Reviews for Broken Hearts
Pheonix09 chapter 5 . 6/30/2014
Awww cute and awesome, I loved it and excellent job but Hatori should be on top
R3Ml chapter 5 . 3/4/2012
One word: !
Radishdude773 chapter 4 . 9/2/2010
Really good!

i like the change in roles in the Hatori/Ayame relationship!

The whole feel of the fic is also really good!


the rabid fangirls demand it :)

p.s- I like how you included Akito/Shigure, my favourite canon pairing!
Tuliharja chapter 5 . 8/18/2010
It was really quite when Momiji appeared and reassured Hatori. (Even I think he should had called him 'Harry' not Ha'ri.) He really sees more than it seems. But it made me really frightened when he told Hatori he was teaching Yuki how to cook...Why, in Earth Yuki would need help inthat? Doesn't Momiji know he is probably in suicide mission? (Yuki kitchen ultimate doom.)

Yay! I'm so happy Ayame finally came with Hatori. It was something really Aaya-ish when he sort of ordered Hatori to ask/do the things what he wanted. He really knows how to pull from strings, ne?

The ending was just cute. I'm so happy, it turned out to be that, they both loved each others. Oh! And I also loved the end's italic part where you descripted Hatori, but in a new angle. It was really wonderful! Perfect ending for perfect begin. ;)

I hope I'll see some more fics from you. ;)
Snakekiss chapter 4 . 8/18/2010
Hey! I like your story very, very much. I love Hatori and

Ayame. Your story is very interesting and quite exciting, I


Poor Ha'ri. He is so unhappy and hurt. Hopefully Ayame

correct his mistake.

I hope you updates very quickly because I am looking forward

to the continuation of your story.

Until the next chapter, OK?

Tuliharja chapter 4 . 8/17/2010
No need to thank me. '

Poor Aaya! Being all sad and gloomy. / Not fun at all...I think I felt pretty much the same as he did when Shigure told him about Hatori's breakdown. I just COULDN'T believe it!

I feel sorry for Ayame, not getting any connect to Hatori and then Shigure showing him off! How he can NOW find Hatori and tell him how HE feels?

Ah! And next chapter will be last one? Nooo! But I guess everything good must end...*Sigh.*

I really liked this chapter -it showed some other side of Ayame, which was still really IC. It cracked me up when Shigure ALMOST went with his usual play with Ayame...I seriously hope they'll get everything fixed out.
Tuliharja chapter 3 . 8/17/2010
Wow. Like wow. Hatori is crying openly against Shigure. Somewhat OOC, but you already stated that would come, so yeah. It's still big wow.

Silly Hatori! He should know Shigure from all people would know that! Well, at least he supports Hatori...Even it was a bit cold to leave him there, crying...I hope Hatori gets better and his normal self. Even I would like to see more Hatori's other, gentler side...
Tuliharja chapter 2 . 8/16/2010
This chapter is more than short, yet it's really sweet. It's so RARE seeing Ayame in so...IC, it makes me just happy. I imagine Ayame acting/thinking just in that way, if Hatori would ever confess to him...Poor Aaya! It must be pretty hard for him! Not to mention he probably won't have anyone talk about this...And we shouldn't forgot Hatori seemed more and less suspicious when he all of suddenly confessed...In Aaya's side. No wonder he must be puzzled! It's not like he didn't love Kana back then...If I was Aaya, I probably would be more and less confused what to do next...

But I find it pretty cute, how Ayame isn't judging Hatori or sort of. It seems rather opposite...Which is really cute.
Tuliharja chapter 1 . 8/16/2010
I adore this pairing and since I like it more than it's already healthy (I think) I've read lot of Ayame and Hatori stories. Sadly, it's ALWAYS Aaya who confesses with Hatori and gets rejected by him. Dx That why, I'm happy for this setting it's Hatori who confessed and got rejected. (Because I've a good feeling, later in this story Aaya will come back to Hatori and stuff like that...)

I really liked how you at first introduced who Hatori is actually and then went to his POV. I suggest you to use his POV, because it's pretty interesting to see things in his angle. (And if you'll use someone other's POV, please introduce too that person in the begin.)

I must admire Hatori was somewhat OOC when he almost right to way away, after kissing Ayame...But otherwise they both were pretty IC. Not to mention, I loved how you'd potrayed Aaya and his reaction towards Hatori! Aaya is really hard to get surprised! xD

Oh, and it's also nice you're bringing up that fact, Hatori usually relies for Shigure. I think most Aaya and Hatori fics fail because of that, Aaya usually goes ask Shigure what to do next or just go mopping around.

Not to mention I'm exited to see will Hatori meet Akito while he will visit with Shigure and how will Shigure react...And what Ayame will do?