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Cheeto-ScorpioDimagram chapter 3 . 9/13/2010
:D This story is COOL
Lion in the Land chapter 3 . 9/11/2010
That Nessie sure is a quirky one and you sure are a creative one. An aluminum puppy dog. That she formed with I said, quirky and creative.

Good twist on the use of Zafrina's powers to drive people to the point of insanity. Reminds me of the bits and pieces I remember of A Clockwork Orange. And then an odd coincidence that shorty after this thought, you mention another book from my high school days - 1984, which I probably read in 1984. Cool, huh?

Nozz-a-la. I get the feeling that's a reference to something - yes?

Completely agree w/ Nessie - there is something creepy about guys that smile all the time.

You are painting a wonderfully sinister portrait of the Volturi. You've given me your theories on them in spurts, but here I'm getting to see the whole thing, and it is chilling.

Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves chapter 3 . 9/11/2010
I'm gonna open with a question: "Unstet"? Did I miss the first usage of that word? It seems to me like you're using it to apply to Twilight-mythology vampires...

Anyway! I just can't get enough of just how salty and twisted this story is. Keep it up.
Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves chapter 2 . 9/11/2010
Huh, I just got an update alert for Chapter 3 and I was like, "What happened to chapter 2?" Well, I've got it now. I enjoy that most of the Volturi guards are new guys... you figure in ten thousand years, they DO have time to recruit new people. And I love all the twists and turns in the Volturi hallway, that's all so chilling... it's like the freakin Labyrinth or something! What's with the six-legged giant fox? Is that something in the Vampire Hunter universe?

Anyway, bottom line: Chapter 2 is up to snuff! On to the third...
SLLokabrenna chapter 2 . 8/21/2010
Hello again. I've been feeling rather ill/stressed these past few days, but this is just what I needed to put me in a better mood. Cute, griping and tense all in one chapter, and just the right amount of them all. :) Yay for the mention of Spongebob! I can totally see Nessie as a huge fan of the Sponge living in a pipeapple under the sea. The scene with her and the dog, and giving the fairy a cookie, those where just trademark scenes of how much one cannot help but to love Nessie! :)And her reunion with Sioban was great to! LOL...I am still abit sick but when I first read "does Aro want me to help me find his pen" for some reason I though there was an "is" at the end of that. haha!

Thats really a great bit about the Captital being built on the ruins of Rome. I never thought of that, and it makes perfect sense! Great thinking there! You've done such a fantastic job making the Volturi the enememies of the Nobelity and placing them so well in the world of D, I just can't commend you enough of it! :)And I love the new guard! They sound like a colorful bunch, and fit in just well with the Volturi. Her bit about throwing rocks at Marcus was brillant! As was the part about Nessie shaving her pubes into a maple leaf.

I am anxiously awaiting some more! :D
Lion in the Land chapter 2 . 8/19/2010
"It reminds me of cliff diving back home." – Aha! So it was research you were doing. ;)

I remember the Marauders. Who could forget them, really. I like that you kept their description more streamlined here. You kept everything streamlined, actually, and I really like the pace and movement of this chapter. Nothing much happened - the chapter was simply an introduction to the Volturi, but it was quick and interesting and fun. You always make things fun w/ those clever descriptors of yours, e.g. "like a white Los Angeles guy objecting to the ghetto kids having access to healthcare."

And you did an amazing job w/ Nessie here. She's still extremely spunky and Nessieish, but she seems toned down, conveying the weight and trepidation she feels at not knowing what to expect from the Volturi.

Aw, snap... D's coming. Well, let's see if you can do it - you made my like Nessie, who I was dead set against, can you do the same w/ D?


P.S. I'm liking the smaller chapter sizes. :) (Yes, I noticed. ;))
Haissan chapter 1 . 8/15/2010
I could have sworn you started a fanfic with this character and plot line, I have not checked if it is still there, but anyway her personality is the same.

starting over and restructuring are we?

well in anycase, I know little of D, and it looks like the time lines fall in the same with hellsing. but then that is tired isn't it?

okay okay, now there is a great thing, rene is a character from twilight with potential, although you have to mention the death of jacob make it mean I think.
Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves chapter 1 . 8/15/2010
All right, Nessie part three. With chapters. Sweeeeeeeeet. I'll be waiting.

I assume the guy who Nessie boned in Part 2 is entirely inconsequential, right? 'Cause that's the kind of gal Vampire Hunter Nessie is, I'm assuming.
Lion in the Land chapter 1 . 8/15/2010
And Nessie's back. The little darling, with her heart-shaped scanner glasses and everything.

Although, I did cringe when she blew up the 9,000 year old weapons facility. It's odd, I don't much get into the history of people, but I do like the history of things, like old buildings. And she blew it up. But I'm sure she had good reason.

Her exuberant self-confidence is one of her charms, but now I'm starting to see that her opinion of herself may be somewhat inflated. For example, telling herself the prosti-dudes are "just itching to get a piece of the Ness." How delusional can she be? If they *wanted* to be with her, she wouldn't have to pay them.

But her cheer for herself was "awesome."

Very interesting way to weave in the Volturi. I really like it. "the Volturi are happy to stay in the shadows and let the humans think what they want to."

Oh, and before I go, two pieces of business. #1 I need to collect your extra S:VI vote. So please let me know who you'd like to cast that vote for (this one is for who you want to win). And I'll be closing the poll tomorrow a.m. so be sure to vote there too if you haven't already. #2 I don't remember ever responding to your request to use my character for "Divorcing Alucard" - that's just fine, I'd be flattered. But you know my very firm stance on abortion, so please take it easy on my girl.

Enjoy your Sunday. Hope you're finding it restful. :)


SLLokabrenna chapter 1 . 8/15/2010
Damn damn damn! And I mean each one of those in the best possible way, I am soooo hooked on this already, and yearn for more! :)I can tell you it's made me whole week alot more awesome to find out that this is going to be a chaptered story! I get the best of both worlds for chapters now, the cutest little vampire hunter the Frontier has seen, and Twin Shadowed Knight! I am dying to see Nessie and Evil D's first encounter. You have the absoulte best vision of Renessmee ever! :) She is so wonderful, optomsistic, cute and quirky. Even her being a in room full of prosti-dudes just seems like sweetest little thing when she's doing it. I admit I cheered her's so great to see Nessie be a bit naughty!

The history you've made to fit Twilight into the world of VHD is quite wonderful. In my head I can see the two worlds fitting perfectly together and your mention of the Volturi supports's to bad most VHD fans don't agree with me. And I love your mention of how the Unset vampires lack the gene of darkness, excellent! And I must mention at the club name "The Tented Burka" I must have laughed for ten minutes. That is the best club name in the history of everything!

Please, please more! :D
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