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leilalolalee chapter 14 . 3/24
I laughed out loud really hard several times during this chapter, most notably at Sirius' response to Lily not knowing he was on the Quidditch team and James uncharacteristically joining the girls to do homework. You're funny! I'm REALLY enjoying this story! You write extremely well. This is my favorite Jily fic I've read so far.
LunaNotLoony chapter 36 . 3/23
FF helpfully ruined the url so here it is, but without the spaces: harrypotter. /wiki /Fanon
LunaNotLoony chapter 37 . 3/23
I. LOVED. This. Story. So. Much! Words cannot express how absolutely brilliant, amazing and amazing it was. I kind of agree with your decision not to have them in a relationship; the getting-together is always the best part. Oh, and in case you didn't know, this is given as an example of marauder-era fanfiction at wiki/Fanon. Thanks so much for writing... going to check if you have anything else posted now!
HelenaThePineappleEater chapter 1 . 3/22
This is totally random, and you're probably fully aware of this already, but I'd just finished reading your story, and I decided to read some harry potter wikia, and this story is on there as th Marauder fanfic example!:D Ishoul probably mention also, as I haven't already, that I love thi fic!
masaary chapter 1 . 3/15
favourite stoooooryyy ! :)
Emma Elliot chapter 37 . 3/8
I love it when Sirius ships Jily hahaha.
The development of the James-Lily relationship was really good- the process of becoming friends first- and you didn't have James doing nothing but pining for Lily, and you didn't make Lily yell non-stop at James... basically the characters were properly developed! Lily is utterly stupid at some points though, thinking James has given up on her, honestly. And mean, telling him she loved AJ, how could she! haha. Also, I would have loved James to be a little more bad-ass- my favourite James is TLAT James, right down to the smoking, haha. (I actually loved your occasional references to TLAT in the ‘authors notes’ haha).
My only disappointments were the absence of Snape- he is such an important part of the story, but complicated, so I get why you left him out- and James calling Lily 'Flower.' Come on, James is more original than that, he's not Luke Harper :p But then, no nickname could really beat Snaps could it haha?
I KNEW that James remembered their kiss at the Quidditch party! I knew it. Haha. I didn’t guess that he’d told Sirius and the others, and that was what Sirius’ many pointed looks were about.
I looovvvee it when the boys mock James for being made Head Boy. Seriously, if a fic doesn’t have it, theres no point.
So yea- long review- but basically, great Jily fic!
(Is their reunion back at Hogwarts posted anywhere? I'd REALLY love to read that!)
WhimsicalScribe chapter 37 . 2/24
You have blown me. Away. Into Neverland. I'm supposed to be studying for my test. But it is so addictive and now I'm onto LaT and- OHMYDEARMERLINHOWDOYOUDOTHISMYFANFICISGOINGNOWHEREANDYOU'VEGIVENMEACOMPLEX.
*cough* Good job.
You make it into my Top 5 L/J FFs list.
WhimsicalScribe chapter 6 . 2/15
Don't remove the side jokes! The more the merrier, right?
Alexa chapter 37 . 2/14
OMG such an amazing story! I was addicted! I nearly cried when it ended :( But it was really good! I love it. :)
carrots.rusty chapter 37 . 2/7
jaisydaisy chapter 37 . 1/31
i really like your story but can i just say that i think the fonts are a little insulting? it's like you expect your readers to get confused if you just write the name underneath like in normal letters when in actual fact the different fonts are more confusing. just stick to one font for all letters, maybe italics like good ol' JK does cause i get confused whenever Lily writes a letter in plain script as i think it's back to the main body for a bit. us readers can figure out who's writing the letter by the name at the bottom :) aside from that, very cute and a thoroughly good read.
Guest chapter 37 . 1/18
Great story! I loved reading it, it was really cute and funny! Also, I loved how it was all written in Lily's POV, which made easier for the reader to relate to her etc. Well done! I loved it!
PS: Sequel?
Kathleen Kelly chapter 37 . 1/6
Oh my God, you had their reunion scene written and you never posted it! *sobbing quietly in a corner*
Ah, I would have loved to see them in a relationship, but I understand that you don't like writing that.
This is such an amazing story. It's well-written, funny, the characterisation is spot on, I love your Lily because she's so naive, and sarcastic. You wrote the Marauders perfectly (yay, your Peter actually has a personality, unlike in 90% of fics where people always ignore him or make him stupid. ) And, they all act like real teenagers here, I love it.
I didn't hate A.J., even though 6th months anniversary thing was so cheesy and pathetic, and definitely vom-tastic, lol. And, yeah, I don't really like Jesus Navas. Not my type. I prefer my men tall, slightly on the skinny side, with messy black hair and hazel eyes and glasses. And, luckily for us, so does Lily.
But still... Poor A.J. Now he will have to watch James and Lily holding hands with sappy smiles on their faces. Will he quit the team, like Chloe? I hope he finds himself a nice girl who loves him.
Ok, I need to stop. It's 5am.
Thank you so much for writing this fic.
Guest chapter 22 . 1/1
Damn. I'd promised myself that after this one I was going to bed. Meh, times change.
Guest chapter 37 . 12/24/2013
Wowie Zowie

Thank you.
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