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KoalaLover-ABC-123 chapter 7 . 3/21
KoalaLover-ABC-123 chapter 6 . 3/21
KoalaLover-ABC-123 chapter 5 . 3/21
NOOOO! But they kissed and they love each other and DANG YOU HUGO!
KoalaLover-ABC-123 chapter 4 . 3/21
SO GOOD and I love Vic and Ted!
KoalaLover-ABC-123 chapter 3 . 3/21
KoalaLover-ABC-123 chapter 2 . 3/21
AAAAAH! So good!
KoalaLover-ABC-123 chapter 1 . 3/20
Weasleys witch chapter 21 . 3/18
There wasn't anything wrong with any of your clever
Descriptions of rose or scorpions etc plus the dialogue
Set the entire tone for this brilliantly wonderful story
So I'd ignore Her she's an idiot. Your Love for these
Characters shone through every gripping chapter so
Much I'd love to read another one of you're exceptional
Fun filled dramatic stories that keep me getting hooked
While laughing and crying happy tears that I could read
It again another day as it's such a beautiful love story
That deserves awards skinner
WeasLeys witch chapter 20 . 3/18
Thank you thank you thank you I really didn't want this
Great story to end just yet it's totally one hundred
Per cent impossible to stop reading and the characters
Are definitely very amusing how rose got so insecure
I'm not sure another gorgeous redhead whom doesn't see her potential it was confusing by the way I've
Loved every single update you've done however I'm
A Harry Potter fanatic plus my favourite Wesley was
Fred whom jkrowling killed in the last movie wrong move
Sheevensaidso . skinner
Weasels witch chapter 19 . 3/18
I've never been either bored or tired for reading this
Action packed funny love story on these two while
It's true they took longer than James and lily or Fred
Weasels the first and her ions granger it still gave
You tingles which is a sign of A masterpiece having
Been written and I've read all the Harry Potter books
Over a thousand times so thank you for another
Gripping chapter it sounds absolutely fascinating
Similar to previous chapters .ive loved everything
Related to this story skinner
Weasleys witch chapter 18 . 3/18
Finally he's done it in magical romantic Paris how very
Enchanting he's back in the good books at last plus
Having some family members onside was smart he
Did need going to love the final chapter as
This has been a sensational story from the get go
And ill read everything you write however have you
Ever considered writing about video and Fabian preset
They were the identical twin brothers of mollyweasley
You'd be exceptionally brilliant at it plus it would be a
Challenge I believe in skinner
Weasels witch chapter 17 . 3/18
Oh heavens she's just gone and told him that he's the
Boy of her dreams that's so cute coming from rose
Now it's up to scorpions to come clean over a lovely
Dinner with champagne and roses mood music etc
So everyone can say I told you this would happen
Why didn't you believe me there wouldn't be any
Answer just red faces. Have a wonderful holiday in
Xian you really do deserve one after this incredibly
Inspirational fun filled Scorsese story that's been
Brilliant from the startthankyou. Elizabeth skinner
Weasels witch chapter 16 . 3/18
Well this has taken awhile but she's so. Very right with
Everything that was uttered so both of those semi
Obnoxious slithering wizards should take notice rose
Is more capable than they are at anything although
Nathan did want the stubborn fools to tell each other
That they fancy one another no luck yet. I'm starting
To run out of patience you're a marvellous writer truly
It's just these two are hard going even jakes and lily
Became a steady couple a long time ago however
I'm still hooked on the skinner
Weasleys witch chapter 15 . 3/18
Well I must say that blondes are so easily offended
Honestly why doesn't scorpions tell her about Nathan's
Love them and leave them attitude as rose has so
Many male relatives whom would wound him if he
Ever really hurt her and I'm counting her uncle bill
George ,Harry, Charlie etc .i was wishing that he hadn't
I'm nherited his grandfathers sulking face it's time to
Lose it grown a spine hip hip hooray
Finally acting like redhead lily would be proud. And I mean the first lily whom married
James potter. You're doing this story so skinner loloud
Weasels witch chapter 14 . 3/18
Okay she has a handsome built wizard asking for her
Help and he's a friend so let's get. Scorpions jealous
As for three long years he's been interested in rose
And done nothing shame on him,James potter the
First one would clobber him plus Sirius.
Is brilliant but she's not a mind reader for Marlins
Sake slytherin guys need to grow an emotional
Brain cells overnight would do after all two brains
Are better than one for Malloy doing
Everything exceptionally wellElizabeth skinner
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