Reviews for Resolution
Fred's fanatic chapter 15 . 5/11/2017
Maybe James is encouraging it because someone dared
Him to do it it's exactly the kind of thing a marauder
Would've done especially if they're in denial except
A is rather boring so how can she bear to Be with him
Surely he knows about their fiery relationship being
A student at hog warts .unless he thought that she
Had given up on James which has lily hasn't realised
She's in love with him yet foolish hope why would
She James isn't to worried anyhow he knows she
Loves even Severus can come between this
Couple the sleazy idiot besides you shouldn't mess
With destiny that's bad done another
Exciting highly interesting chapter that continues
To enchant everyone with such excellent great
Storylines along with inspiring dramatic writing.
Thank you very much Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 14 . 5/11/2017
I couldn't hate one of the most truly talented writers
Whom has delivered my all time favourite jilly stories
Ever in fact I owe you an apology for using some
Filthy language regarding lily as I forgot she was
An immature teenager although I never considered
A j mainly because I love James he's amazingly smart
Yet of my favourite authors have been
Great Americans so please ignore the ignoramus who's
Obviously racist I love Americans yet I haven't visited
James really needs to feel the demon
Jealousy turn abouts only FairPlay so I'm going to
Love this exciting chapter filled with witty one liners
From almost everyone apart from Peter.i only dislike
Judgemental people you're utterly sensational with
One of the greatest imaginations I've ever read so
Be extremely very proud of yourself jk Rowling
Would give you the thumbs up the the green light
You've got a truly exceptional gift congratulations
Only jealous people won't like you ignore them.
All my love Elizabeth skinner from Australia.
Fred's fanatic chapter 13 . 5/11/2017
So she never knew any marauder secrets known only
To them which should've told her she wasn't that
Important whereas lily was the love of his life and
His friends loved her and mourned I'm
Still expecting lots of fiery clashes Lily's a redhead
Whom is very stubborn ad is James although he
Wouldn't change a hair on her going to
Be very interesting to find out if their relationship
Changes anything I mean hopefully the nasty name
Calling will cease but I hope nothing else does
It's the cornerstone of their lives isn't love grand.
You're an incredibly great author that has never
Short changed any loyal readers with exceptionally
Brilliant dramatic stories with awe inspiring characters
Due to yourwonderfulwriting .elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 12 . 5/11/2017
So Chloe finally found the letters that James left lying
Around deliberately in order to break up with her so
That leaves him free to pursue lily quite openly Chloe
Sounds very stupid if she ever thought she stood a
Chance with James no way he's always loved lily
As he stopped dating other witches in their fifth
going to be thoroughly humiliated as Remus
Has just seen her slap lily across the face James will
Surely kill her as soon as he discovers what she did
A public humiliation at his party among friends Chloe
Will have to apologise .going into his room in order
To spy on him then go through his personal
Belongings is an invasion of an
Amazingly wonderfully talented imaginative writer
Whose brilliance knows no boundaries thank heavens
I'm totally happily hooked on this sensational
Love skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 11 . 5/11/2017
Why is James still with Chloe when she's not really
His type that happens to be a gorgeous redhead with
Emerald green eyes fiery temper called lily whom is
Warming to him I always thought that chloe even
If she's on the quidditch team bores him whenever
She speaks in a bullying nasal tone that's not James
He's very intelligent and warm hearted although he's
Also the potters only crazy brain is highly
Exceptionally brilliant making you on a par with j k
Rowling in my opinion your take on their strange
Love story is absolutely unique yet spot on its
Their fights that made them memorable thank you
For your due diligence,Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 10 . 5/11/2017
I could never be mad at you for fanfic so stupid rules
I wish they would take better care of their exceptionally
Wonderful very talented writers,this is definitely a fun
Chapter it's exactly when they both finally realise
That underneath their fighting they were slowly
Falling in love when it comes to Harry Potter. The
Length of the excellent chapters don't really matter
As the content are always brilliant you should be very
Proud of will be great to read about their
Final year at hog warts plus all the parties that
Go along with it it's time to begin celebrating
As they've earned every accolade and the highest
you for always keeping your promises.
Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 9 . 5/10/2017
Well I'm definitely loving this chapter as Lily's finally
Mellowing towards James it's unbelievable yet great
To read how wonderfully appropriate although how
She never worked out that Remus nearly bit James
Which is why he was more upset by the argument
Between prongs and pad foot out of guilt which as
Remus wouldn't do that to James he shouldn't feel
neither of them are screaming abuse at
Each other writing this incredible chapter would've
Seemed different though they're coming into their
Last year so it's time they threw away the angry
Tirades and grew up emotionally before becoming
story is very sad yet there's so much
They achieved before their tragic deaths lots of
Hope shines proudly throughout everything
James did together young its true yet
They're now immortally at hog warts forever
God bless an awe inspiring truly
Exceptional young writer whom has a grand
Future with incredibly good luck thank you
Very skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 8 . 5/10/2017
This is crazy now Lily's acting like she actually cares
About the marauders she's a two faced hypocrite and
Very contrary jumping from hatred to being a caring
Friend she must be a Gemini. However I'm very glad
That James and Sirius friendship is back to normal
At least for them although I've loved every word you've
Written this is one of the best ones yet although she
Still has some crawling to do she's getting there
chapter was smaller but it was absolutely
Magnificently well written with such great heart
Warming friendship coming through that I neArly
Cried which means your onto a winner the only
Thing is Lily's turnabout seems great but a. Bit
To strange now yet you've worked a. Miracle
So congratulations on being an absolute genius
All my love Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 7 . 5/10/2017
Alright I'll give lily the benefit of the doubt where Remus is concerned yet I'm still getting fed up with her teachers
Pet syndrome how nauseating plus I'm against the
Holier than thou attitude .it really shouldn't matter that
Remus is a werewolf he's a sweetheart whose brains
Can out striplilys actually so can James and Sirius also
They've both got photogenic memories as their
Libraries at home are extensive on every subject. Her
Attitude has brought up the nazis history it's very
Similar so I'm hoping she grows up soon and nicely
Apologises to James while being sincere for six long
Years of vicious verbals use as if he was a criminal
This story has just throw up another intriguing twist
In their love story which is completely fantastic yet
Excellently written with such love that I've been
Alternating between laughter and crying it's so
Delicious but also packed with tense full dramatic
Situations teenagers could relate to I'm going to
Cease being abusive about Lily's moralistic attitude
From now on exceptional skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 6 . 5/10/2017
So she doesn't like seeing James with a gorgeous
Young witch whom knows how to turn a brilliantly
Clever handsome wizard weak at the knees whom
Also knows how to treat someone like a human being
And not a piece of vermin or dirt because they're not
Her precious shape he was just such a pariah with
Greasy long hair whom made Harry's life
James being mad at Sirius that's very strange almost
Rather staged actually those two would've died for
Each other if so good on them if lily believes it she's
Very stupid indeed serve her right I loathe her goody
Goody act it's totally revolting ugh she needs a major
Attitude transplant now I'd still kill her
Becoming one of the most magnificently well versed
Exceptional yet wonderfully exacting writers whom
Knows these characters very well they're remarkable
School years are given such terrific compassionate
Tones apart from lily so far please keep on writing
I'm really loving this but I'm on team
You so very my love Elizabeth skinner
From Australia.
Fred's fanatic chapter 5 . 5/10/2017
Well honestly if she's been a vindictive bitch over a
First year prank she really needs to lighten up and
Cease being such a complete misery guts by the
Way she's not brilliant but a stupid vicious cruel
Malicious crazed mad ignorant old cow without any
Class or style unless it's as low as her rolling in
The slimy repulsive person attacks James
Whenever she feels like being more totally foully
Nauseating similar to Dracula,Voldemort a boa
Constrictor bellatrix,dollhouse etc so I'd lose the
Entire I am more perfect and such a satanic person
Yet you love me keep it up miss putrid he s too good
For you the complete wet blanket thoroughly ugly
She deserved to die not James I've always hated
This type of human ugh what a bad joke lily was.
However you're such an outstanding and excellent
Writer whose vivid imagination is so highly
Ingeniouos it's as great as jk rowlings lily should
Be more like her ions Sha was exceptionally classy
Beautiful with a wicked sense of humour plus a
Bookworm yet non judgemental thank you so
Much for such inspirational wonderful characters
That enchant readers totally
Fred's fanatic chapter 4 . 5/10/2017
I'm beginning to hate lily she's s sadistic vile subhuman
Cow whom might be turning into a decent human yet
She's very stuck up holier then thou sanctimonious
Sickens me little miss goody goody two shoes nobody
Loves her I wonder why you snooty nosed witch la
Di da aren't we perfect no way .jusr highly repressed
And extremely jealous of any other young witch whom
Knows how to enjoy life without creating a big stink
Snaps isn't as harsh as lily gutless Evans whom
Wouldn't know how to have fun she's way too
Dumb and very very boring is James positive he
Wants to marry her ugh what a snake to wake up
To no joy no fun just happiness being sucked out
Of his life poor James your a absolute
Disgrace to true redheads around the world I'm one yet
You make me very sick grow up such an
Exceptionally totally amazing writer that's so very
Incredibly gifted as a fanfic author I'm hooked on
Your storylines thank skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 3 . 5/10/2017
She really is an absolute waste of space why would
James ever have to apologise to the ice cold frigid
Sadistic evil ancient old crone whom doesn't have
Any idea of hoe to behave like a caring thoughtful
Person whom can loathe using the foulest language
It was obviously Remus not that nasty piece of
Trash whom has tickets on herself the egotist she
Really needs to be treated like a slave her
Jealousy and insecurities are coming to the fore tough
Luck she's not deserving of James love until she grows
Up and behaves like an adult not a foul mouthed nasty
Old hagfish crone she needs to be almost violated by
Death eaters along with Severus her boring childhood
friends understand each other with warmth
And sincere compassion which lily knows nothing about
It's all,me me me look at me I man absolute cow to
Potter and I'll be left alone a virgin forever as no man
Will want me she's very right don't want
A venomous poisonous flesh eating monster with no
Sense of fair play or could you allow
James to enjoy the realationship he had right now
As Chloe has no hang ups but is lovely plays the
Sport he loves plus she's not a bitch like lily
Repressed up tight Evans he deserves some happiness
Before he ruins his sorry about the language but she's a sanctimonious holier than thou arrogant vile
Low class witchy brat .however your reminding me
Of my favourite potter witch brilliant gorgeous bright
Hermione granger with your inspirational witty great
Chapters with so much cleverness that's completely
Unique in a marvellously talented way that keeps
Readers addicted truly skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 2 . 5/10/2017
So now the twisted boring old hag wants James to
Pine after her shrewish vicious vileness forever he
Has way to much high class for the likes of sour
Acidic Evans whom cannot get a date as they've
Got brains she's a death eater lunatic born without
Any decent manners, I'd kick her to the gutter where
She belongs along with Voldemort they could have
Evil kids the black hearted witch she's not beautiful
But ugly go take a running jump lily James deserves
Better treatment from you an inhuman monster
Without real friends grow her James in
Public when everyone's more you've
Delivered another marvellous entertaining fun
Filled chapter when lily messes up yeah in a truly
Magnificent amusing way that's kept me laughing
Hysterically she's an absolute idiot yet your
Exceptionally talented thank skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 1 . 5/10/2017
I'm always going to love this story except for lily
Arrogantly blaming James for sneaky shapes nasty
Death antics how extremely stupid was that Severus
Has loved the Color black ugh since the age of eleven
Now that's paranoid and crazy I really like the way
They argue but I'm surprised he married the vicious
Shrew I would've killed her talk about bad mannered
Lily's getting to be a common fishwife whom cannot
Get a date because of her nasty was
Far too nice for her she really would've been agreat
Death eater killing people she didn't like for telling
Her the truth poor little girl .his many friends won't
Forgive anytime soon nor should they the spoils
Petulant cantankerous old hag I'm hoping he has
Her your an exceptionally brilliant writer
Who has written an awe inspiring truly great love
Story except I'm on James side again it's my third
Time reading this sensational skinner
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