Reviews for Long Way Down
Kushka chapter 1 . 7/4
jeoliverio chapter 25 . 7/1
I liked what the story is based on, but it is a little dragged out at times. Plus I don't like Jasper speaking so much Spanish, and not knowing the meaning?
Nicoconsd chapter 1 . 6/30
I just wanted to let you know that I really loved this chapter. How you pieced everything together to make this a Jasper Bella story just seemed to flow so seamlessly with the original storyline. I've read a lot and I mean a LOT of Jasper Bella stories and how this flowed has to be one of my favorites. :)
loverofanime41302 chapter 18 . 6/29
OMG, I was so scared for a second, I thought that they'd found the handcuffs... phew.
loverofanime41302 chapter 8 . 6/28
This is an extremely interesting take on everything. I really like it, actually. While there is definitely something to be said for the 'it's less disgusting when it's instinct' and 'impressive, never-before-seen newbie control', the fact that she is allowed to have her crazy newborn months is definitely more believable. I really like this take on things, I had never really thought about it before. Huh...
theladyofthelost chapter 15 . 6/5
Maybe my Spanish is a bit rusty (or possibly my knowledge of the cultural context), but why would she tell Bella to ask Jasper if he wanted to help her save a horse? I'm definitely missing something here.

By the way, I'm loving the story! :)
mark.tiltman chapter 26 . 6/4
This was a great read. Nice job
Guest chapter 26 . 5/28
That was awesome.
leoslady4ever chapter 26 . 5/7
So very glad you love the hell out of me cause I seriously loved the hell out of your story. You completely rocked my socks, and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.
Alice Queen of Madness chapter 3 . 5/4
you have bella's personality down perfect
aurora0914 chapter 26 . 3/28
I love your writing 3 I get its quite similar to your other fic, but its in Bella POV which is great. I hope one day youll write something which alternates povs, so we get the scoop from both sides. Anyway, great stuff - its really rare that i read word for word nowadays, and that seems to be exactly what im doing with your fics. Keep writing!
Astred chapter 26 . 3/20
Amazing story! Absolutely amazing!
Ahyah chapter 26 . 3/4
Thank you. This was time well spent.
AshleyStewart09 chapter 26 . 2/2
I really enjoyed this, and wish there was a sequel.
Illusion-addicted chapter 26 . 12/30/2015
Amazing fic. Congratulaciones.
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