Reviews for Break
Green Phantom Queen chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
Having played FFIV, I remember the most important scenes aside from Cecil becoming a Paladin, is Kain going back and forth on being good and bad.

This is a great scene from when Kain was brainwashed by Golbez. Seeing as Kain was-and is-still love with Rosa in the game, it was used to easily manipulate this lancer to fight for the side of evil. It is very tragic that it happens-especially since these two are childhood friends.

I love how you portray Kain killing his friend-especially seeing how he'd strangle and squeeze out all of the oxygen in Cecil's brain. It is so morbid and awesome at the same time.
SkywardDiamond chapter 1 . 10/20/2012
There's something about these short stories of yours that make me wanna jump out of my seat and give you a round of applause. I think it's your staggering ability to cram like a kiloton of emotion into no more than 250 words combined with my own lack of ability to write something so short yet poignant.
I love love love the anger displayed here. It's honest, it's biting, it's pretty raw...and it's so very suggestive (if you look at it this way) of a background full of love and lust and betrayal and all those great things that make someone want to seek revenge for a broken heart. Even if Kain wouldn't actually do any of these things (I don't think he would, I think it's just a fantasy) he still wants to, which is understandable. This could either be slashy or not, I honestly didn't get too much of a slash vibe from this.
Cecil's 'pridefulness' is mentioned twice, and talked about throughout, along with 'perfection'. I also get the feeling, though, that Kain feels this way wrongfully, as if he sees Cecil as arrogant, but only because he's really, really mad about something... But what?
Anyway, nice thought-provoking little story. Again, good job!
Dominus Tenebrosus chapter 1 . 10/14/2012
The usual "not familiar with the fandom" warning applies. :)

Rolling Commentary:

Well, reading that first paragraph, I see what you mean by slash-y elements. That said, hmm... That's not quite the feel I got from it. Well it is, but I'm preferring to see that as envy. Having read said piece, it sort of fits. Either way, I'm curiously reminded of a scene in Fight Club. "I felt like destroying something beautiful." It's that last sentence, I think.

Heh. The second paragraph only reinforces this. I actually have to wonder if you were watching Fight Club before you made this. I mean, it's definitely not the same as what's going on, but there's just that overtone there.

Then there's the third paragraph. Oddly, until this paragraph, I don't think the full extent of his rage at him was quite evident. Which is rather weird, when you think of paragraph 2. Maybe I'm just distracted by the parallels though. Either way. We know his anger. How much he would love to, well, break him.

Then we have the last sentence. It could be a summary of the first paragraph really... And it brings the first paragraph into an entirely new light. It's a good effect.

General Thoughts:

As I may have said once or twice before, I'm always amazed at how much you can pack in such a short space. This is a bit new, in that it is sort of emphasizing bloodlust. You hadn't really done that as yet, and I find it interesting from my own perspective.

What I'm trying to say is that you have a lot of dynamic range; you've covered a rather wide array of emotions in each of these fics, and it's rather impressive.

Kudos. :)
Rosawyn chapter 1 . 8/25/2012
I have to admit I am only sort of familiar with this particular fandom, but I seem to be running out of stuff to review for you that isn't stuff I have no clue about (at least among the newer stuff, and you did say you preferred reviews on the newer stuff).

I know some people dislike on stuff because of length, but I am one who loves short fics! :D

I almost wish you hadn't "warned" for "slashy elements," because now I just see this all as so sexual. XD Though, the way you write it...I might just have seen it that way anyway. :P lol It seems to me, though, that warning for "creepy sexual-type violence" might be a more appropriate warning. XD

Because, wow. This isn't any kind of cute or sweet shipy fic, is it? XD heh

Like I said, I am only very slightly familiar with this particular fandom, so I don't really know these characters very well, but I really get the sense here that Kain is jealous of Cecil's physical beauty and possibly even angry at Cecil for being beautiful (either because he wants to be the only good-looking person in the world or because he doesn't like the way Cecil's physical beauty attracts him). Of course, I really could just be reading way too much into this, since I don't know much about what sort of person Kain is other than that he just likes to destroy things. But I guess I just want to know "why" and I'm guessing that's never even fully explained in canon?

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this despite the fact that it was pretty freaking scary and also that I didn't know the fandom and yeah.
Byoshi chapter 1 . 6/25/2012
I was spoilt for choice as to which of your fics to read and review, but seeing this FFIV story pretty much solved the problem :) As an avid fan of FFIV and more specifically, Cecil and Kain, I really liked your take on the two central characters. I adore Cecil for all his naivety and silliness, but he's only really heightened because Kain is there as a contrast.

I felt really sorry for Kain in this - the guy's got it hard because Cecil gets everything while Kain suffers in the background. I think you captured that relationship well in this, and your wording is beautiful too. My favourite bit is -

[He sees the smouldering fire in those pale blue eyes, fierce and unrelenting, and he would like nothing more than to see them snuffed out, would like nothing more than to see those perfect, straight lines all shattered and broken.]

Very well written! This fandom's a small one, so it's always nice to see something for it! Thanks for sharing!