Reviews for Shadow's Mission
Tornad0Watch chapter 1 . 8/20/2010
What makes you think having a character named Neon that is faster than Sonic, Silver, and Shadow is OK? It isn't.

The character name is original, but he himself is not. He is telekentic just like Silver, and runs faster than Sonic? Seriously now? I don't want to read a character like this : NO FANCHARACTER should be able to do anything better than a main character can if it is one of their major skills. That means that he should only have minor telekinisis abilities, his max running speed should be in the "Very fast" category MAXIMUM (180 MPH), which is plenty to get through any Sonic styled zone. Sonic's speed is supposedly somewhere around 500 MPH, the minimum we know is the speed of sound, and he can probably go faster. You're saying that your character can run faster than that? Really? Shadow's part was good, but I don't want to read about a Mary Sue esque OC that I know nothing about. OC's need to play a minimalist part in a story; most people want to read about Canon characters like Sonic, only people who are fans of your OC are going to want to read stories with them playing a major role.