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FoxySonia chapter 22 . 11/21/2010
It'll take some getting use to to the idea of Devin and Carol, an ex-escort/hooker, together as a couple. I know Devin is no saint either but I wouldn't have paired him with someone like Carol. And I believe it would have taken a very exceptional woman to get Devin to fall in love and commit to her in marriage.

Carol's remark to V & C to "get a room" when she saw them kissing and Vincent's response made me grin. I like when Vincent shows his wit and humor.

Glad Vincent didn't let his primal rage get a hold of him and he didn't use his claws on the men that would have killed Carol and Catherine. Hopefully he never has to kill or injure anyone again.

I can just imagine the fun Carol will have traveling and seeing the world with Devin as her husband.

Wonder what other characters from the tv series will be included in this story. Will the hookers Lena and Lucy, the mean Silk gang, the vicious Outsiders make an appearance? I'm hoping they don't. And will Lisa show up again? And will Rolley return to the tunnels? And what about Elliott Burch? And who will end up being paired up with Joe and Jenny? Hope you don't leave us waiting long to read more of this interesting story.
FoxySonia chapter 21 . 11/21/2010
I think the practical joke Catherine and Sarah played on Joe and Kyle was kind of mean, not for Joe, but for Kyle.

Been wondering why Catherine had not gotten pregnant yet, having been married to Vincent for so many years already. Will she be 30 or older when they finally have a child? If anyone can convince Vincent of anything is Catherine. Now, how is she going to accomplish that?

So glad it wasn't Catherine that got slashed, beaten and left for dead in the park. Found it a little unsettling to read about the same or similar things that happened to Carol that had happened to Catherine on the tv series. Would have felt outraged if she had been nursed on Vincent's bed. Hope Carol doesn't fall in love with Vincent. Strange that Father didn't give Vincent grief over bringing Carol Below. I guess he's mellowed a lot.
FoxySonia chapter 20 . 11/21/2010
Forgot to add on Ch. 19:

Glad Vincent wasn't the one that killed Gabriel, and he didn't actually kill the 3 armed men, just injured them.

Found it unlikely that Gabriel would show himself up at the court with just 3 armed men and risk getting caught so easily. I would think he would just send a bunch of his armed killers to kill Joe and Catherine, as well as the detective that has been investigating him. Why bother taking Joe and Catherine prisoners? Is not like they have something of his he wants back.

Also, don't understand the inclusion of the 2 characters from 'The Terminator' movie, they don't really add to the story and make it a bit less serious/believable. And the suggestions that Snow acted more like a machine (I found Gabriel even more inhuman). I'm guessing that the reason was to add some comic relief, huh?

Ch. 20:

So glad Charles didn't die of a stroke and was able to get the medical help to save his life so that he can be in around for many more years to come. Can't wait for the grandchildren to come.
FoxySonia chapter 19 . 11/21/2010
Wow, I'm even more surprised that only 3 days had passed since Vincent got shot. Instead of being in bed resting, except for the one day when he had a fever caused by infection, he's been walking around and acting as if he was already healed.

Glad the judge found Vincent had acted reasonably in defense of people and himself when he killed the assassin Snow, and rule the case justifiable self defense. Wonder if the judge Marilyn could legally marry Vincent and Catherine.

(Need to change Councilor to Counselor)
FoxySonia chapter 18 . 11/21/2010
Was surprised at how quickly Gabriel came to his demise. Sad that Vincent had to kill again. Glad Catherine didn't get abducted and tortured, or a suffer worst fate, and Vincent didn't have to suffer the loss of his soulmate, or being captured and tortured by Gabriel.

So many people are finding out about Vincent. Wonder if Diana too is going to be in this story. I think she would be make a good mate for Joe.

It's kind of amusing that every women that hears Vincent's gentle, raspy voice, even the ones that are initially scared of him, find it sexy, and that even the men are affected by the raw masculine power of his voice.

(Need to change "His Bother?" for "His brother?" and sighed affidavit to signed affidavit.

And Joe worked under Moreno as the Deputy District Attorney and Catherine as an Assistant District Attorney. When Moreno died Joe became the acting District Attorney.)
FoxySonia chapter 17 . 11/20/2010
It seems this time Vincent recovered from his bullet wound and infection way too quickly; in just a few days he appears to be almost healed. First time he got shot it took him 3 weeks to recover and he hadn't gotten a high fever caused by infection in the wound.

A waitress called Sarah Connon engaged to a police officer named Klye Reese in this story? I'm equally perplexed and amused by the use of those two main characters of the movie 'The Terminator' in this story.
FoxySonia chapter 16 . 11/20/2010
Aw, how sad that Vincent is so badly injured, and suffering emotionally as well because of having to and the way he ended that assassin's life. But Catherine will help him through it.

Glad Joe thinks Vincent was justified in killing the assassin, and that he understands the importance of keeping his secret, and of keeping the tunnels and it's community secret as well.
FoxySonia chapter 15 . 11/20/2010
Guessing Mary will be able to get over Father with Alan's help. She deserves to find someone to love her and make her happy.

Pretty exciting chapter. Sad Vincent had to kill again to save Catherine. That's why I hate her working in a job that puts her in such danger. So was the white haired assassin Snow?

Glad Joe gets to meet Vincent, even though they meet in such a terrible way (with Joe being aware that Vincent had just savagely killed a man with his bare hands). Can't wait to see how their relationships develops.

And I'm guessing the evil (and much hated) Gabriel will turn out to be the drug-lord/crime cartel that Catherine and Joe will be confronting and fighting against in a future chapter/part of this story, so more action and excitement to come. But looking forward more to the happy events in V&C's life.
FoxySonia chapter 14 . 11/20/2010
Like the reunion of Jacob and Margarette, though felt a little sad for Mary. Wonder how things will change for Jacob having his very wealthy wife back in his life.
FoxySonia chapter 13 . 11/20/2010
Nice to have Catherine and Joe working together at the DA's office, just not looking forward to the dangers of the job.

Glad Father will get to be reunited with Margarette without getting arrested and accused of murder, and years before Margarette dies.
FoxySonia chapter 12 . 11/20/2010
I like Joe and Catherine's easy banter and rapport. I'm sure they'll become good friends. Looking forward to finding out how they end up working together.

I don't remember the fake name Devin used while in Australia, but as soon as Mattie started talking about her outback tour guide, Darrel Sanders, I thought of Devin. I also thought how great it would be if Catherine could take Vincent on such a tour.

Yay, love Vincent's and Devin's reunion! What a great Christmas gift. Yay to Catherine! Just wish they had warmly embraced, like they did at the culvert when they saw each other, in the episode 'Promises Of Someday'.

You couldn't have said it better like you have here. Vincent's and Catherine's heart and soul are bound together in a way that is truly special and unique, something the world has never seen before.

It's nice that Father and Charles have become good friends. Like how Charles helped Father to talk with Devin, and how Charles nudge Father and Catherine nudge Devin (as if they were two little kids) until the two of them were close enough to embrace. Glad when they finally embraced. Glad Devin got to stay with Vincent for 6 months. Hope he visits often.
FoxySonia chapter 11 . 11/20/2010
I like Joe and Catherine's easy banter and rapport.

I don't remember the fake name Devin used while in Australia, but as soon as Mattie started talking about the outback tour guide Darrel Sanders I thought of Devin. I also thought how great it would be if Catherine could take Vincent on such a tour.

Yay, love Vincent's and Devin's reunion! What a great Christmas gift. Yay to Catherine!
FoxySonia chapter 10 . 11/20/2010
Like how protective Catherine is of Vincent, how she won't let him condemn himself for Paracelsus demise. Seems Catherine is even more protective of Vincent than he is of her. I just hope she won't put her life in danger, and therefore Vincent's as well, by her future job choice.

Instead of the dining chamber, why wasn't the wedding reception held in the large chamber where Winterfest celebrations are held? Happy V & C got married. Still hard for me to imagine Vincent loudly roaring on purpose in front of so many people, no matter how happy, maybe because I got used to him being so reserved on the tv series. Glad he's not so self-conscious and doesn't have a self-confidence problem here.

Found a few typos/misspelled or missing words in the story. On this chapter/part need to change the name Winston to Winslow in the sentence where Father ask him, and I believe Ben, to carry Vincent to his chamber.

Enjoying reading this story and look forward to the rest of it.
FoxySonia chapter 9 . 11/20/2010
Actually, I believe Mouse was only 10 years old when he was found by Vincent. In the series Mouse looked like he could have been either in his late teens or early 20's by the time Catherine to meet him (in 1988).

Was a little disappointed that Vincent didn't ask Charles for Catherine's hand in marriage. To me he seems like the kind of man that would do something like that. Also, think V & C (and it seems all the characters in your stories) get married too young, just barely out of their teens. But I guess since V & C are already bonded body and soul forever, it doesn't make a difference when they get married.

I'm glad Paracelsus was quickly dispatched by Vincent, and since he fell into the Abyss he's probably death and gone. Wonder if this is the first time Vincent has killed someone. Seems we are getting more background stories from Catherine than from Vincent. Has Vincent started teaching the tunnel children yet? What are some of his job duties (teaching, security, mapping the tunnels, pipe and rock work, helping the helpers...)?
FoxySonia chapter 8 . 11/20/2010
Ch. 6 - 8:

Ch. 6 - Wow, that was a hot chapter. [grin]

Ch. 7 - Glad V & C are lovers. Sad that Joseph Maxwell died after being stabbed by Mitch. Like how self-assured and decisive Catherine is.

Ch. 8 - Exciting chapter. Glad Vincent was able to go to Boston and find Catherine in time to save her from being harmed by Steven. Glad Jenny got to meet Vincent. And glad Vincent got to fly on a plane and enjoy the experience. Good that Charles has accepted the inevitability of his daughter marrying Vincent.
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