Reviews for Three Years At Sea
airichan623 chapter 8 . 5/28
...silver sandwich? I see what you did there.
BlatantBookworm chapter 21 . 3/27
*sigh* What a sad place to end the fic. Considering it's been almost two years since an update, I'm not holding out for another.

But despite that, it's a brilliant fic in total.
BlatantBookworm chapter 20 . 3/27
This is gorgeous. I like the idea of Zuko accidentally turning blue.
BlatantBookworm chapter 19 . 3/27
This had started off funny and segued beautifully into a hint of angst.
BlatantBookworm chapter 18 . 3/27
I absolutely love this fluff. Ty Lee is adorable, and she's now got a kitten to prove it.
BlatantBookworm chapter 17 . 3/27
This is absolutely adorable. Zuko's being a little dork, and a stubborn one too, and the chapter has kittens. This is brillinat.
BlatantBookworm chapter 16 . 3/27
I love this! You did it perfectly, with Zuko learning the ways of the other nations.
BlatantBookworm chapter 15 . 3/27
This is a very interesting idea for a chapter, and I'm really intrigued by it. Great writing.
BlatantBookworm chapter 14 . 3/27
I never realised that of ccourse he wasn't allowed in the Northern Air Temple until reading this. It's a brilliant story.
BlatantBookworm chapter 13 . 3/27
I quite enjoyed reading the magic that allowed Zuko to accidentally befriend komodo rhinos named after his future friends. And Gyatso has great journals. Good writing!
BlatantBookworm chapter 12 . 3/27
This is great. I absolutely love Iroh and Zuko's dialogue.
"Why does everything keep biting me?!"
"Perhaps you taste good, my nephew."
That is incredibly in character!
BlatantBookworm chapter 11 . 3/27
This is really well done!
You've got great characterisation, and you're very subtle about how Zuko's realising everything he's ever been taught isn't necessarily right.
BlatantBookworm chapter 10 . 3/27
This is brilliant! I love Zuko's first kill - you made it perfect to fit him, self-defense and desperate. I also love how you're developing Jee and Zuko's relationship.
BlatantBookworm chapter 9 . 3/27
This is gorgeous. I love how you're foreshadowing Zuko's future temporary loss-of-drive by making the Avatar his drive. And I also love the coffee aspects, with Zhao taunting Zuko and just the description of Ozai's favourites.
BlatantBookworm chapter 8 . 3/27
This is gorgeous. I like how you opened it with pure humour and a crack-ish situation, and then revealed it to be a more realistic, in character response.

Also, I should inform you that you are a wonderful author because despite the fact that it is eleven pm as I read this and I'm sleepy, I very much want to continue reading this. But you have a wonderfully long fic that I am looking forward to finishing and I probably should go to sleep.

Great writing!
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