Reviews for Power Hungry
GREATSHOW chapter 1 . 8/15/2010
You are one of the more interesting writers here. I go with a different style of writing as well, which I'm not sure is working on this particular board, judging by the current lack of feedback. But I just wanted to let you know that your stories are working for me. I love the insight you provide into the characters' minds, like with Kahlan in this one.
adamsfamily chapter 1 . 8/15/2010
Interesting take on Darken and Kahlan's thoughts about their children. Kahlan's plan on having a confessor daughter to help Richard return to his own time would, of course, have resulted in that daughter's non-existence. Very, very cold on Kahlan's part. I believe Darken, despite the evil in his nature, would have loved a daughter as his child and because he would always see Kahlan in her. On the other hand, to Kahlan, her daughter would have always been, first and foremost, a tool to use to get Richard back. I am not saying she would not have loved her daughter, just that her agenda would have been more important.

I always wondered how Kahlan would have sold that plan to an intelligent child who, presumably, would have had her own ideas about her life and future.

I think Kahlan's plan, if she had given birth to a daughter, was doomed to failure because of the very nature of human psychology. First of all, the instinct for self-preservation overrides almost any other instinct in human behavior. Children will, in spite of what many parents may want, usually insist on growing up to have their own dreams and to live their own lives; daughters very often tend to be closer to their fathers than to their mothers, and a parent who actively tries to turn a child against the other parent quite often has that backfire on them big-time.

I do believe that if Darken and Kahlan would have had a daughter, she would have loved her father and would, in the end, never have agreed to any scheme of Kahlan's to not only erase her own life out of existence, but to kill her own father before her conception.