Reviews for CoG: Naruto's Other Tenant
Eden999 chapter 29 . 3/12
Very good... I like the way it is going so far cant wait 4 the next chapter
Raethor chapter 17 . 1/17
Two big questions.
One why is Naruto suddenly okay with consuming people? At first the idea of that was horrible to him, but here he just does it. And it wasn't like with Haku's hair he just ate two whole people. And had no reaction...
Two couldn't you think of a way for Hinata to need to be infected that is so... forced. I mean they won the fight, Haku was ready to surrender... NOPE something takes control of her an makes her continue, oh Naruto gets blinded for a bit, oh and Hinata decides to take the attack for him instead of letting him deal with it himself, conveniently forgetting his regeneration...
Rukuah chapter 29 . 12/22/2014
I'd like to see the next chapter uploaded soon
The Lazy Bastard chapter 3 . 12/8/2014
insanity, plots within plots, and a heaping dose of stupidity...I LOVE THIS STORY! XD
Domonic chapter 29 . 11/25/2014
Good read, cant find any flaws in it or the story line. cant wait for the next chapter. good job!
PugTheMagician chapter 29 . 11/15/2014
okay i reeeeeeally like this story as a whole so far. i like how you had alex get sealed because he pissed of the shinigami, that was pretty funny to me. i like how you had alex let kina out to roam, and that you made her a bit of a pervert, thats always funny to see, some 13 year old trying to turn away the advances of a sexy kitsune girl :P i like that you had sarutobi tell naruto about his parents after learning about kyuubi because as you pointed out, if he can take the fact he is the container of the most powerful biju there can't be much he can't. i like how the bell test went with team 7, it was interesting to read, especially the team work they used at the end, using his blind spot was fairly clever even if sakura kinda screwed that up. i know that you have had her learn some genjutsu but i hope you make her stronger in the future, she can't stay the weak link forever. i loved the effects biomass have on hinata; drunk, horny or bolder, can't really lose with that set now can you. hinata drunk was pretty funny, especially her telling naruto to do the things in her book with her. i love that you made both naruto and hinata perverts, whilst maybe not in regards to naruto but its allways funny to think of the "its always the quiet ones" in regards to hinata. i like that you had naruto deal with kakashi's arrogance/annoyance with naruto's leaf training progress by pointing out the duties of a sensei. i loved how the first "catch tora" mission went with mido actually biting the cat in snake form. i just like mido in general, especially when he has a biomass pill and goes into 'battle mode' as i think of it. i also really like the gormim, they seem like an interesting collection of people. len and carlos are particularly funny to read. ga or nord baro is very interesting as well, he seems to keep getting the short end of the stick where the voice is involved if his taunting of naruto and later beat down is any indication. i don't think he is weak at all, i actually think if his little show at the bridge is anything to go by he would be pretty freaking terrifying to fight at full power, especially with his fast regeneration dues to air being almost constantly around him. backtracking a bit i like how the initial fight between the konoha nins and zabuza and 'Ga' went, especially zabuza's grudging approval of naruto for being able to take and momentarily weild kubikirihocho. i like how you explained nords abilities with genjutsu as being so great the universe actually has to spit them out into a pocket dimension as a result. i especially like that you had kurenai being annoyed at being so thoroughly outclassed in her specialised field. i also like how you had naruto gain hakus memories through her hair. i hope to see some hyoton from him in the future just because ice is pretty. on that note, maybe haku and olivia could compare notes on jutsu, hakus demonic ice mirrors at least seems like something olivia might be able to replicate with her glass. oh yeah, since zabuza was marked and when he died he became a biomass pill, will the same happen with neji? i wonder with the way neji is being portrayed whether or not he will become "good" or not later on like in canon. thats another thng i think is good. i like how rather than treat this fics univers as the only universe, you found a semi-believable way to show the multi-universe theory (i can't remember its actual name) as how canon is unaffected by this world and how alex is able to be here even though the naruto universe and earth are very different. i wonder, considering how old alex is and how he said every story has a universe out there, has he ever visited an earth where the prototype game exists? i think that would be pretty trippy for him, playing a game based on his own beginnings as a blacklight :P i like how you had haku come into the harem sorta with hinatas approval. i also like how after the second portion of the chunin exams you had her admit not liking the harem situation but accepting it, it just seems like a realistic reaction to me instead of her being completely fine and welcoming of the idea right from the start. as that sentence probably pointed out, i'm not a huge fan of large harem stories or at least how the most of them go, though yours thankfully seems to be in the percentage who does it well with actual growth of affection instead of instant love. backtracking again (sorry i ramble in my reviews) i like how you had naruto pass the first part of the exams. i honestly had started to forget about the kariname? jutsu by then but it is interesting your description of it in both cases with the byakugan and the crows. ooh, i forgot to mention before, i like how you had naruto use the hyuuga compound as the ultimate training ground for his stealth training with his invisibility and chakra supression. i loved how the first time almost got naruto a view of hinatas tits if it weren't for hanabi being a good sister :P i love how you showed naruto's armored form in the second part of the exam, from its description it is pretty bad ass, especially how you had him turn gaaras sand to glass with a roar and punch him through his "ultimate defense". his fight against orochimaru was pretty cool as well, it showed fairly well how whilst naruto might be scarily strong for a genin, he is still a genin compared to a sannin (even if he is a genin with the seeming abilities of a cockroach :P ). kina temporarily taking possesion of naruto's body after he took possesion of mido was certainly interesting. i also like how you showed the five elemental seal in naruto's mindscape. i thought it was cool and i hope she is released or given some kind of body like alex in the future. actually, would releasing a biju from a blacklight kill them? they aint exactly human so thats a thing to ponder. that reminds me i thought it was pretty cool you had alcohol as a weakness of blacklights considering its medical uses. i wonder, that would make people like tsunade and kabuto especially deadly opponents to him (provided they knew the viral origins of a blacklight). i'm gonna go ahead and assume alex's original body is either in orochimaru or danzo's hands, a body like that would be invaluable to them, especially orochimaru if he were able to find a way to decrease the mortality rate of infection, he'd be able to achieve immortality finally. i like how you had kubikirihocho be stored inside mido, it was fairly unexpected to me. i like how you had anko become a blacklight on the brink of death, i am interested to see how the venom in her at the time and her apparent control over cursed seals will play out. i assume since the injection site was the cursed seal and how it was smudged and faded afterwards that she gained some orochimaru like abilities and i look forward to seeing how that will play out in the future. i like how you gave hinata a phobia of kumo shinobi as a result of her attempted kidnapping for a breeding program. i especially liked her interaction with samui in the forest. it gave more credence to her in the future becoming a harem member. with your original fights in the prelims there are really only three things i can say for that
1) len and tentens fight was awesome, one sided but awesome, especially her tactic with the weapon scroll beside his head
2)i like how you had hinata a bit more combative in this one
and 3) poor poor karui, it just wasn't your day
i look forward to reading more in the future and i plan to look at you other fics except for AKoM, i'll leave that one till after this ones finished
Reishin Amara chapter 29 . 11/13/2014
Omg hope resume updating soon.
Thespurgin chapter 29 . 11/9/2014
OUCH! that's a lot of pain for one guy. metal shards in the face would hurt like hell.

Seems like a good story so far, though I do find myself questioning the OCs and such. That seems more like original material carried over into this crossover, and while that's totally cool, explanation of the original stuff can detract from the crossover. just saying.
Guest chapter 10 . 11/9/2014
ah i can give you an idea for an element try a flowing river and see where that goes oh and one of the elements i have imagend (it is 1 of the more powerful element ever seance so its quite rare) its called nova.
Un-Named Monarch chapter 7 . 10/15/2014
I noticed a bit of a logical error. It's been a long time since this chapter was posted, but I need to do this, because the voice tells me so. Earlier, you said 'No GENNIN could move that fast' Emphasis on the gennin for a reason. Now what rank is Naruto currently. You could say that he isn't fully a gennin, but, and this a flaw with canon as well, Naruto did not graduate through normal channels. By all rights, he was given a field promotion, which, because Naruto is still a ninja, Hiruzen approved of. This technically gives Naruto an immunity to the 'go back to the academy' punishment if he fails Kakashi's test. With this said, the logical thing would be to say "No 'Normal' Gennin" or average, cause lets face it, civvies are normal, and everyone I know(that likes Naruto) hates civvies, not including the Ichirakus of course.
Guest chapter 29 . 10/12/2014
Let naruto kick much as as needed! Update and let us enjoy your work please
dragonic raptor chapter 29 . 10/11/2014
Me like. I was also wondering if it was possible to hook Olivia up with Deidara. Since their abilities are so similar it makes sense. Plus he is supposed to be the youngest out of the group so why not have him with a bit of morals that rise up when he meets her and gets enough feelings for her to switch sides or something. Another thing is that when they fight together they could combine their skills. He has the explosive necessary that he could put it in with say a glass grenade so the glass would be shrapnel. At least that is what popped into my head about the possibilities. Just an option so who knows. Just do me a favor if you do use that idea. Please give me the credit for coming up with that idea for those two and let me know if you do use it. :D Otherwise keep it up because the story is fantastic so far.

Ja ne XD
Guest chapter 29 . 10/4/2014
Ahhhh man this great please give us more
DokB chapter 19 . 10/3/2014
Mido is probably the most badass 'ninken' that I've ever heard of. With Naruto's abilities he could eventually be as large or larger than any of the boss summons. No need for a summon contract, although I'll be curious if sage mode is a possibility for naruto to learn. Not sure if he needs any more powers, but as a blacklight I imagine thats kinda the mo. Thanks for the chapter.
thedarkwolf95 chapter 29 . 9/27/2014
this is an incredible story please continue it
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