Reviews for Days Of The Returning Ghosts
OutCold chapter 13 . 12/8/2011
Ah, I love your writing for letting me back into the world of 24, without having to rewatch (because if I started a season again, I'd have to sit in front of the TV for 24 hours :L). And of course, real 24 doesn't have Alex, which having read so many of your Alex fics now, I miss him in the real show :L.

Alex's dream is quite telling. I guess that Alex and Tony would have a lot in common in this fic, with their various motivations and both having been through prison for treason pretty much.

Jack and Tony's conversation is also quite revealing. I never wanted to think of Tony as a bad guy really, as I loved him so much, but your writing always reveals people's deeper motivations and makes seemingly ridiculous things (i.e. bad guy Tony) believable. And I like how Tony is confused - he's not willing to give up on the idea of killing Jack, but now it's in his hands, he's not sure he really wants to do it.

Feel so sorry for Alex with his nightmares - also impressed that he can find anything peaceful to give him that sense of calm from prison.

Wow, doesn't sound like the search is going well with CTU. As usual, Jack is on his own then, unless they get an unexpected breakthrough.

Oh gosh, what's happening to Alex now? Hope he's going to be okay. That guy has suffered enough.

Aw, I do love Tony. I always have. The idea of travelling under Michael Dessler does seem very *him* though I wish he'd realise that Michelle wouldn't support his murderous rampage - certainly wouldn't want him to kill Jack. They were all friends once, after all. I wish he'd see it. But then, grief blinds everyone. Just hope he doesn't kill Jack, I think he'd regret it.

Good to get an UD from you, I'd apologise for how long it took me to review, but I think in comparison to some of the waits you've had, this one is probably actually quite short!

OutCold chapter 12 . 6/22/2011

So yeah, that was a bit backward, but my excitement at that ending could not be suppressed. So from the start now.

Chilling is the word that comes to mind for Alex's nightmare. It's really highly disturbing, and while it's a horrible thing he did, it's some punishment to live with that memory every time he sleeps. I love the little details you throw in, like the elderly woman, I never know if they hold any relevance or not, sometimes they do, sometimes they're never brought up again. I always think a few things like that make stories more interesting, because that's how life is.

Ooh, Jack's being kidnapped. Obviously now I know who by, but my first reaction was, did Stoller betray him? Then it became obvious that wasn't what happened, and I was very, very confused and intrigued. The accentless man is really mean though :P.

I'm glad Alex is sticking to his promise, though I'm interested to find out what way he has found to do so.

The flashback to China is just horrible, but wonderfully written. One of the most moving scenes in 24 is when Jack takes off his shirt at the start of Season 6 and you see the scars... gets me every time, and I don't think they made quite a big enough deal out of what happened to him over there. I mean, I know he went through a lot before that, but years of physical torture would still mess him up more.

Ohh... government getting involved? Now this is going to get messy. Always seems to when the president wades in in 24. Other than when the president was David Palmer (aka God) obviously.

And now we come the full circle, and all I can say once again is:


OutCold chapter 11 . 6/11/2011
Wow. I think it's really brave of Alex to go and personally explain to Morris, and I have to congratulate Morris on his exemplary reaction. No crazy revenge plots from a 24 character? I think I may die of shock.

The flashback to the Morris/Kim conversation is really good too. They aren't shown speaking much in the series, but your fics really show how what the characters go through binds them all together.

And that little bit at the end, thinking about her every day - it's just a beautiful moment. I mean, her killer and her murderer sharing that little thing in common :').

THEO STOLLER! I LOVED that guy. Mostly because the guy who played him played Desmond on Lost, but my point still stands. He was also pretty cool. Surprised he doesn't seem more pissed at Jack for tricking him out of that wetlist though :P. I'm glad Jack has him on side, I reckon he could be a useful ally, though I sympathise with him not wanting Jack in his office or his country, I wouldn't either.

Nadia! you never forget anyone, do you? Absolutely adore that about your fics, you remind me of the people I loved/hated in all the seasons that I'd then forgotten about. Poor Alex, being left behind by the world when he was in prison...gotta be weird to readjust. And love how they've all become "legends" at CTU. No bloody wonder.

YAY JACK'S COMING BACK. That's all I can say :P.

OutCold chapter 10 . 5/23/2011
WOO! Alex was channeling some SERIOUS Jack Bauerness there. That was GOOD stuff. Put a grin on my face. The piece of shit deserved it, let's face it :P.

Oh, sadness at Morris' memories again. This line stuck out at me for the sheer truth of it - “few people truly left CTU, and that CTU rarely left anyone who had connections to it.” I think it was fair enough for Alex to plead not guilty to attempted murder of Jack. Assault with a deadly weapon maybe, but I'm not sure about attempted murder.

YAY TERI IS ALIVE. Actually SO relieved. If you'd left that on a cliffhanger, I would have died a little.

OutCold chapter 9 . 5/23/2011
So much sadness for Alex, he's been through so much. I mean, he's far from innocent I know, but I'm biased because I love him. I don't blame Sarah for distancing herself, but it still just doesn't seem right.

It's cool to get a glimpse into Jack's life on the run and how he keeps himself going. Also an awesome little touch with the bit of Bauer family history :P.

I like Jane, it's nice to get her view on things, kind of an outsider's POV. Oh, Richard was behind it all along? That I didn't see coming.

And yeah, it is a bit messed up that nothing happened to Jack for killing Nina.

OutCold chapter 8 . 5/23/2011
Oh gosh, I love Morris so much, I was so happy when in the show he was one of the one's who got to live and DIDN'T lose Chloe. But no. Not in your version. Flashback to court was cool, good to see more of that.

Like how Alex is snapping back into agent mode, and doing so very well. But CTU still brings back a lot of memories for him :/. Really hope they find Teri soon...

And the memory by Teri's grave is really sweet and sad and beautiful :').

OutCold chapter 7 . 5/23/2011
Oh phew, close call for Alex. Good thing he can think on this feet... and had CTU backing him up, obviously.

Jack's flashbacks are so tragic, well everything about his life really, but the benefit of writing over TV is you can really get into people's heads and you can do it better than anyone I know.

Intriguing flashback of Alex's too, his cousin a mole as well? Seriously? Very very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing where you can take that.

And I like that little bit of uncertainty about Alex that Cole has, it's realistic.

OutCold chapter 6 . 5/23/2011
The bad guy's casualness is slightly chilling. And Alex! HE may not care about dying but I care about him dying!

Feel sorry for Kim's husband, he picked a hell of a family to marry into. And now he's hanging out at CTU waiting for them to try and save his kidnapped daughter. No wonder he's scared about having anything to do with CTU really.

Sad little moment there with Jack being lonely. The end of Day 8 was really heartbreaking.

Glad you brought up what happened with Dana and Cole and Jack. That was a really emotionally intense and complex scene.

OutCold chapter 5 . 5/23/2011
This alternate universe is so sad! But I'm glad that Alex is being given a chance to redeem himself, that he wants to personally tell Morris and even Jack about the pardon, and that Kim is a lot more compassionate than Jack could ever be.

The scene where he learns about Tony and Michelle is heartbreaking, and the end is very touching, I'm happy you made it obvious that he would die to save little Teri.

Curlyhair93 chapter 10 . 5/16/2011
Thank you so much for your update so fast :D I loved this chapter as always you write so good. I got so happy when they found Kim. Please keep writing :D 3
Curlyhair93 chapter 8 . 5/12/2011
Thank you so much for your update :) It was an amazing chapter. I raelly love the idea of them finding Teri, It would make Kim and Stephen so happy :) and me :P. you write so good and I can't wait for next update so please write more :) I really like that you do flashbacks it's make the story even better. Please keep up the good work :D
Curlyhair93 chapter 6 . 4/27/2011
Thanks for the update :D I have been waiting. I really like this story. I feel really sorry for Kim and stephen :( I really hope they get their daughter back. I can't wait for an update. so please update the next chapter soon.

You are the best :D
OutCold chapter 4 . 9/17/2010
I think everything about how tired Alex is is reflected in your writing. Having been in prison for so long, everything he relates it to, pretty much, is from before. He must have so many CTU memories. I like the flashback to his first day at CTU Chicago, it sounds like a brilliant little place, and also the talk he had with Nina before starting at CTULA, I always love seeing the sibling relationship there.

Uh, I'm glad Teri's kidnappers are nice? Well, that they don't mean to hurt her at any rate. Hopefully that means this can end well for her and Kim, right? Right?

I can picture the moment where he's reading Kim's file so perfectly. :(. And Kim, watching - it has to be so hard for her, still... liking him on some level, feeling sorry for him, but at the same time, knowing what he's done. Yeah, not a dilemma there at all.

Kim coming in is so heartbreaking, from that moment it seems obvious that Alex can't say no, despite trying.

The way he doesn't care about the pardon at all is as touching as anything, really shows what he's been through, as well as him almost wanting to be killed by the terrorists. :(

Love this chapter as usual,

OutCold chapter 3 . 9/3/2010
Oh god. I should know by now I never get a break from the excitement in your fics. :P

At first, of course, it was really nice to read about Kim's perfect life with her husband and daughter, no matter the names. Good to know things got sorted out there... for some time.

Then it was interesting to read about what Alex had gotten for his crimes, of course, since I'm so fond of him, I'm glad that he didn't get the death penalty, and reading about him maturing and stuff in prison is weird. I feel bad that Sarah doesn't visit him anymore, I wish more people did, but there's a lot of love for Chloe and Jack in his circles, so I guess it's not likely. I love the way he looks at the other inmates like an old con, knowing all of them and their crimes. I also note the easy escape route. Interesting.

And here the hell begins. I read through and I just felt something bad coming, then when you find out Teri/Annie has gone missing... AH! You're a cruel person. Poor Kim, she can never get away... Poor Teri... Shit.

Glad to get the flashback from Alex, the part with Morris is very moving and the bit with Jack clarifies that killing Chloe was pretty much unplanned and just him trying to help Nina, which was what I was curious about, so thanks. I love the understanding between Jack and him of, just, everything. Because they've both been a part of it for so long, and it's just pretty much chance they ended up on opposite sides of the interrogation room.

I'm glad Kim has proper help to find her daughter, I mean, obviously she does, but it's still a good thing because I'm beginning to get really worried about her. The part where she's wondering if all the other agents have had 'days' gets to me too, it's something I've thought about while watching 24.

It always breaks my heart when Alex wonders if Nina felt any remorse. Obviously none of us can answer for sure, but I like the way you tend to have it - if not remorse, a general regret at how things turned out. I mean, I think we can say she wasn't the sort to sort through everything she could have done differently... but I also think she felt remorse.

Oh, what's Kim's uneasy thought? Very curious.

I like Henry Bakely, through the very brief time he's introduced, and how news of what Alex did has spread. The casual way they talk about it is kind of disturbing, but in another way quite good. I like that Alex doesn't try to be abstract or surly about it. Just, you know, this is what I did and now I'm in prison for it.

OutCold chapter 2 . 9/3/2010
The thing I feel about this chapter is I can really feel how tired all the characters are getting. Firstly there's Alex, who despite everything he's facing has really no resistance or reactions. The part where he thinks of how he's proven everyone right kind of horrifies me because of how true it is and how in your other fics it's something he has to fight against so much. I still can't work out why he killed Chloe, but I'm sure it'll become clear as I read on, and I like knowing that he wasn't working with Nina, even though I kind of gathered that from last chapter, it's good to have it confirmed.

Then Tony, who at first is reliving that night at the end of S1, which can't be pleasant for him, and then has to deal with another friend, though thankfully not romantic interest, being a traitor, and then somehow manage to push past all that and deal with a major terrorist threat. I really feel for the guy.

Of course there's Jack, being typical Jack and functioning with a bullet in his arm. Christ, he's such an idiot, but that's obviously going to take it out of him. Naturally, he's the best at focusing on the virus threat, being Jack, but the whole part where he's worrying about Kim really got me thinking about how she's the one hurt by it all in 24, despite not being part of it. Poor girl.

As for Chase, well, I think his observations in this chapter pretty much sum up how everyone's feeling. :P The chapter name is more than accurate. It IS shocking.

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