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poisonshrooms chapter 21 . 9/8/2017
I actually read this the morning you updated (I remember getting up at 5 AM to do homework, seeing the email that you had updated, and reading this instead) but totally forgot to leave a review. I decided to search through the Uglies section on AO3 (did you know there's a Shay/Cable story on there? Wild) since I was revisiting the series (I made a PowerPoint on the forum to convince my friend to read it...someone needs to get me a hobby), and found this story cross-posted there, and realized that I never left a review. I don't know if you remember me, but I reviewed this story years ago. It's still one of my all time favorites. I love the interactions between Cable and Tally, and if you ever continue the story it'll be interesting to see how they progress. This chapter really shows how sadistic and hell-bent on revenge Min had become - if definitely fits with what we saw of her in the books, I had almost forgotten how cruel she was to the Smokies - but her humanity is definitely there. If you ever decide to update again, I'll still be here reading after all these years!
Guest chapter 21 . 5/23/2017
this is rad and i love it
S. Youngblood chapter 3 . 1/24/2017
I'm going to politely ignore that whole "homosexuality is cured by the operation" because I'm sure you know homosexuality is not a disease and should not be treated as such.
HoverBoardRider chapter 12 . 3/30/2016
I love this story. I know you just made it up but i feel like this has been Doctor cables past all along. I have only recently discovered uglies but I love it and your story makes it even more awesome. I have started to write a book on what happens after extras and I hope I can write it as good as this.
Doctor Harry Watson chapter 21 . 2/2/2016
Keep writing please!
Hi chapter 21 . 1/22/2016
Hi, Fanna. I hope you remember me :)
I'm sorry that I stopped responding to your messages here. At first I got really busy with school and I kept putting it off, and then I forgot my password and other info to LOL silly me.
On a happier note, it thrills me that you haven't given up on this story! It continues to amaze me and I cannot wait for your next update.
I've always been here, waiting. And I always will be 3
oh god this is getting cheesy :P
ReikoMizutani chapter 21 . 1/15/2016
Harrypottercatlover chapter 21 . 1/15/2016
Great job with the chapter, and thanks for updating. The writing quality is great although it always has been. Somehow, there was more suspense seeing it from this side of the story. I still like the friendship between Min and Max. Please update within the next year! Thanks!
Harrypottercatlover chapter 20 . 11/3/2015

Waaah! I'm so sad that you have forgotten about this story. I really hope you are OK. Love it so far, and I understand why Min would hate Maddy. She's not cool in this story. Min is an amazing character and I can't believe that we will never know any more. I hope someone sees this…but Fanna, if you see this, please know you have a loyal reader cheering you on.

Harrypottercatlover (and Uglies too) :)
A fan chapter 20 . 7/23/2014
I know this is a review for this chapter, but I loved the whole story. The plot, the story, the characters, the drama. You really make Dr. Cable's story sound real. Amazing!
Guest chapter 20 . 6/27/2014
I think I'm in love with this story it doesn't seem like fan fiction its more like the writing of Scott himself. Really amazing.
Alisha chapter 20 . 5/29/2014
When are you going to post again? I love this series! I've been waiting for months for the next chapter! xxx
poisonshrooms chapter 1 . 2/1/2014
I previously reviewed this fic as Tally Oldblood, but I have an account now and wanted to mention that I'm rereading this again and I still love it! Cable (and every character except for Tally, Zane, and David, really) is so underused in fanfiction, and it's quite refreshing to see something like this among an ocean of Tally romances. It's absolutely brilliant, and I hope you continue it. I know you're busy with university and all, but if you ever find time to continue writing this, well, you would definitely have at least one interested reader.

I also want to thank you for indirectly introducing me to the Westerforum. I read about it in the reviews, and decided to check it out, and am now one of the "regulars" there. I'm Catvomitsky, by the way. I joined shortly before you left, so obviously we didn't get to talk much, but I almost feel like I know you through stalking the old threads and reading your comments. Okay, that sounded creepy, but you get the point.

Anyway, I would totally love it if you continued this, but even if you don't, good luck with school and whatever you choose to do in life.
kittykatriddle chapter 20 . 1/21/2014
OMG I just started reading this at school when I was bored and now I'm addicted! PLEASE put the new chapter up soon!
Majube chapter 5 . 11/11/2013
I don't get this she says she doesn't want to even look at her face because it's ugly but before she said she didn't mind being ugly and wasn't even that excited to become a pretty?
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