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Fred's fanatic chapter 4 . 5/10
I'm beginning to hate lily she's s sadistic vile subhuman
Cow whom might be turning into a decent human yet
She's very stuck up holier then thou sanctimonious
Sickens me little miss goody goody two shoes nobody
Loves her I wonder why you snooty nosed witch la
Di da aren't we perfect no way .jusr highly repressed
And extremely jealous of any other young witch whom
Knows how to enjoy life without creating a big stink
Snaps isn't as harsh as lily gutless Evans whom
Wouldn't know how to have fun she's way too
Dumb and very very boring is James positive he
Wants to marry her ugh what a snake to wake up
To no joy no fun just happiness being sucked out
Of his life poor James your a absolute
Disgrace to true redheads around the world I'm one yet
You make me very sick grow up such an
Exceptionally totally amazing writer that's so very
Incredibly gifted as a fanfic author I'm hooked on
Your storylines thank skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 3 . 5/10
She really is an absolute waste of space why would
James ever have to apologise to the ice cold frigid
Sadistic evil ancient old crone whom doesn't have
Any idea of hoe to behave like a caring thoughtful
Person whom can loathe using the foulest language
It was obviously Remus not that nasty piece of
Trash whom has tickets on herself the egotist she
Really needs to be treated like a slave her
Jealousy and insecurities are coming to the fore tough
Luck she's not deserving of James love until she grows
Up and behaves like an adult not a foul mouthed nasty
Old hagfish crone she needs to be almost violated by
Death eaters along with Severus her boring childhood
friends understand each other with warmth
And sincere compassion which lily knows nothing about
It's all,me me me look at me I man absolute cow to
Potter and I'll be left alone a virgin forever as no man
Will want me she's very right don't want
A venomous poisonous flesh eating monster with no
Sense of fair play or could you allow
James to enjoy the realationship he had right now
As Chloe has no hang ups but is lovely plays the
Sport he loves plus she's not a bitch like lily
Repressed up tight Evans he deserves some happiness
Before he ruins his sorry about the language but she's a sanctimonious holier than thou arrogant vile
Low class witchy brat .however your reminding me
Of my favourite potter witch brilliant gorgeous bright
Hermione granger with your inspirational witty great
Chapters with so much cleverness that's completely
Unique in a marvellously talented way that keeps
Readers addicted truly skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 2 . 5/10
So now the twisted boring old hag wants James to
Pine after her shrewish vicious vileness forever he
Has way to much high class for the likes of sour
Acidic Evans whom cannot get a date as they've
Got brains she's a death eater lunatic born without
Any decent manners, I'd kick her to the gutter where
She belongs along with Voldemort they could have
Evil kids the black hearted witch she's not beautiful
But ugly go take a running jump lily James deserves
Better treatment from you an inhuman monster
Without real friends grow her James in
Public when everyone's more you've
Delivered another marvellous entertaining fun
Filled chapter when lily messes up yeah in a truly
Magnificent amusing way that's kept me laughing
Hysterically she's an absolute idiot yet your
Exceptionally talented thank skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 1 . 5/10
I'm always going to love this story except for lily
Arrogantly blaming James for sneaky shapes nasty
Death antics how extremely stupid was that Severus
Has loved the Color black ugh since the age of eleven
Now that's paranoid and crazy I really like the way
They argue but I'm surprised he married the vicious
Shrew I would've killed her talk about bad mannered
Lily's getting to be a common fishwife whom cannot
Get a date because of her nasty was
Far too nice for her she really would've been agreat
Death eater killing people she didn't like for telling
Her the truth poor little girl .his many friends won't
Forgive anytime soon nor should they the spoils
Petulant cantankerous old hag I'm hoping he has
Her your an exceptionally brilliant writer
Who has written an awe inspiring truly great love
Story except I'm on James side again it's my third
Time reading this sensational skinner
Amelia chapter 24 . 4/28
I actually love how u didn't make the whole Remus and lily reunion such a big deal it really worked with remus's disposition.
Amelia chapter 19 . 4/27
I am totally with u on the Remus thing in some fics they drone on and on about it and I get bored but some really suit the story. I feel u made a great call on this one tho.
Amelia chapter 15 . 4/27
No I like it this way I mean it would be sooooo obvious if he got angry or defensive at lily.
Amelia chapter 8 . 4/26
I forgot how hilarious and brilliant ur comebacks r. They get me everytime
Amelia chapter 2 . 4/25
This is the second the I've read this and I forgot how damn food it was!.,
jily chapter 6 . 4/18
to be honest i love this fanfic so far but i cant help being annoyed at james for saying that him asking lily out was all a joke. But love the story!
Guest chapter 37 . 3/25
Well it's 3 am and I have read 20 chapters in the past 3 hours and I haven't moved once. Great story! Thanks for occupying my evening
Guest chapter 37 . 3/12
goddddddd this is the best sodding fanfiction i have EVER read - i LOVE THIS
Sabrina chapter 37 . 3/3
Ok, I know it's been 6 years since you last uploaded but oh my god this is the best Jily fanfic I have ever read - and believe me I have read so many of them throughout the years, I can't even believe I hadn't stumble across it earlier! Anyway, you probably won't even read this review since it's 2017 but, really, congrats, amazing story ;)
Guest chapter 37 . 2/13
Crap story. Did not like it one bit. Not written well at all. Hated that you only paired james and lily up on the last chapter
no chapter 32 . 12/30/2016
after reading this chapter, although yes i do ship james x lily, I still felt bad for A.J.
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