Reviews for Resolution
Fred's fanatic chapter 27 . 5/13
Well it's about time that lily started to display some
Jealousy over certain witches that James has chosen
To snog in other to deny his feelings for lily a truly
Wasted effort yet your right it's great fun reading this
Banter although I'm hoping Audrey doesn't last very
Long not another blonde is that his type no wonder
He fell in love with gorgeous red haired lily and
Married her she must've been a breath of fresh air
After all those he's chosen to be an
Idiot I not certain but I'm hoping he grows up.
Very soon or rise Remus might have to save
His realtiomshipwith lily from dying before its
Eve started.i don't hate blondes just they're not
Right for James Sirius sensationally
Tremendous very witty chapter full of exceptional
Fun filled words with double meanings that this
Couple ha be made their own thankfully it's never
Gotten malicious or personally insulting that wouldn't be
To classy these two really need each other in the most
Magical way you could find through your inspirational
Yet warm hearted unique way that only you were
Blessed with please carry you Elizabeth
Fred's fanatic chapter 25 . 5/13
Well ive loved Mary's letters to lily that keep her very
Sane throughout the summer when she has to put up
With lousy jealous petunia and the slug ugh I'd go
Mad if it was to understand Sirius he's
A great friend yet a lousy brother so it's getting
Quite difficult to separate the two yet he was there
For Harry so he's okay now plus his sense of risky
Stuff was utterly sensational it's a shame he wasn't
A great older brother nightclub will
Always r remembered as the one Sirius would be
Liked and maybe been absolutely
And totally awe inspiring through out this marvellous
Excitingly brilliant story with such great imaginative
Teenage angst coming from exceptional characters
I'll be back to this fantastic love story it's addictive
Thank my love Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 24 . 5/13
Well thank heavens Remus and lily are back to being the greatest friends once again I felt like crying when I read
About their argument they're such truly exceptionally
Great not that I hate just the ive
Always loved James he's perfect for lily although I'll
Be very happy when he gets jealous and possessive over lily plus they're both pen pals suffer am hopefully seeing
James kiss lily might have him move on to someone
Mary she's completely amazingly
The greatest friend lily has straight after Alice
Prewett whom married nevilles trouble
Here comes James ready to stir the flames so beware
Whom dates to stir within he'll run you down with such
Flair all you can do is absolutely a terrific
And truly talented writer whom willgoplaces in the
Future and excel at what you do this is becoming the
Greatest fanfiction about these classy characters due
To your utterly beautifully thought out inspirational
Love story I'm hoping you really get acknowledged
For writing this great skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 23 . 5/13
Oh how could James confuse lily more than she
Already is right now it was a trifle cruel of him
Although I don't think she's in love with just
Happens to be a better kisser than Michael smelt
But probably nowhere near as tremendous as
James is after all those other witches went away
With smiles on their faces and stayed friends even
After he married lily. Now here comes a gorgeous
Witch torn between two wizards one whom she's
Known for six years through their battles leading
Up to love the other one a passing phase no one
That important unlike James her future plus he's
The only one whom can backchat her and she'll
Accept it from interested ad to how
Lily will handle being kissed by James either
Happily or she might just stew about it for days
On end mulling things over I think she should
Break it off with aj right now else she would've
Told him she loved him but she didn't James wins
Yes yes really loving everything that you've
Brought to this wonderfully touching love story
Which is so very powerful in how these two became
The couple everyone wanted to be like in later
Years they haven't had it easy yet they did triumph
Because of their undying love It's an outstandingly
Marvellous brilliantly well written love story that
Will go down in history .thank you. Very skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 22 . 5/13
Alright lily was very stupid when she was drunk and
Told people Remus secret which most had probably
Guessed anyway however their great friendship is
To strong and brilliant for this to turn them into
Enemies,besides his best friends have forgiven her
She's truly sorry although I'm still not sure over
Aj yet he seems to good to be true in some ways
And only wants to pick Lily's brain for
I'm really loving these stupendous cliff hangers that
Add spice to the story which is so classily written
That it's absolutely magnificent anyhow does he love
Her or is he trying to get the better of James good
Luck you'll need it he's very uniquely special is
done it again this exceptional love story
Has become me totally truly more magical than
Before which is indeed miraculous as I'm
Loving every chapter these two started the Harry
Potter franchise thank you for bringing them to
Life you're totally inspirationalElizabeth skinner
Guest chapter 24 . 5/12
Fred's fanatic chapter 20 . 5/12
As far as I know both regulus and snape left school in
Their sixth year to join Voldemort s power madness
Except regulus betrayed him then snaps turned also
But that's fine,meanwhile James has just begun to
Realise Lily's the one for him and he's s not spooked
At it as he's been encouraging a.j. To be with lily and
Kapow bam he's fallen in love how mysterious
Ways are confusing her while delighting he's got her
Hooked although she couldn't really work him out
You're absolutely wonderfully brilliant at these truly
Memorable heartwarming chapters that are such
Great fun to read while peeling back the very
Intriguing layers that have turned this love story
Very exciting so much I'm finding it hard to do
Any .elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 18 . 5/12
It's finally official a.j. Definitely a completely foolish
Nasty ignoramuswhom has never caught on to the
Fact that James and lily have fought because they
Don't yet know they're in love with each other
Unlike they're friends only guy allowed to be
Possessive and protective of lily is James so I'd love
It if the interloper vanished his usefulness has been
Served plus he's terrible at quidditch although James
Was rather harsh even Sirius thought that which
Shocked me so as he has to apologise maybe a
Major make up session plus some chocolates and
Flowers tulips preferably .youve got this magic for
This fantastic marvellous writing in this magnificent
Genre I really never want to stop reading such
Exceptionally talented work which covers the
Entire range of teenage angst while going after
Their beautiful love story thank you for everything.
Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 17 . 5/11
Well this was an exceedingly informative chapter they
Now know almost everything about each other yet
Leaving quite a bit in reserve so it's a tremendous
Cliffhanger that will turn into a brilliant chapter full
Oh laughs love apologies the green eyed demon from
A.j. Over James rather positive that no
Teachers would be offended at all it's simply one
Of the greatest love stories ever written so please
Cheer up ,also I'm surprised she's only dated twice
She's gorgeous and brainy true missing a sense of
Humorous right now but still challenging James
Might've been very interesting to
Outdone yourself with. An outstandingly
Exceptional and totally wonderful story
That winds around you with great fun filled
Emotions like a lovely hot chocolate at anytime.
I'm hoping you had a sensational thanksgiving day
You ought to be very proud of yourself.
All my love Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 16 . 5/11
So they've got matching patronuses how significant
I'm hoping Sirius tells a j about it jilly are meant to
Be together it's now official magically so a.j. Had
Better start backing off from lily right away. I loved
Deathly hallows except Fred was killed not Ron or
Percy yet hermione and Harry were wonderfully
Acted by Emma and Daniel although I've always
Put hermione with Fred weasels prankster and
Gorgeous wasn't going to show
Up he's an obnoxious arrogant vile foul death
Eater right now but he's better than a.j. Is as
He's rather creepy doesn't talk to lily
Until the following Monday he's a fool James
Wouldn't do that though they're in the same
has always been my favourite witch
From the Harry Potter movies she's beyond
Compare yet she's pure class and
Written a truly great masterpiece full of passion
Excitement laughter tears fights friendship love
Which resonates with your loyal readers whom
Love this exceptional love story and always will.
All my love Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 15 . 5/11
Maybe James is encouraging it because someone dared
Him to do it it's exactly the kind of thing a marauder
Would've done especially if they're in denial except
A is rather boring so how can she bear to Be with him
Surely he knows about their fiery relationship being
A student at hog warts .unless he thought that she
Had given up on James which has lily hasn't realised
She's in love with him yet foolish hope why would
She James isn't to worried anyhow he knows she
Loves even Severus can come between this
Couple the sleazy idiot besides you shouldn't mess
With destiny that's bad done another
Exciting highly interesting chapter that continues
To enchant everyone with such excellent great
Storylines along with inspiring dramatic writing.
Thank you very much Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 14 . 5/11
I couldn't hate one of the most truly talented writers
Whom has delivered my all time favourite jilly stories
Ever in fact I owe you an apology for using some
Filthy language regarding lily as I forgot she was
An immature teenager although I never considered
A j mainly because I love James he's amazingly smart
Yet of my favourite authors have been
Great Americans so please ignore the ignoramus who's
Obviously racist I love Americans yet I haven't visited
James really needs to feel the demon
Jealousy turn abouts only FairPlay so I'm going to
Love this exciting chapter filled with witty one liners
From almost everyone apart from Peter.i only dislike
Judgemental people you're utterly sensational with
One of the greatest imaginations I've ever read so
Be extremely very proud of yourself jk Rowling
Would give you the thumbs up the the green light
You've got a truly exceptional gift congratulations
Only jealous people won't like you ignore them.
All my love Elizabeth skinner from Australia.
Fred's fanatic chapter 13 . 5/11
So she never knew any marauder secrets known only
To them which should've told her she wasn't that
Important whereas lily was the love of his life and
His friends loved her and mourned I'm
Still expecting lots of fiery clashes Lily's a redhead
Whom is very stubborn ad is James although he
Wouldn't change a hair on her going to
Be very interesting to find out if their relationship
Changes anything I mean hopefully the nasty name
Calling will cease but I hope nothing else does
It's the cornerstone of their lives isn't love grand.
You're an incredibly great author that has never
Short changed any loyal readers with exceptionally
Brilliant dramatic stories with awe inspiring characters
Due to yourwonderfulwriting .elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 12 . 5/11
So Chloe finally found the letters that James left lying
Around deliberately in order to break up with her so
That leaves him free to pursue lily quite openly Chloe
Sounds very stupid if she ever thought she stood a
Chance with James no way he's always loved lily
As he stopped dating other witches in their fifth
going to be thoroughly humiliated as Remus
Has just seen her slap lily across the face James will
Surely kill her as soon as he discovers what she did
A public humiliation at his party among friends Chloe
Will have to apologise .going into his room in order
To spy on him then go through his personal
Belongings is an invasion of an
Amazingly wonderfully talented imaginative writer
Whose brilliance knows no boundaries thank heavens
I'm totally happily hooked on this sensational
Love skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 11 . 5/11
Why is James still with Chloe when she's not really
His type that happens to be a gorgeous redhead with
Emerald green eyes fiery temper called lily whom is
Warming to him I always thought that chloe even
If she's on the quidditch team bores him whenever
She speaks in a bullying nasal tone that's not James
He's very intelligent and warm hearted although he's
Also the potters only crazy brain is highly
Exceptionally brilliant making you on a par with j k
Rowling in my opinion your take on their strange
Love story is absolutely unique yet spot on its
Their fights that made them memorable thank you
For your due diligence,Elizabeth skinner
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