Reviews for Startling Developments
Latin Gardenia chapter 8 . 9/30/2013
Plz make more on the rain slick precipice of darkness stories
Guest chapter 8 . 8/13/2013
Hope you make more Penny arcade stories
Captain Wallace chapter 8 . 7/20/2012
Amusing read. Not enough RSPoD stories, methinks. Probably because the writing is so weird to begin with. This take had me laughing hard at the news article for Gabe's loss the most. The article title seemed exactly like something you'd read in the comics or in the game. Nice job.
Moonlight2095 chapter 8 . 12/27/2011
8D Reading this whole story made me smile so much. Words can not describe my happiness at a story written by a thought of what these two might have been through before the whole "giant robot destroyed my house" thing in Penny Arcade Episode 1. I am just in love with this story. It is just so awesome.

I'm still smiling at its epicness. 8D If that makes any sense.
Siddley chapter 8 . 6/28/2011
will here thank miss Daisuke, since I don't like Deepcrows.
SIDDLEY chapter 8 . 6/28/2011

[sniff] Ah'm so hah-pay!

It is finished! I was worried and everything. But now I'm ecstatic!

Also a fiftheth: I went back and read six year's worth of PA, and re-played Precipice. Now I caught the canon references, and that makes me giddy.

This is the best PA fic out there. Which -considering the archive size- shouldn't mean much, but it's true!
Homestarluver201 chapter 8 . 6/26/2011

I was so excited when I saw this in my inbox! Oh man, I loved every moment of this!

I think my all time favorite part was when Gabe passed out because of the liquor...But that's just me. The entire thing was my favorite part. XD

Don't forget to keep writing for this game! I was working on a small fic, but your writing is much better than mine!

Siddley chapter 7 . 6/11/2011
Oh, wait, your bio says you like constructive criticism. Well then!

First off, it's hilarious. Gabe especially. Because, y'know, there's just something irresistable about a man who can punch a hole through a hobo. "Look at your man, then look at me. My fist is going through this hobo's organs and shit. Literally. I think he ate a horde of rats, 'cause there's still some chunks of fur..."

Secondly, you did a good job of characterising Tycho and , angry and emotional, but not sappy. Which makes me happy.

Thirdly, you pack a lot of content into what, twelve-thousand words? I t feels much bigger for a fairly short amount.

Fourtheth:Precipice![HIGH FIVE!]

One more thing(holds out tiny virtual turtle). This turtle is named Keither. He eats reviews, and poops out rainbows. If you get a flame, he grows larger than God deemed natural to turtle-kind, and breathes fire. Happy trails.
Siddley chapter 7 . 6/11/2011


Alamorn chapter 7 . 3/1/2011
So nice of you to post this early!

Now, I was gonna pull out a couple of my favorite lines, but it turns out that that would basically just be quoting the entire thing back at you. Especially the dialogue towards the end, after Gabe reveals he sold his apartment, that whole bit was golden. The character development of this entire fic, getting them from grudging coworkers to kinda sorta vitriolic friends is just wonderful.

And I loved the last line - or last couple lines. I don't know why, but the melancholy humor just seemed perfect to me.
Homestarluver201 chapter 7 . 2/28/2011
AUUUGHHH YES. I was SO excited for a new chapter, you don't even know! :D And, as a tribute to this amazing RSPOD fic, I've started a picture I was going to send to you! It's going to be of Tycho and Gabe fighting the Deepcrow. I've already started and I've gotten at least half of the color done.

this was awesome, but it sucks that it's almost over...

They at least need to hug or something! That's all I ask! Just...just a little hug! or something...
Alamorn chapter 6 . 2/25/2011
Oh frabjous day! Kalloo, kalay! I have no idea if I spelled any of those made up words right! Ah, well, you get the point. Joy, wonder, yada yada. It was probably the dialogue that did that. The mix between talking to Gabe like he was a two year old and swearing horribly at him - yeah, that did it.

I think you *might* be the only RSPD writer. I mean, I haven't looked very hard, but I've never seen another. Oh, and I learned recently - rather belatedly - that episodes three and four were canceled and instead written up and posted on the site. So, I'm reading those now, but am ultimately saddened. Did you know this? Was I alone in my checking the Playstation every couple months nuerotics? Will there be references to 3 and 4 in here that I haven't been catching? Paranoia!

Also, Deepcrow. Wonderful monster. Glorious, that magic tricks so amuse her when she is a thing of magic herself.
Homestarluver201 chapter 6 . 2/25/2011

I feel bad for the poor Deepcrow babies and the actual Deepcrow (because they...died.) and I feel bad for Gabe because Tycho wanted him to die...

How are they going to make it up to each other in the next chapter? Is there going to least a little 1920's friendship fluff? :3
Homestarluver201 chapter 5 . 2/3/2011
Aww, I thought that Tycho was gonna hug Gabe or something fluffy like that...oh well.

THIS was amazingly written (as usual) and I had to pause the Vocaloid I was listening to just so I could concentrate! :D

Dude, seriously, those old people are awesome and should be given an award for being The Best Elderly Person to Make Tycho Froth. I would want that award..

I mean, if I was old. And I made Tycho froth.

Oh well, this was AWESOME, and AMAZING, and ...super-calla-fagil-istic-expi-allo-docious and all of that...

so...yes. :D
Alamorn chapter 5 . 2/3/2011
As always, your characterization is spot on. And the old people - so funny! Also, pee glass. It just amazes me how you can get the dialogue so perfect.
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