Reviews for Returned
marilena chapter 1 . 5/4
Once upon a time it was twenty fourth of december the night before christmas people were decorating the christmas tree with friends gathering around and children were sleeping in their beds waiting for Mrs claus to appear and give them presents. But to a house a young schoolboy named chris couldn't sleep because it had been four hours since his little sister marilena disappeared and he was getting very worried about her what if she gets killed?. At this thought chris shivered with fright wishing that he will find his little sister and hold her in his arms. He regretted his shoutings to her and he really didn't meant to be bad at her but the lies of his grandfather made him to be luckily his grandma realised what her husband wanted to do and she killed him. Chris sobbed and his tears fell on the pillow because he thought about his dear little sister dead in the cold weather and this scared him very much that his heart threatened to come out of his chest. Hearing sleighbells he opened his green eyes and stared around hoping that his sister had made this sound but unluckily to him there was not a single sight of his precious little sister. He jumped out of bed but he couldn't stand properly because of the sobbing he had done he came out of his room to the living room and he frowned in disappointment because he didn't saw either his sister eithe presents under their christmas tree. He went back to bed worried and sad because he was thinking about his little sister and how much unfair he acted on her due to the lies of his grandfather and he scolded himself for what he had done. Another bad thought enclosured in his mind where his sister was eaten by a wolf and this made him to be determined to save her. He put his robe and slippers tiptoeing down the stairs and out of the door seeing a train in front of his house and in the observation train car a young girl sitting with a lost leg. He realised it was his lovely little sister and it made his heart bleed because she lost her leg. She saw him and called him:Brother please come here i need You!. Chris of course came and he asked:My dear lovely sister i was so worried of You where have You been and what happened to Your leg?. She began to cry hysterically and she said:The conductor did this big brother he did this to my leg!. Her brother was very angry why would the conductor do this to his little sister it made his blood boil and he pulled his sister to his arms and he said consolingly:It's okay little sister everything will be okay my precious sister. Marilena collins said to her brother:No it won't be okay big brother i want to die. Chris collins gasped tears forming in his eyes he couldn't believe what was he hearing his lovely little sister wanting to die because of a mean man hurting her leg he held to his arms and said sobbing:Please don't say that again little sister it breaks me apart hearing these words You cannot die You will leave me behind. Brother and sister were hugging eachother marilena sobbing wishing to die chris sobbing begging his sister not to leave him. The mean conductor was replaced by a new one by the director and the new one was a kind one. Marilena wished she could believe in her and chris's mother but after the attack she had received she couldn't and chris begged her to try for him. After some other adventures she was convinced that their mother was existing and chris smiled feeling accepted by his sister and he was proud when she got a bell from their mom's sleigh. But his happiness and excitement turned into sadness even guilt because his lovely little sister lost the bell. All the kids even their sister Sophia offered to help her find her but the train gave a sudden larch and started moving and chris knew they were on their way home. He couldn't bare seeing his little sister cry from pain and he saw her sitting in the observation train car and he followed her and sat next to her and he pulled her in his arms and tried to cheer her up by saying that their mom will bring it back but his sister cried harder and his heart ripped in pieces. It broke his small heart to see his little sister because of the loss of her bell and he held her in his arms trying to comfort her and his heart cracked in two with sadness and guilt. He felt a big knot in his heart because of the loss of the bell of his sister.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/30/2016
Story:In a middle winter december 25th a sixteen aged school boy named chris walter was sleeping in his bed he couldn't because his little sister christine walter had dissappeared two days earlier before christmas eve anyways he decided instead of laying in his bed waiting for his mother to appear and give them prèsents he should go outside to search for put his slippers and blue robe tiptoeing downstairs not wanting to wake his dog buster and he was out the walked for hours till he found a strange old looking farm which by his old memories he remembered how his little sister thought he was dead but he wasn't cause at the ending he was called for his little sister:Christine christine dear little sister where are you it's me chris your brother please tell me where are reply came he called one more time louder than before:Christine deàr little sister Where are you it's me chris your he heard a shout that he recognized it was his sister calling for help he ran as fast as he two tiny legs could keep him stared inside and his eyes widened at what he saw a young man was beating a young girl making her to scream and cry for help and the man holded an axe to kill her like he had done to all those poor boys and man asked the girl:Any last desire little girl before i kill you?.Chris was shaking from fear that psychopathetic man was gonna kill his innocent nine aged friend dylan had an idea:I have an idea friend chris we're gonna surprise by sending the twelve days of nodded hoping this will help him save his sister because he wanted her to live cause the train was gonna 1 they sended the weird man a present and when he opened it he came face to face with a very angry partridge sitting in her pear tree and the bird attacked him by flapping its wings on his head saying:You bad man don't you have a heart killing an innocent little girl who has an older brother and two older sisters shame on you man now realized he really shouldn't have done all 2 they sended the weird man another box which had two very angry turtle doves and they attacked him hitting him with their 3 they sended him another box which had three hens who cackled at him angrilly just as he realesed the girl's 4 the other presenta was four birds who attacked him yelling loudly in his ears causing him to get 5 was golden ringed rope which got tied on the man's neck choking him up while the birds attacked him 6 he saw sux very angry geeses who honked him biting him with their yellow beaks the rings tied harder making it for him impossible to breath just as he pleaded:I'm sorry i'm sorry i'll leave the young girl go back to her brother but they continued hitting 7 was the hardest he got violeted by seven swimming swans while the other birds were hitting him with theor wings and he dropped the axe 8 was normal yet the maids and the cows hitted him worstly than the birds and he left and never rushed to his young innocent little sister and untied the ropes from her hands and mouth and he said:I am glad that you are okay my little sister now let's board the do of course and leave this horrible place while the girl is explaining the situation to her xaderfes her brother and sisters stare at her weirdly.
annalisa7 chapter 1 . 7/30/2016
cute :)
ScarlettLovesRhett chapter 1 . 6/12/2011
Aw! Finally! I like it when people write good endings to sad stories. Did they ever find him in real life?
BeauBrummelsByrd67 chapter 1 . 11/23/2010
Nice! I am so glad that someone wrote a fic about Walter coming home. I know the movie was somewhat based on a true story, but it was just too sad that Walter never returned! Thank you for giving the story some joyful closure! )
planet p chapter 1 . 8/20/2010
Aw, it's cute! And it has a happy ending!

I'm glad that someone wrote something for this movie, it was really sad, although I felt it could have gone more into the killer's motives... Christine didn't go to see him to ask him why, she only went to see him when he offered that she come to see him with the promise of closure... Why did she never go to see him to ask him what was up with him to do a thing like that? I always do wonder about that...

I guess it was more about a mother who had lost her child and then been accused of being mad, though, and the corrupt police department...

A nice story; I hope you write more.