Reviews for Guitar Is So Gay
CrystolConeticut chapter 1 . 8/21/2010
Damn u. I wanted 2 win this story battle! :( but *sigh* i guess i forgive u :/ k, well let me just say that i didnt lik this story one bit. BECAUSE I LOVED IT TO DEATH ! (wow, how cliche was tht? XP) I loved the title, and I luved the movie titanic! Like, who doesn't? And, mayb this nathan christy pairing culd b an actual pairing! Im pretty open 2 anything, after all mary is like the pairing slut of fanfiction. Not cuz of her personality, but cuz shes been paired with sooooo many different people! Shes been paired with Kyle, Kenny, Clyde, Token, Pip, and now, Nathan! Damn me and my rambling! (I think im addicted to rambling. Wait, is tht a thing? Or even possible? Watever.) Ok, i should go now, bye- bye girly!