Reviews for A Fine Spot of Trouble
Sadhaka chapter 20 . 23h
Just done. Wanted to like it but it's frankly not good.
Sadhaka chapter 19 . 9/23
Harry's a slut
Daphne's a slut.
Tracy's a slut.

You never describe either people or places making this entire story a block of dialogue. In addition you skip or gloss over any of the emotional damage of being with the people who hurt and attempted to kill him. There is an attempt to deal with this but given the drama with his friends it's really weak and token at best.
Sadhaka chapter 8 . 9/22
Lady kills your godfather and the confrontation was utterly flat. Without a hint of the the chaotic emotions that underpinned the scene.
0lympianKitsune chapter 19 . 9/22
Man I'm thinking that Gabby is a better pairing to Harry than your Daphne
Darth Hagrid chapter 24 . 9/14
Every time I read a fanfic like this I tell myself I'll write a long review about how good it is but I never get around to it. It's an amazing piece and anyone just glancing at it should should definitely read this
dephunkt chapter 24 . 9/13
this was a thoroughly satisfying story. I especially loved the snarkiness of his banter with Daphne, Draco and Astoria. that bit with Gabi was rather sad though.
NataS666 chapter 24 . 9/10
Ah man... this story was so refreshing... This was something new and U-N-R-E-A-L... Like seriously, it's first time I've read where Harry was.. was like this... And it's fucking awesome! Not a little kid, who was abused and takes shit from everyone, not weak lucky-af-dark-lord-defeater, but a MAN. Of course, he could've not whored himself out, but I understand I guess... Really interesting story. Those banters with Harry and Daphne was just awesome and annoying. You know when you're reading this at night, and suddenly start laughing like a madman? The consequences of that were... bad. And I blame you for that! You should've put a warning to not read at night :D
anonymous472 chapter 24 . 8/13
Well this was enjoyable
Zephrom chapter 1 . 8/10
Rest in Peace
astolfo83 chapter 1 . 8/10
One of my favorite post-DH fics, one of the best with Daphne!
Great work!
Karate Koala chapter 24 . 8/8
This is, most likely, my single most favorite story in all of fanfiction. Great fucking job.
Meras riddle chapter 24 . 6/29
This was a very nice story, thank you for writing it.
TheFloristFriar chapter 24 . 6/22
Hot DAMN this was a ride and a half. Loved every second of it, nice to see Daphne be flustered for once.
FireAndSteel chapter 24 . 6/22
Love this, proper cute
arata7kasuga chapter 24 . 6/20
Ahh, this was a very cute and funny story! I very thoroughly enjoyed reading it, in fact, I read it in one sitting. Thank you for this and I definitely wouldn't mind seeing more stories like this from you~ I adore the end version of Daphne and I adore your version of Gabrielle, they are my two favorites after Harry, of course.
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