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BlueEarings chapter 20 . 7/27/2014
I am LOVING this fic! The ideas you are writing, come out from total left feild, but work in with the story great!
armedwithanotepad chapter 61 . 5/27/2013
*Review contains spoilers*
Brilliant! You take quite an interesting angle on the story and pay attention to details other Inception fanfiction writers either missed or hadn't thought about. From the beginning i knew this would be a good story- personally, i hadn't really thought about how the rest of the team got out of the first layer, or if i did, it was only in passing. I absolutely love, love, loved your limbo scenes, especially the ones from Ariadne's point of view. That first chapter in Limbo was perfect, i thought.
On top of that, i liked how you made sure every desicion, every event had repercussions. You do this first with the aftermath of the inception, that Browning and the rest of the company don't just accept Fischer's apparently out of the blue desicion to split up his company, a fact which many fanfiction authors ignore. This also happened with Ariadne's opposition to killing Denley, and her time in Limbo.
The only nitpick i had with it was that sometimes Ariadne is potrayed as the helpless female or, in other words, can do nothing for herself. I thought that didn't quite match up with the character in the movie but that's just a personal preference.
Apart from that, the characters i thought matched quite well.
(I just have to say, Robert Hilary Eames. I don't know where that came from, but it was hilarious. Unexpected and completly out of the blue, but hilarious.)
So final verdict: A job well done. And if you can- finish the sequel, please? :)
lollielol chapter 61 . 4/16/2013
One word : PERFECTION !

the characters are perfect ! the way you made them : i think it fits the movie !
since the beginning i was like "omg this is this kind of fanfiction i was looking for, it makes perfect sense with the movie " (and i've read at least five other 1st chapters of A/A fanfiction and was disappointed until yours !)

SO THANK YOU THANK YOU ! Je ne regrette pas ! (I'm french)

I'm going to read now the sequel omg i'm looking forward !
Guest chapter 62 . 2/21/2013
I have to say, when I finishe reading this story, I was crying. It felt like I had let go of a dear friend. I hope you write the sequel. I love you. Goodbye.
Gotbooks93 chapter 17 . 9/26/2012
I absolutely love that album. Owl City's new song "Good Time" is also great, but "Fireflies" is probably my fave. Loving the story so far! You'll hear from me again in a few chapters :)
dogisms chapter 62 . 9/3/2012
Oh my gosh.
Robert Hilary Eames. I love it. It's brilliant. Just like the rest of this story, actually.
Very well written, the plot was incredible, and I just kept gasping and swearing along with the characters, scared about what was going to happen.
And I love Browning's end. It's perfect, it's fitting, and Cobb is a genius.
LindseyWasHere chapter 24 . 8/20/2012
First and foremost, oh my god I am so happy that I stumbled onto this little gem of a story, I have been hooked since the first chapter. Secondly, I love what you have done with the story and the characters. Arthur and Ariadne's relationship has the kind of emotional depth that reminds me of Mal and Cob's from the film. As I am reading, I can't help but think that if Nolan wanted to create another film based off of Arthur and Ariadne's growing relationship, it would end up looking almost exactly like yours, you write the plot so wonderfully.

Oh, also, as I was reading your story, I had my ipod looped to the Inception soundtrack. When I got to chapter 24, 'Time' started playing. The song finished right as I read the last word of the chapter. Nearly had me in tears..
Nectar-Ambrosia chapter 12 . 7/26/2012
AMIGAH! This is great. Oh my gosh. I was totally going to be a terrible person and read without reviewing, but this...this just...I mean, I read this chapter and I just lost it. Had to say something.

Okay, so I love how you started off gentle, kind of just exploring the characterizations (which impressed me into the ground with their sheer perfection, charm, and somehow, originality) and dynamics between the characters (all of whom are SO well-developed and again, in character, I might add), but you're now segueing into this really intense and plot-carrying twist. I love it I love it I love it SO much.

Oh yeah, and you're a really good writer. I adore your dialogue: just the right pace. Not too fast, and not too slow. Always achieves some purpose, whether it be to reveal more plot, further character development, or enhance the atmosphere. Like, nothing is wasted. I sometimes find myself ending up skimming fics because the descriptions and thoughts and dialogue and everything become too slow or repetitive, cringe-inducingly out-of-character, etc. But dude, this is just great.

Now excuse me while I indulge myself in the rest of your fabulous writing...
spaci1 chapter 62 . 10/26/2011
Loved! Loved! Loved! You kept me riveted for over 60 chapters. Loved it. Can't wait to read the sequel!
The Reserved Reader chapter 62 . 10/10/2011
Be warned... A long review ahead.

Whew, what a read! Did you even sleep at all when writing this?

Hmmm, where do I even begin? Right away I was impressed with your writing style. Everything was well thought out and detailed. I haven't read many fanfic authors with the same ambitious style. What I especially enjoyed was your subtle use of humor to lighten the load.

I found a few typos/grammatical errors, but I'm surprised there weren't more due to the size of the story. The editing was damn near perfect—at least to my untrained eye.

To be honest, I'm not much of an Arthur/Ariadne fan. I find that I'm on the fence when it comes to Ms. Page. There are times when I like her (Juno) and times when I don't (X-Men). I liked Ariadne the character but not Ellen Page's acting. That said, I absolutely adored the couple in your story. Their relationship grew organically which allowed me to actually believe it was plausible. I was rooting for them to overcome their misconceptions about the other's feelings. Your characterizations of the two were wonderful. Their thoughts and actions all made sense. At first I was unsure of Ariadne's meekness but, given all she went through, it made sense. Even Arthur becoming less and less collected seemed the right way to go.

Yes, there's more. I told you this was going to be a long review.

I'm glad you brought back Browning. His part in the plot was smart and his anger was expected.

Ah, the plot!

Major props to you for such a smart and intricate plot. I only wish there had been a little more time for the success of Inception to sink in for the characters before another near impossible job.

I thought your use of Arthur as the protector of Ariadne's subconscious was very creative. Perhaps, if I try hard enough, Arthur will come into my dreams. I'd want him to talk, of course. Oh, wishful thinking...

I'm starting to lose track of what I've commented on, so I'll just list some of my favorite quotes I pulled out.

"To her – to the whole team, except perhaps Cobb – he was a walking mystery clad in Armani suits." — Such a perfect way to describe Arthur, suave and mysterious.

"This Arthur had to be a dream, too. The real Arthur had never looked at her in such a way." — That line made my breath catch. It was the first time I noticed how well you wrote Arthur and Ariadne that I was getting anxious for them to get together. I wanted her to realize that, while he might not show it, Arthur does care for her.

"The die would serve as a reminder of what had happened before... It would ensure his sanity in an insane world, so that he never lost sight of himself in the most perilous of all dimensions – the raw, infinite subconscious that was Limbo." — I was worried about reading their non-canon history, but I was very happy to be proven wrong. You filled the gaps and provided a deeper layer to the characters. It helped pushed the plot—so smart!

"'Well, if I'd have known we'd literally be washed up on the shore of our own subconscious, I might have dressed for the occasion,' Eames grumbled..." — There's the hint of your humor. There were more examples but I chose to use Eames' line because he's one of my favorite characters. I'm glad you didn't make him cheesy and overdo the humor. They were in a serious situation and the humor would have seemed out of place.

"'It's easier to lose yourself in Limbo when you're alone. There's no-one to remind you that it isn't real. Or even who you are.'" — I hadn't noticed that! It's a wonderful explanation of the end of the movie.

"'Quick, give me a kiss.'" — The line didn't have a great impact on me in the movie but it did here. I was hoping Arthur's quick thinking would work.

"He had had years to develop them, after all, with nothing much else to think about in the meantime besides how to get her back. She, on the other hand, had forgotten him entirely, spending years without even thinking about him. His heart ached at the realisation." — Aw, such angst but perfectly placed. You have a way with words. It hurts to think about how many decades had passed in Limbo. A life simply searching... It must have been Hell.

"...shedding his joker persona in much the same way a snake would its skin." - Such a great way to describe Eames' talent. His skills were vital in both the movie and your story, and I'm glad you recognized that.

"'Darling, please,' Eames sighed. 'Even Cobb doesn't follow his own advice." - Yup! So very true. There's another example of your well-placed humor.

I'm almost done. I promise.

I realize I'm gushing, but right now I'm just extremely impressed with your writing. There were aspects of your story I didn't agree with completely. As much as I like the intricacy of your writing there were times when you dragged out certain chapters. However, all the stuff in between was very interesting to read. I just don't think they were all necessary, but look who's talking. The girl giving you a mile long review.

Overall I loved it! Thank you for posting such a great story.
justPROMISE chapter 61 . 8/31/2011
Freaking epic :D You are such a talented author! And your plot was amazing and very original- all the twists were things I would never expect :D perfect!
Crazy Koala chapter 61 . 7/27/2011
First of all, congratulations on writing such a good story! I've been prowling over people's favourite story list on for A/A inception fanfics, and yours is one of my favourites. I abandoned uni and homework to spend the ENTIRE day reading your fanfic till my eyes are sore. I wish I could say that I regret it, but I'm not. Loved how you explored Arthur and Ariadne's gradual discovery of their feelings towards each other. The idea of whole cold-Arthur-protector and the part about the Arthur Ariadne needs vs the Arthur she wants was excellent! I have to say that I liked the first 40 chapters the best, perhaps because there was more action. The last few chapters were a little bit dragged out and cheesy, but I really can't complain too much...after all, I myself didn't really want the story to end!
AngeloftheMorning1978 chapter 3 . 7/5/2011
this is great. I was looking for something that explored the top level of the dream. It would still be a week of them doing nothing. I think your Arthur is spot on. 3
Brissie chapter 38 . 7/2/2011
awww i really love this projection arthur - deadly, souless, but at the same time he's ariadne's subconcious personal bodyguard and will appear even under the most dangerous situations and protecting her from all the other projections. how sweet 3
Meliszann chapter 62 . 7/1/2011
You do know that is frickin brilliant, right? Because I will gladly set anyone who says otherwise back on the right track. This is AMAZING. I have to admit I was just a tad intimidated by the 61 chapters, but it was most definitely worth it. This is just pure outstanding.
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