Reviews for Til Death Do Us Part?
slytherinsal chapter 1 . 1/9/2011
a scholarly and well written piece of research. i would add that Psycho might be compared too to 'White Heat' where James Cagney's portrayal of a gangster driven from insane to totally over the edge by his mother's death, and still taliking to her [top o' the world, ma] is one of the best pieces of acting IMHO in cinema. he was scary when just mother's little gangster while she was still alive; after he's truly psychotic.

just think; Frankenstein might never have been written had not Mount Tamboro erupted in 1815 and made 1816 the summer that did not exist so that the group staying in switzerland had a writing competition instead...

of course folk tales of revenants are very old indeed. there's a rather good Roman one in latin which combines revenants with werewolves.