Reviews for Afterglow
Emery Saks chapter 1 . 9/9/2010
So many little seductions in this story admist a wonderful study in a woman's insecurities following childbirth. You're absolutely amazing - effortlessly weaving so many themes in one story.

I *adored* the seduction scene when Marian was still early on in her pregnancy. Her boldness and assertive behavior were a refreshing change from the shyness she'd exhibited up to that point in their marriage. It's vastly amusing to watch Harold vainly struggle to retain control of his libido, and then spectacularly fail when he realizes Marian is bound and determined to have her way with him. Her seductives poses and expressions mixed with his of shock and excitement were wonderful!

You did an excellent job of capturing Marian's insecurities regarding her body after childbirth and her desirability to her husband after she's gone through such an experience. The falling asleep in mid-seduction scene (thank you very much!) was both amusing and heartbreaking. Marian does far too much thinking for her own good, at times, and this proved to be one of them.

But bravo to Harold for keeping his cool when his wife railed at him about it. He knows her well and understood what she was going through (even while harboring a few fears of his own). I especially enjoyed the nod to "Remembering Paris" when he knelt down and traced her stretch marks with his lips. It's little continuity moments like this within your universe that sets you apart from a majority of the fanfic out there.

Their Christmas celebrations were lovely and romantic, touching yet wholly erotic - brava! Also, a side note - I loved their outfits! Again, it's that attention to detail that make you such a wonderful author!
Clio1792 chapter 1 . 8/15/2010
Stretch marks fade; love is eternal! And the Hills always manage to keep their love going no matter what the challenges!

I love the way this piece captures how thin-skinned a new mother feels: self-conscious about the changes childbirth brings to a woman's figure; about how other women may be judging time spent on motherwork versus work outside the home; perpetually nervous about whether the children are well and healthy (and when Marian and Harold were worrying that the twins might be sick, it was impossible not to remember that all of this was before antibiotics, when the deaths of infants and small children due to opportunistic diseases & infections for which there were no vaccines as yet were terribly common); and prone to sentimental tears over...well, anything...

Marian's memories of seducing her husband were lovely-as were the descriptions of her lacy outfit! So glad Penny and Elly slept through their first Christmas Eve so that mom and dad could recapture that pre-parental passion!

This was great!