Reviews for A Work of Art
Halo221 chapter 4 . 1/10/2012
I think I read this when I didn't have a FF account and didn't know I could leave a review, so I just thought I'd leave a review now that I adored this story! It was so beautiful and watching Mark's journey back to his past love of art was lovely! And of course, I love Mark and Bridget's relationship, so their interactions were just wonderful! As always, beautiful story!
sleepwalker chapter 4 . 9/6/2010
this story is incredibly sexy! such a good idea! every girl would want her boyfriend to have such a high opinion of her backside right? I think you're a genius for the ideas that you have! and of course you always write exquisitely. this is in the top 3 of my favourites! (Secret life of bees and The Scandal!) thanks for sharing!
mattsloved1 chapter 4 . 8/25/2010
Very nice finish! I love how we find out Bridget has done watercolors. ;) Also, it was brilliant to give Daniel a small cameo. I don't think those two men would ever be able to be in a room together without a fight ensuing. Well done and a pleasure, as always, to read. Thanks again!
alix33 chapter 4 . 8/25/2010
"You'll drive safely, won't you?" "Absolutely not," he deadpanned. "I'll weave erratically from lane to lane and drive too close to the car in front of me." She pulled her hand from his and slapped the back of his playfully. "You can be such a prat sometimes." - Hehehe.
alix33 chapter 3 . 8/23/2010
"I can't see it yet?" she asked upon her return. "Not yet." He dabbed water from the brush, preparing to store his materials. "You wouldn't want me to read something of yours that was only half-finished, would you?" "Hm, point taken," she said, sitting on the edge of the bed." - Bridget writes? Yay!

"All right, love?" "Yes," she said. "I'm a bit sore from holding that position." The unexpected and loud sound of the mop handle clattering to the floor startled the both of them. "So sorry," said June, her skin a fierce shade of red as she scrambled for the mop. "I'll leave you to your lunch, and I'll give the bathroom a once-over." Once June was gone, they fixed themselves sandwiches. Bridget started to chuckle to herself. "What's so funny?" "I just realised why June was so flustered." He raised his brows then waved his hand encouragingly. "Think about what I said, Mark," she said. "Holding a position? And we just came downstairs?" Mark snorted dismissively. "Bridget, you can't ascribe your dirty mind to a lovely granny from Kettering." "Grannies have dirtier minds than you think," said Bridget." - Hehehe.

"After eating their sandwiches," - What did they have on the sarnies, please?

"Bridget rang up her mother, who was thrilled to hear they wanted to come over for supper. "I'll make your favourite, Bridget," - I LOVE it that my favourite fictional people have so much money and food or access to food that they can already plan their next meal just after they have had the previous one. It gives me something to aspire to, besides the bigger flat or house with room for a study (it is taking FOREVER saving up for the deposit on said bigger place!), that is since me, nowadays, I look in the fridge and eat a bit of whatever is in there (normally apples, carrots, dark chocolate, cottage cheese, cheese or whole-wheat bread rolls or any combination of the aforementioned) whenever I feel a bit hungry, but having an actual meal? I think the last time I did that, was breakfast or lunch at my parents' on the 3rd of July.

"Hope you have your mouth fixed for chicken and new potatoes." - Yum! Though I LOVE new potatoes so much, just new potatoes with butter or cottage cheese would also have gotten a yum! out of me.

"I need more evenings like this," she said after they'd gone. "Like what?" "With my mother, being sane. Being normal." He chuckled, running his fingers down her back as they got to the car. "I only mean that all of the years of—" "I know what you mean," he said, still amused. "You feel the need to counteract all of the aversion conditioning." She grinned ruefully. "It sounds really horrible when you put it like that." "It would," he said, "to someone who doesn't know your mother." "If you weren't driving," she said, "I'd pop you in the arm." "You know what I mean. I love your mother but she can be very…" He drifted off. "Yes," she said with finality. "I know." - Something about that conversation made me go AW!

"Pamela Jones rushed up to them looking very offended. "Bridget!" she said. "I have to find out from Una Alconbury?" "Find out?" Bridget asked. "Find out what?" She looked incredulous that Bridget could make any mistake as to what she was referring. "That I'm going to be a grandmother?" "You aren't," said Mark before Bridget could escalate the conversation into further hysterics. "I'm afraid Geoffrey Alconbury does not understand the finer points of sarcasm whilst pissed." Now she looked disappointed that she was not in fact going to have a grandchild in the near future. "Oh," she said." - GR! at mothers and their often being infernally dim (and not only Bridget's mom is guilty of that)!
mattsloved1 chapter 3 . 8/23/2010
These two are too cute! You have perfectly captured her mom as well. Nicely done, thanks for sharing your work! :)
mattsloved1 chapter 2 . 8/19/2010
Too cute! My husband had drawing lessons throughout high school and has now gone back to school online for graphic design. He had to do a still life course and guess who got to be his model. :) He would tell me, "If you didn't have clothes on it would be easier to sketch you" and I would answer, "I don't think so, the whole class will see it!" :)
alix33 chapter 2 . 8/19/2010
"Oof," she said. "All this fresh air and exercise… I think I need a bit of a lie down." He thought it a marvellous idea and joined her, though simply lounging in bed curled up with her was in some ways even better than sleeping. The cuddling led to kissing, tender caresses and happy sighs. "Suppose we ought to think of dinner at some point," he murmured into her ear; he was spooned up against her back. "Mm," she said drowsily. "Sometimes the need to eat is very inconvenient." He laughed low in his throat, tightened his arm around her. "Wish they had those meal-in-a-pill things like we were promised as children would exist in the future," she went on. "And flying cars," he added. "Yes, flying cars," she said somewhat indignantly. "I feel cheated." "You would miss the taste of pizza though," he said, "and chocolate, and chicken pasty…" "Stop it," she said. "You're making me hungry." He continued, "And there's nothing at all appealing or romantic about taking one's flying car for a couple of food capsules." "You have a point," she said with a sigh, then turned over, her guileless blue eyes meeting his. "I don't honestly know what I did without you." It seemed such a grave statement given their light-hearted conversation of a moment ago. "You had fantasies of food capsules and flying cars," he countered, kissing the tip of her nose. "I'm being serious," she said. "I know," he said, "and I don't know why it matters, because you have me now." She offered a small smile. "That I do," she said, reaching forward to kiss him fully. Dinner could wait a little longer." - AW!

"He regarded her for a few moments before she opened her eyes and caught him looking appreciatively at her. She smirked, but pulled the sheet to cover herself. "That is just silly," he said. "My hands are intimately acquainted with every inch my eyes now get to enjoy. Why deny them the pleasure?" Shyly she pushed the sheets back to where they were before, and then some, propping up on her elbows to further accentuate the sensuality of her position. "How's this?" He did not answer with words, only a long and loving gaze in her direction." - AW!

You definitely were not kidding when you warned me about the fluffiness of this fic.

"Ultimately, darling, it's up to you," he said quietly, "but I had no intention of having you pose like a Playboy centrefold." His fingertips grazed along her shoulder. "How would you know which poses a Playboy centrefold would even strike, hm?" she asked teasingly," - Good - and very valid - question!

"Please tell me," she said, "you aren't driving all the way back to London for paint." "No," he said defensively. "Maybe a few more brushes too." She didn't say anything. "And a bigger paper block, I think." "Mark," she said again. "I want to get it right," he said. After a moment, she started speaking again, but instead of more chastisement, it was to advise him from where she had purchased his smaller block. "They came highly recommended to me from every artsy type I asked," she said. He was, in all honestly, pleased and surprised. "Thank you, love. I'll be home as soon as I'm finished." - Well done, Bridget!

"As she got closer, she realised she smelled something delicious. "You didn't get my favourite pizza for supper," she said. "Did you?" "And dessert," he said. "Chocolate cake with ganache icing." "Oh my. Well, you'll need a bigger paper block for sure, after all of this." She took the pizza and patisserie boxes in (intending on heading for the kitchen)" - Hehehe.

"when morning arrived and he brought them coffee far earlier than she was pleased with, she insisted he remain shirtless. "Honestly," he said. "We're not newlyweds. You've seen me enough times." "Tell that to the bed," she said. "It's seen more action in three days than in all the rest of its life. Besides, you've seen me enough times, and I'm letting you paint me… while. I. Am. Nude." She stressed every one of those words. "Point taken," he sighed." - Hehehe.

"Didn't think the coffee would go through me that fast." "You know what they say. You can only rent coffee." - Hehehe.
mattsloved1 chapter 1 . 8/17/2010
Very nice. It will be interesting to see where this goes. Thanks for a new piece to read! :)
alix33 chapter 1 . 8/17/2010
AW! at Mark having done a painting of Bridget in his paddling pool.