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fitBrit1031 chapter 16 . 11/22/2010
DEATHLY HALLOWS. I completely agree with everything you had to say. They crammed some things in and completely left out others. What I was pleasantly surprised that they included was the scene at the beginning with Hermione and her parents. That part was touching and heartbreaking and all in all very well done, in my opinion. However, I was so disappointed that they basically skipped over the Dursleys! I was so looking forward to Dudley telling Harry he didn't think he was a waste of space. GAH! I was also looking forward to some Dean Thomas... I mean really, that actor is lush! In other news, that bit about the Peverell brothers was WELL COOL! I loved it. Also, the Ron-Hermione parts were just so sweet. Rather bittersweet, but in, i think, the best way possible. At the end when Voldy got the Elder Wand... What was that lightning to the sky bit? I mean, i understand that in the movie it was rather showy and impressive, and that they wanted to end the movie with a (literal)bang, but really WB? Overall, the movie was a bit darker than I'd expected but I definitely loved.
Silegna chapter 16 . 11/22/2010

Pleeeease, I need a new charpter! Do ya know Im skeeping uni class to read your fic? Not your fault, of course. My excuse for this is practcing english(I'm Brazilian).

It's been a while since I don't find a story that it is not cliche, thank you ) I really hope I can get to read the new charpter soon, I can barely stop thinking about what's gonna happen next!


MarieLewis chapter 16 . 11/22/2010
i totally agree with you on the deathly hallows movie

thats how i felt, but since i read the books i understood, though i feel sorry for those who dont.

but anyways GREAT CHAPTER
EchoNightFall22 chapter 16 . 11/22/2010
xD awesome chapter~ lily is so cute~

as for deathly hallows...well i thought the naked silver kiss scene was kinda...exaggerated :\
Kylee chapter 16 . 11/21/2010
Hi! I just finished reading your entire story and I absolutely love it! Keep up the fantastic writing:)
PotterEvans4life chapter 16 . 11/21/2010
Omg I had the same reaction tothe movie. I mean really! Haha anyways fantastic writing job, you are great writer. Just a suggestion tho: I kinda wanna c more lily James love type scenes if you know what I mean? But besides that I commend you for your excellent writin skills!
existence555 chapter 16 . 11/21/2010
I really like the part where their patronuses just happen to match :)

A.J. has an amazing name. For real.

I liked their date! I thought it was cute in an awkward sort of way.

But, naturally, I enjoy the Lily/James interaction much more.

As usual, amazing job! Keep writing!

P.S. I'm totally bummed about having to wait so long for the next movie too. And the fact that it's just sitting there already made kinda kills me. Sigh.
DarlingILoveYou chapter 16 . 11/21/2010
It just bugs me so much that James doesn't seem to care AT ALL. Which, I guess, is what he's trying for, but still.

By the way, I loved your A/N at the end. Haha!


Evisawesome chapter 16 . 11/21/2010
lol great chapter. the only time it actually seemed forced was that first part where lily comments on James and Sirius' hangovers. You were right, the last part was the best, but the rest was pretty good, too. I like how Lily and James's relationship changes in this one. And thanks for the review. Now I totally have to see the movie! :)
Darth Riven chapter 16 . 11/21/2010
Did Snape miss class to hex AJ?
GlitterTech chapter 16 . 11/21/2010
It's a very different Lily/James story, but I like it. Just, overall, I like it a lot. As for the Rose thing, you're writing style may seem 'younger', would be the only way for me to put it, than others, but it's very fitting, seeing as this is a first-person story about silly young teenagers. Wait, did that jsut amke you feel worse? I'm horrible at talking to people, even in a setting where I can review what I say. The fight at the end made me feel quite nostalgic, and was only made sweeter by the Patronus revealing thingy.

As for your review of HP7, I'm pretty sure I agree on all points. It took me about ten minutes after the movie to make sense of Bill's intro scene. The locket scene made me freak out. Like a lot. I knew it was coming, but it was still so horrible. And I was not expecting an explosion. My favorite scene was where Hermione was explaining to Harry what happened to Ron. I could feel her genuine emotion, because she's that awesome of an actress. Wow, my movie response was longer than the story one eh? I'll just go back and fix that...There.
MaryandMerlin chapter 16 . 11/21/2010
you know, i was just thinking the other day that if i ever wrote a lily james fic then i would include a patronus that were the same. well done! lol


mnm x
HelloBlondie chapter 16 . 11/21/2010
i liked you review of deathly hallows, i hated that they didn't explain the mirror. It always cheesed me off that if Harry had opened the mirror then Sirius wouldn't have died, but on the other hand the ministry wouldn't have accepted Voldemort's existence.

not unapplicable- unavaliable chapter 16 . 11/21/2010
This was an amazing chapter, though I'm not trying to degrade the quality of your other great chapters! But for some reason, I think this chapter is my favorite. I think A.J is a fantastic character and I'm scared that Lily's going to hurt him in the end. ( On an unrelated note, I'm going to see Harry Potter on Wednesday but I've been really hyped up for the wedding scene. What did you think of it?
DarlingILoveYou chapter 15 . 11/20/2010
So, I really, REALLY love this book. Lily just seems like some overdramatic, shallow, hopeless-romantic in everyone else's books - including mine ;D - but in this one, I actually like her character. And, she acts just like my best friend. Haha

Update soon, I'm already having withdrawls.
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