge of her bra. "We've got all week." She reminded him, unbuttoning his shirt. Her gaze dropped to his chest as she pushed it off his shoulder and she tugged her bottom lip between her teeth. "Wow."

She hadn't realised she'd said it aloud, but she must have, because his response was a cocky smirk that should have seemed arrogant but actually made her want him all the more.

"See something you like, angel?"

He very rarely used her last name, but when he did, it sounded more like a term of endearment. She'd asked him on the phone once and he'd responded:

"I'd call you that regardless, Jess. As far as I'm concerned, you are. You're like the only thing that keeps me sane; gives me the strength to carry on though all the crap I have to deal with. You are my angel."
CSI4lyfNCIS13 chapter 5 . 9/17/2010
Okay bit just a smidge fluffy. But hey dis is their first time 2gether and I have been waiting for dis chap so its alrite. I really liked thelast thing he added to his list and the last part was definately very sweet. Great work.
jessicaflack chapter 5 . 9/17/2010
It's their first time n it's perfect! I really want to know what Don has on his list lol.

Please update soon!

PS: fluff n smut r a good combination lol.
CamdenLaur chapter 5 . 9/17/2010
No choking on chocolate here! OUTSTANDING! :) :) :)
terriberri23 chapter 5 . 9/17/2010
awe! that was so cute. And i'm not complaining. Great chapter:) Made my afternoon.
RyderBPD chapter 4 . 9/11/2010
RIDICULOUSLY hot. Well done for sure!
Ace Von S chapter 4 . 9/10/2010
This is fucking awesome!
afrozenheart412 chapter 4 . 9/5/2010
Lust, love, and laughter, could there be a better combination out there? I don't think so. Danny is such a prince. Don't get me wrong, I love it. It is only that he was pushing Don at Tiffany when he clearly had other things like the one who turns his body on not to mention his mind. :) Ugh, I LOVE that he knew that it wasn't Don's mom. I guessing he uses that a lot?

As for the smut, you are smoking woman! I have to thank those bunnies for not letting go of you, this would be sorely missed with all of the love and laughter. Don and Jess will set that cabin afire when they hit the sheets. So this is where the infamous black negligee comes from, she has good taste in underclothes likes she does in her men. ;)

Favorite moment

"Don chuckled. "Oh, I promise, baby, you won't be able to remember your own name by the time we're done."

"Promise?" Jess asked coyly.

"Promise. I love you, Jess."

"I love you too, Don." Jess lay back again, hearing his phone go off again. "Is that work?"

Don cursed under his breath. "Yeah, it is. Captain knows I'm off the radar next week so he's taking advantage of me while he can."

"You know, out of context, that could sound quite strange." Jess commented.

Don groaned. "You've got a dirty mind, Jessica."

Jess sniggered. "You love it."

"God help me I do." Don sighed. "I'll talk to you later, sweetheart."

"Yeah." Jess agreed, hearing the dial tone a second later. She didn't move, her smile not shifting.

She was quite certain she was looking at the best week of her life. She just hoped reality would live up to expectations."
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