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NabikiB chapter 10 . 6/17
Any chance Janeway is descended from Kate Stewart in this universe?
Vanex chapter 11 . 9/25/2015
The only thing I would change, is what Kathryn and Edward were doing while Chakotay was talking to the Tenth Doctor in the epilogue. Instead of a Klingon festival, I would've had them have an encounter with a mysterious young man wearing a tweed jacket and a bow tie. But, that's only what I would do.

Anyway, this was an awesome story and it was fun to read it again. Yes, I said again. Truth is, I read this story years ago, but forgot to leave a review. But then, earlier today I remembered this epilogue and came looking for this story again, and I'm glad I found it. So, like I said, it was fun to read this story. Great job!
Heather Snow chapter 11 . 3/14/2015
I've been reading Voyager/Doctor Who crossovers in the last few days, and this piece is by far the best all-around story so far. It's a fully fleshed out story, engaging. I was thrilled to see the Vashta Narada appear. The visit during Ten's farewell tour was great. I think Eleven should show up sometime though ;-)
KateH chapter 11 . 9/7/2014
Well what can I say, this was a wonderful story. Just what I went looking for when I searched for a Dr. Who, Voyager crossover on google. Time is flexible, I love it, Kathryn and Chakotay can get together earlier and keep the time line in tact. I always thought that Dr. Who should have a crossover with Star Trek, and Janeway would have made a great companion. Well done!
Arrowhead1996 chapter 11 . 1/28/2014
This was such a wonderful story! You did an amazing job. I even cried a few times. So beautiful!
TheBleachDoctor chapter 11 . 4/29/2013
Holy shit that was amazing.
Avalonemyst chapter 11 . 8/23/2012
This is an excellent piece of work and felt like an award winning episode. Thank you.
infinitestories chapter 1 . 7/13/2012
Gy53byg chapter 11 . 7/12/2012
this was my first Voyager/Doctor Who, and I was so delighted since I love both shows ...(althought ...and please don't throw rocks at me, I like more 9th and 11th) I think you did a wonderful job with the characters and also the story, you made me laugh, and cry and cry a bit more and then I laugh emotional rollercoaster if you ask me, but worth every kleenex box!... thanks for sharing your work ...(btw I finish reading it like 2 weeks ago, and I still need the ocational hug when I remember some parts of this brilliant fic)
Valeria chapter 11 . 5/14/2012
Ok, after reading CKLizzy's and Marcus' and Kai21's comments I'm completely intimidated...

It's so rare to find good Doctor Who / Star Trek, it was great reading your story :) thank you for sharing it.
CKLizzy chapter 5 . 2/22/2012
I think the last time I cried so hard reading a story/novel was when I finished Before Dishonor... KJ's message from the future brought it all back... still can't believe what they did to her in the books, but a part of me also wishes that this would be the book, so that she wouldn't be that, but it had only been one possible future that then was prevented...

Kathryn in the TARDIS was a nice picture, so quiet, so... the calm before the storm, I guess. And I love it that he calls his ship Rose now... I feel a(nother) shipper resolution coming up. Well, I hope. Who knows what else you have in store that will tore my poor heart apart *grumbles* ;)

You brought out a truth in this chapter though that has been haunting me ever since I started watching TV shows and the ones with military background in particular. What the Doctor says about KJ wanting to keep Chakotay safe - that she does it even though she isn't with him, has no romantic relationship with him. I never understood it. I may understand the reasons logically, but still, I don't understand it. What use is it to deny a relationship where feelings are present in any way? Whether you act on these feelings or not, if they are strong, and especially if they are mutual and both parties KNOW it, then it doesn't matter. You only deny youself a chance of at least some happiness. Instead you harbor your feelings, both persons suffer, have nothing from it, and when one of them dies in the end, the other will always wonder how it could have been. It is so stupid.

That was my problem with many of the shows I watched (and watch), first and foremost Star Trek (esp. Voyager) and Stargate. And the Doctor is so right. So damn right. No matter what, she still loves Chakotay, as he loves her. And you can't make feelings go away just because you think they are not right, because some stupid protocols don't allow them. I just wish anyone - even the Doctor himself - would have said that to KJ (or Chakotay) on the show.

To imagine that last conversation in Kathryn's quarters... how they almost, more or less, admitted to their feelings... how they almost... I really think this is "worse" than Before Dihonor... and yes, I'm too emotional... but I'm crying like helll at the moment, because right now I feel that this is bigger than any tragedy ever written... And I hope that - because I believe everything will go well - that I'll never have to read the full message to Chakotay...
CKLizzy chapter 4 . 2/22/2012
The Doctor telling Voyager's crew of the Slitheen. Now that's faces I wuld have wanted to see. And KJ's laugh heard. It's almost as if one can feel the happiness

Though I get the impression that you take a liking in destroying always the most happiest moments, huh? And again just when there's this little distance-closing between J&C... I was sitting here and scowling "I'm so tired of interruptions!" at my screen for them *lol*

Still trying to decide what is worse - Vashta Nerada or the Borg... maybe they should have brought Vashta Nerada on board with them, and then sent them to the Borg. Ha, now that's an idea I like! On the other hand, where there's only shadows, VN wouldn't have a lot ot do...

And there he goes again, the Doctor, the Lonely Angel behind the joyous man. Heartbreaking, again (though my brain is still busy getting a picture of a assimilated Dalek... bloody hell...). Of course he has to leave then. I always thought that if there was a personification to the saying "Don't judge a person on their happiness. I've often laughed to keep myself from crying.", it's the Doctor.

The goodbye scene is sweet. Especially the Doctor foregoing hugging Chakotay :D And of course - K9! Our beloved robodog. Got me a stab in my heart, though, as K9 always makes me think of Sarah Jane, and therefore Liz Sladen... :(

And then the exchange between J&C about K9, "Mistress Janeway" and Chakotay's cuteness... laughing out loud, AGAIN... that is, until there came the little talk in the turbolift... that had me all, um, tingly. Indeed they need to talk. Can't wait to have them to, and hopefully some truths will be said... it's about damn time...

The Doctor and Donna in the TARDIS. As you might by now have realized, I'm reading the chapters in bits and always write on my review in between. Just now, I've reached the part with them arriving on Jupiter... and realizing that something went horribly wrong, that they're all dead, all those people who should be there, assimilated... and you know which song is playing on my media player? "Who Wants To Live Forever" by Queen. Gosh, sometimes I hape my computer... that really gave the chills right now...

I'm assuming the Doctor's interference in the past changed the timelines a bit too much. Him sneaking in to gather information(it's "Headlong" now, by the way... I'm getting a soundtrack here without wanting it...) is risky, even for the Doctor... I really don't want to imagine what could happen if they got his technology.

But wait a moment, that information... Am I right to assume that your including the books in your story, or in the possible future anyways? Because 2380 is when it happened, and when KJ died... NOW I'm getting agitated...

The ready room scene... awwwww... wonderful. So, so sweet. Absolutely loved it. How he asked permission to hug her! I'm a happy puddle of shippy goo right now *laughs* And then K9... I love that dog, did I mention that? He always made me laugh, especially in the Sarah jane Advantures. And imagine him with that basket on his back! LOL!

Never mind though... because you slapped me, your poor, poor reader, again. Hard. This last sentence definitely felt like a blow to the gut and face, equally. Ouch, I'd like to say.

Could you stop with these cliffhangers, because I'd really like to také a short pause from reading to do *anything* else? *sighs*

Heavens, you're good...
CKLizzy chapter 3 . 2/22/2012
Gee, thanks for starting so lightly where you knocked your reader out at the end of the last chapter... it's as if nothing has happened. Well, almost.

So, here's me, not thinking that the Doctor has his TARDIS to save Kathryn - but indeed thinking that something is off when you're talking about a particularly dark shadow KJ is jumping over, despite it wqas very funny to imagine her "walking on sunshine". Had I been Chakotay then, I probably would have swept her into my arms and kissed her senseless for being so cute ;)

Anyways, shadows. I hate it when I'm right. You had me just grinning at Chak's subtle offer to accompany his captain on short leave (completely without any ulterior motives, I'm sure... men... :D) - did you really have to bring in Vashta Nerada then? you know, next to the Weeping Angels, Vashta Nerada were the aliens I hated most on DW... I hate it when someone is poking at irrational fears you only feel when you think about. Gah.

The Doctor's kinda showing his true face then when he takes command and tells KJ that he's the highest authority, huh? Not that KJ would ever accept that easily ;)

Of course it had to be one part of our favorite couple to rise the interest to the shadows. And it broke my heart when KJ said Chakotay should bring the crew home safely. I think it dawned on me what she was about to do just like it did on him in that moment.

You have a knack for causing mood swings, huh? One minute I'm on the edge of my seat, wondering what they could possibly do (having seen the library episodes more than once...), and next I'm bursting out laughing when the Doctor says they have to electrocute KJ. Not that this is funny (the flirting, however, was ;)), but imaginine the Doctor saying it, full of enthusiam as we know he just is, was just too funny. If only the whole procedure would have been half as funny... I was feeling KJ's pain. God, that was really awful. And then even the Holodoc gave up... guess sometimes it's good when you're not a real medic, like the Doctor, at least that lets you try all sorts of impossible things...

The scen in sickbay between KJ and Chak was so beautiful. No overstepping of lines yet, not really anyways, but totally them, and their gentle bending of protocol. One step after the other. Loved it.

Not to speak of the conversation between Kathryn and the doctor on the holodeck. That one brought tears to my eyes. He's so right. Even though it has to be so hard to believe it from her perspective, when wounds are still frsh as they are then...

Another great chapter, and I'll go get my thesaurus now because I'm running out of words to express my enthusiam ;)
CKLizzy chapter 2 . 2/22/2012
"I've got a time ship to play with." - ROFL. That was great. So, so great.

But first things first, it was nice to see Donna reassuring Chakotay that the Doctor didn't have any romantic interest in KJ... and that Chak himself should make a move. Definitely what I would expect Donna to say ;) Added to that, how she's commandeering him around is hilarious. Guess she left quite the impression when she spoke some truths (one truth, mostly ;)).

I wasn't commenting on what had Chakotay dug up on the Doctor in the last chapter because I wanted to see where it was yet leading. Too bad you didn't include the conversation between KJ and the Doctor, would have liked to know what exactly Chakotay had found, but it's good that for the time being, he won't see the Doctor as a threat (...only).

Very nice, mentioning the Sontaran incident. Guess no one from V asked because they assumed it was too much to know anyways? ;) That the Doctor is helping with the star charts is something that once again reminds me why I love DW so much. No rules, no directives. Other species wouldn't have done that, for whatever reasons, but the Doc, his usual helpful, cheering self, doesn't care. I love that.

The little information bit you strew through the story give it such a nice touch - like the thing with Seska's son leading the Kazon to a time of peace. Wonderful, really, and an information that does no harm having it, as V won't meet the Kazon again.

The ride in the TARDIS (*brillant* idea, btw) had me laughing all the way through, the banter is incredibly funny. I think he got it quite right with the panic on KJ's face *lol* Not that it wasn't rightful, though. KJ hits the TARDIS and everything's alright again. Okay, so far, so good. But the Doctor's question to Chakotay whether she hits him, too - I nearly fell off my chair. Not to speak of Donna and KJ starting to conspire and - KJ is really starting to sound like Donna *lol*

Jealous KJ has a nice touch to it. Especially when she gets herself into trouble because she's not concentrating and has a "Don't walk into the light" conversation with Chakotay ;) AND has him have a very nice slip of tongue. I mean, it was the most logical response, wasn't it? 'course she loves him.

Letting the chapter end on something worth a heart attack, however, isn't nice. I actually wanted to take a pause and get myself something to eat before I continue reading, and now I can't *grumbles*

;) Okay, despite risking repeating myself - genius story, still. Great work.
CKLizzy chapter 1 . 2/22/2012
THIS is absolutely genius. And I've only read the first chapter. The way you describe the Voyager crew as well as the Doctor and Donna are so perfect and absolutely in character. You had me laughing several times, you had me swallowing hard when they came to talk about the more... sad storylines, and you had me surprised about what obviously will happen to Voyager's crew in the future.

I love how intrigued KJ is by the Doctor, and how Donna is totally comfortable with the 24th century. Still waiting for her and Tom to have a loooong talk, though ;)

And I really love how suspicious Chakotay is, and that you're already starting to build a romance between them slowly. Thanks to the Doctor, we know for sure it will happen (it had to be a fixed point in time, no doubt about that *lol*)

I'm totally looking forward to what you have yet in store for them, and how the Doctor and Donna will influence Voyager's crew's lives further.

On to the next chapter then! And - have to repeat this - truly genius story so far :)
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