Reviews for Diamond Treasure
Kris Senju chapter 5 . 7/25/2015
Please continue the story.
Kris Senju chapter 4 . 7/25/2015
This is a sucky situation there in.
Kris Senju chapter 3 . 7/25/2015
Karin is a stubborn one.
Kris Senju chapter 2 . 7/25/2015
Kris Senju chapter 1 . 7/25/2015
Why is isshin worried what happened to toshiro.
MysticalNyla chapter 5 . 5/21/2015
great story
Myth.C.Angel chapter 5 . 3/22/2015
Could you come back and finish this soon, I really like it.
AphBookTheif chapter 5 . 7/2/2014
I really love this story. Please update soon. Now that he's not wanted I can't wait to see what happens next.
Jazzybella chapter 5 . 7/2/2014
I am enjoying this great read. I hope you will continue this, I am hooked. : )
Dirl15 chapter 5 . 6/25/2014
please update soon please
forever122 chapter 5 . 4/19/2014
Thank you soooo much! I have been waiting all day for any story to be updated, and you are the first. Toshiro is such a stubborn and very protective boy. When Hisagi looked at Karin, I bet he thought along the lines of, 'Did she harm Hitsugaya-taicho with his own zanpakto?', or, 'Does she know what happened?' What does Karin mean when she thinks she didn't do the right thing? Thank you for updating. Happy Bunny Day tomorrow!
purpleswans chapter 5 . 4/19/2014
Now it's getting good! You're leaving the basic DDR storyline, since you know Karin would do something at that point. It's looking good.
forever122 chapter 4 . 4/15/2014
Very intense chapter. Keep it up.
purpleswans chapter 4 . 4/15/2014
Looks good! I like the fact that you have Karin with a kind of empathic ability. I feel like Cannon hints at it, but I usually don't know what to do with it is stories other than a high sensitivity to spirit energy.
iceprincess1345 chapter 3 . 2/27/2014
I hope you update soon. I love this story.
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