Reviews for Rise of the Wizards
PotterHermione chapter 19 . 5/13
Tonks being pregnant didn't make much sense if they took magical and muggle precautions
It's not like remus's magic seed is so strong that it ripped condom and the spell
kalloni chapter 51 . 5/12
Wow what a ride. I had a hard time putting this story down and have stayed up way too late multiple times. It hit a lot of good notes for me. Harry is really strong and yet interesting to read. The story literally snowballs, starting with new stuff mixed with plot recap, but by the end everything is new and unrecognizable.

You did a great job of making me hate Hermione. And I love the karmic retribution. Whenever someone pissed me off, they got smacked down. Hermione was so insufferably smug and hypocritical that I wish by the end she'd realize that everything was her fault and that she's not special. And maybe a fate worse than death like the Dursleys.

Anyway it was a great story, thank you!
kalloni chapter 37 . 5/11
Never thought I'd feel bad for the dursleys, but I do a bit here. Still I've been looking for various stories with strong capable Harry, dark Harry, and with good vengeance/poetic justice elements. This is scratching a lot of those itches.
LAB1 chapter 51 . 5/9
This story went from really fun to way crazy by the end. You might have a bit of the sight with how you have been able to call current events. It was honestly a bit frightening.
cccyrus chapter 51 . 5/8
This is fucking amazing!
ratpoisonn chapter 51 . 5/7
Great story. I enjoyed this so much.
cccyrus chapter 28 . 5/6
Bruh lol fuck dumbledore I ain’t being guilt tripped into lilting him. You spent the last twenty chapter hating him only to switch that up in one chapte lol fuck dumbledore
cccyrus chapter 22 . 5/6
Bruh why you making Harry such a little whiny dumb ten year old wtf
cccyrus chapter 21 . 5/6
Wow this chapter Harry was a fucking idiot and couldn’t do shit without making himself look like a fool
TarthTater chapter 1 . 5/2
I do find it both impressive and amusing that you predicted trump in your fic but I will say that while i dont like the guy id give an arm and a leg just so i never again have to some pleb rant and rave about him. The mans indeed has a astounding ego but considering the egos and sociopathic leanings of US politicians... well I mean obama praised trump as being the american dream. US Politicans are all a bunch of circle jerking parasites.
Guest chapter 23 . 4/25
I know that song! It's from hooligans, one of my favorite movies.
Joshbbeer chapter 34 . 4/25
What the hell are you writing why is he living at private drive ?! Stupid considering all his properties?
Joshbbeer chapter 15 . 4/25
Your making this to much of a joke
Helios7406 chapter 45 . 4/23
How dare the President of the U.S.A refuse to act without tangible proof and then have the gall to refuse to start nuclear armageddon?
Mastersgtjames chapter 23 . 4/6
really... no comments about his pensieve...
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