Reviews for Long Way Down
sc4536 chapter 26 . 5/8
The great thing about having not logged on this site for sooo long is that i get to rediscover so many stories. I dont know why i hadnt favourited this one before, but its defo there now.
I love the whole story, especially the way Bella took FOREVER to figure her crap out ;) lol

Loved it!
DiamondHeart21 chapter 8 . 5/2
This is an amazing fic! You write very well. And I think that it is incredibly amusing that Bella can now say she died via flying shapeshifter.
Doll-Fin-Chick chapter 26 . 4/15
Wow this was a great story. I love how in-character you kept most of the characters and how you fleshed out the ones that had minor roles. It really sold the believability. And the romance and sex was not overdone, it was sweet and classy. Just loved it.
FireFlower77 chapter 15 . 4/12
save a horse
ride a cowboy...

esa linea estuvo genial! magnífica!
DramatikPhoenix chapter 26 . 3/11
i absolutely loved your story! thankyou for sharing it!
Strklrmi chapter 26 . 2/6
Loved it- it was very well written and full of amazing dialogues.
geenakmom chapter 26 . 2/6
Absolutely adored this story!
hawkeyeforever chapter 26 . 2/5
I just binge-read this ovet the last three days, and I love every single word of it. One of my favorite Twilight fanfictions ever :)
mizzmeakabby chapter 26 . 2/5
Don’t know if this really matters, but this story was amazing. I loved the plot. I love how you didn’t make newborn Bella all really calm and not newbornish like other stories. I love that you made peter have some type of resent meant to Jasper, even though he was there for him. I’m just in love with your story. Thank you for doing what you do. I was truly amazing.
MinnieMione chapter 1 . 1/18
amazing story
CelesteWhitlock chapter 26 . 1/16
I love this story, I like how realistic you made Bella's newborn phase was, how she acted and reacted was very well written, I love Bella/Jasper Fanfiction, thank you for sharing your amazing story
Nanik chapter 1 . 12/18/2017
I just finished reading your story. Loved it, especially the beginning with stronger Bella and a bit misterious, caretaking Jazz. I also loved your description of Bella's feelings as newbornso much much better than in original Twilight.
MissMikaelsonForbes chapter 26 . 11/26/2017
Just finished reading your story and it's was soo good! Really loved it!
MissMikaelsonForbes chapter 21 . 11/25/2017
I really love this story! It's just so good. I love reading Bella x Jasper Fanfiction and this is definitely one of the best ones I've ever read! Love it, thank you for writing such a beautiful masterpiece.
Guest chapter 6 . 11/22/2017
I love that Gatsby quotation, imagining it in Jasper’s voice as he reads it to her is what dreams are made of. All of the love.
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