Reviews for When the Bow Breaks
within a sepulchre chapter 1 . 1/7/2011
I've made the same mistake that you have made that everybody on here had made and is still are NOT supposed to make your own characters;its against the terms of service and blah blah blah. Believe me I've been flamed AND 'reported' for making my own character! lol...Melissa wasn't in the saga was she? cuz I don't want to be advising you when a Melissa is in the saga..but there isn't one. no there isn't.*brow scrunched*

Any way i saw you didn't have reviews and began to read your story but then stopped and i was like'who is Melissa?'So yeah.

But from what I read you are a pretty good writer; I just hope that you write with one of the characters from the saga next time!:)