Reviews for Darkest Before Dawn
daithi4377 chapter 17 . 4/26/2014
The third side can't come to soon.
daithi4377 chapter 16 . 4/26/2014
James is so going to Rue the day he ignored his son. And it's going to be all the better because it's going to come out of nowhere.
daithi4377 chapter 15 . 4/26/2014
How is a professor able to block and suppress another person's magic. One its illegal . But the fact that James had to suppress and block Rials magic in order to make sure his son won the duel tells you a lot right there. Guess he isn't that much of a squib after all is he.
daithi4377 chapter 14 . 4/26/2014
Interesting detention mindless counting with lots of time to think lol.
daithi4377 chapter 13 . 4/26/2014
Draco probably still does not realize why Rial has flipped. I'm sorry but I have to say it is swear Draco does have the perfect hair colour lol.
daithi4377 chapter 12 . 4/26/2014
Just switched one pain in the arse for another lol.
daithi4377 chapter 11 . 4/26/2014
By the time the Slytherin are done she will probably wish that they had gone to Fudge. I just hope the revenge covers all three of them the toadie, the wimp and the ego lol.
daithi4377 chapter 10 . 4/26/2014
Interesting does she really think she can get away with that.
daithi4377 chapter 9 . 4/26/2014
LOL father and son one on the prowl after a wolf and the other rather clueless about what every one else sees as plain as day.
daithi4377 chapter 8 . 4/26/2014
I love the taunt to Potter I just hope it doesn't turn around and bite him on the arse later.
daithi4377 chapter 7 . 4/26/2014
Interesting if she is so smart why doesn't she leave James. There is bound to be enough protect her if for no reason than to stick it to James Potter.
daithi4377 chapter 6 . 4/26/2014
Somebody is jealous. My question is is Terry deliberately being naive or is this a plan to hurt Rial?
Shivankm chapter 3 . 4/24/2014
At this point I am gonna say something.. Black's were a powerhouse.. One of the most powerful pureblood faction and an equal to Potters in every way... Why would you undermine their power compared to the Potters.. And Sirius is a true pureblood.. why isnt he using his family prowess to push back? Its like you are trying to show Sirius and Rial only have magical prowess but not political.. Thats my only complain so far... everything else is great.. all the best...
Flying Chrissy chapter 43 . 4/12/2014
Cool story! Look forward to the next one! :)
daithi4377 chapter 5 . 4/4/2014
LOL someone should tell her that being that blatantly obvious with the bigotry will be her downfall in the end.
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