Reviews for Fallen from the Sky
itanejiluver chapter 1 . 6/4/2013
Oooh nice! I loved the feelings that this piece brought up in me...especially the beautiful ending. Nice work!
lustofficial chapter 1 . 3/1/2011
The last of innocence was behind them.

That was one of my favorite .EVER.

The way you wrote it made me smile.
Shinejshi chapter 1 . 8/19/2010
This really packs a punch! The incredible intensity of what you've written is perfection. Reading this was like taking an arrow straight to the center of my heart.

"It is not well-worn nor is it fresh, only used at times when the journey is more important than the destination." I loved this. It often only becomes clear after a lifetime lived that the only thing we ever really have is the journey.

You beautifully celebrate the ability of soul-mates to pick up where they left off regardless of the amount of time that passes between times spent together.

Your imagery is vibrant. I felt surrounded by an autumn day. My very favorite image, was:

"They continue on their journey as the warm air circles around them causing more leaves to drift around them.

A stray gets caught in the elder's hair. His companion notices and gently plucks it free. It is blood red, still fresh with life, but will soon with and fade, returning to the earth to begin again."

Beautiful contrast to envision. I love the allusion to life beginning again after death. A continued and continuing journey.

It is so true that often what we love as children, never really leaves our hearts and enjoys a second blooming after the majority of life years have passed.

Everything about this work is exquisite. The subject, the imagery, the history conveyed, the depth of emotion, the bitter sweetness, the tenderness, the constancy. Your writing has a way of haunting me. I find myself coming back to read again. It makes me yearn for a life well-lived.
Okami Rayne chapter 1 . 8/17/2010

My Gods. I recalled you having said that you’d write something for ShikaNeji day and I had this gut feeling to MAKE THE TIME TO READ IT TODAY.

God, I’m so glad that I did.

I can’t explain how the poignancy of this piece affected me. It really touched some tender heartstrings. There is a subtlety and also a strong undercurrent throughout the entirety of it and within each moment it seems. Absolutely beautiful…and I even played THE LAST SAMURAI soundtrack in the background to compliment the stirring emotion your writing evoked in me.

It was like reading a painting. You painted with your words here and it was so beautifully and vividly captured that it’s like I was walking that trail or floating along beside the characters. The moments you described had a combination of fragility and strength that made it heart-melting and aching.

“It winds sporadically through the trees, cutting through shadow and sun. Ferns and moss taper the path the deeper it winds. Above, birdsongs warble across the canopy as deer call in the distance though remain hidden.” – Such beautiful're sucked right into the moment and damn I wanted to keep walking that path!

“The day before they parted, they walked this course. The younger had been told of its existence by his father who had been told by his.” – I loved this. It adds in to that sense of this place being almost revered in a way; like a gift passed down generations.

“Foreheads touched and eyes remained closed, each taking the presence of the other one final time.” – The gentleness in this is heart-tugging.

“Both are more worn, like the path, but there is brightness in their eyes that only comes on the days when they return to each other.” – This did it for me. I must have read this line over and over and over and over and…do you see where I’m going with this? Beautiful, Brevity.

“At last we are beside each other once again.” – This was somehow even more poignant than if you’d just written “at least we are together again”. It adds so much more impact to that idea of them journeying this path side by side.

“A stray gets caught in the elder's hair. His companion notices and gently plucks it free. It is blood red, still fresh with life, but will soon with and fade, returning to the earth to begin again. / Both pause at this moment, reminded of a day long ago when life ended for them both.” Another powerful image that is hauntingly sad given the reflection on the past, but also beautifully hopeful given that now they’re together again.

You seriously have written one BEAUTIFUL peace, Brevity. Everything down from the actual writing, the use of imagery (seriously, all I could see were those beautiful hues of red, gold, yellow) to the tenderness and subtle intimacy between the characters.

What an awesome heart-stirrer to wake up to.

I’m so happy to have read this.

THANK YOU for writing it and for sharing it.

With Love, Luv!

~ Rayne xx
AWickedMemory chapter 1 . 8/16/2010
I like the way you describe the forest and the path~ it gives me such clear imagery. *_* Actually, the whole thing is written with vivid imagery! Beautiful, sweet and poignant~
Donask chapter 1 . 8/16/2010
the thing I enjoy about your writing the most is that you write these amazingly fluffy sweet things with both characters intact and all manly.

the idea of old Shikamaru and Neji never crossed my mind before, but it is so romantic, it makes my heart ache.

I loved this so so much and I seriously wished it was a full blown one-shot.