Reviews for Duette
AnnaLund chapter 1 . 11/27/2011
Beautiful description of Edward and his friendship: "He was rock-solid support on and off-stage."

And you SO know the feeling that hits you coming out from behind the curtain, walking out into the lights. *shudders*

So brilliant to use Kate for this setting of a strong woman - she is so different from the meek bellas in the world. Refreshing. So refreshing.

I love how you weave Kate's thoughts about Garrett with her lines and her presence on the stage floor, on and off, and through the Brahms duets. Shining.

I like the homage paid to canon in the phrase "as easy as breathing" here in the setting of expertise in the trade of opera singing. Anyone who sings knows how important breathing is, and how it becomes a way of life.

In the first, sad, dark duet, you move me with your intense "Deeply lost and desperately alone, I uttered the final words of the song" - this is where this piece of music shatters and kills you.

"aided by Edward's own flirtation with his Steinway."

this? brilliant!

And how can you NOT fall in love with this Garrett? And, OH, how I love your description of the audience's poor Italian!

(I love how you can transit from happy, funny, sexy times in one story, and then to serious, heart-shattering emotional dialogue in the next.) In this story. When they finally declare themselves, it is like a huge wave of relief.

"And then we were kissing once again, as our hands explored the parts of each other that we'd kept hidden along with our feelings."

This is so sexy, it kills me. I adore you for not using all the harsh words that are usually in the sexy bits of stories - it would have destroyed the emotion and the beauty of this one. (There is a place and time for those words too, I'm not a prude, but in this story? No place at all.)

I absolutely loved it.

Thank you for writing and for telling me about it. Don't ever stop!

ArcadianMaggie chapter 1 . 10/3/2010
I'm here, dropping some love on your Love for the Unloved story. It was fantastic! Even if I didn't already know your music background, it would have been apparent from the complete authenticity of Kate's descriptions of the performance. You did such a wonderful job
izzzyy chapter 1 . 9/21/2010
Oh I simply love this. I love not only that you used Garret and Kate, but that even in a o/s you managed to work in a bit of misunderstanding to build the tension. The way they translated the songs so differently is beautiful.
charmizane chapter 1 . 9/11/2010
This was lovely. I really felt like I was reading a piece of their lives. Their story as opera singers was very interesting and original. I really enjoyed this turning point in their lives.

thank you for sharing!
winterstale chapter 1 . 9/10/2010
Ah! *sigh*

Wonderful job of expressing Kate's reticence as well as Garrett's playful banter and steadfast belief in her. The pieces you chose were perfect for this couple as well as echoing some of those moments that were barely alluded to in the original material. As a performer, too, I thought you did an excellent job of illustrating that fine mental and emotional line we ride between controlling our instrument and being in the moment with whatever we're acting, playing, or singing.

I'm surprised to see several Kate and Garrett stories in an 'unloved' contest, but then again I adore them both, and wish I saw periphery characters like them used in more stories as more than as mere set dressing. I was thrilled to see you'd written them and was not disappointed at your entry.

Really well done - thanks so much for writing.

azotochtli chapter 1 . 9/5/2010
This was wonderful! It is so true how things like songs, poems, books can have completely different meaning depending on where the person is at emotionally and/or physically... You captured this in a magnificent way! It was truly a joy to read! Thank you!
OnTheTurningAway chapter 1 . 8/31/2010
This was so lovely. The way you framed their story around song, music and the performance was fantastic. I really felt Kate's hesitance - refusal, really - to allow herself to love Garrett, to believe she was loved by him.

"But my ability to say no to Garrett was the only form of control I had over our relationship, and I held onto it desperately. Of course, he had yet to say yes, rendering my no unnecessary. But still I had it in my arsenal, and so we would play, would flirt with the concept in front of the audience."

So much said, but at the same time so much left unsaid. It was kind of fascinating to see how differently two people could interpret the same lyrics, especially considering how close they were. I'm so glad Garrett refused to leave even as she was desperately trying to push him away out of self-preservation.

Best of luck in the contest :)
sweetp-1 chapter 1 . 8/24/2010
This was lovely. Do you sing? or did you research? Because this was a wonderfully authentic feeling piece. Fav line: "So we'll both sparkle, I don't care. You're beautiful all red-faced and snotty," he countered.

Dont we all want a man that can see through the tears to the beauty? Lovely work bb
ilovekittenz chapter 1 . 8/22/2010
I liked the way you described their time onstage and what Kate was thinking while she was singing. I also liked how you described their duet as a gentle poetic argument where love was up for dispute.

Nice closing line. Thanks for giving some unloved characters some love.
ColourmeCullen chapter 1 . 8/21/2010
Omg. BB, your writing is amazing! This was seriously beautiful. I loved the structure and the setting.. Unf. *squishes*
LoveForTheUnloved2010 chapter 1 . 8/20/2010
Thanks so much for your submission to the Love for the Unloved contest! Your entry has been added to the C2 community. Best of luck!

LFTU staff
Meikela chapter 1 . 8/20/2010
Beautifully done. I enjoyed the bit about the differences in interpretation of the music. Of course, that's what I appreciate most about music - it's like the Bible, you can find a million different meanings in a verse.