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Weasleys witch chapter 13 . 3/18
Well I'm absolutely excited to see how this amazing story
Is going to get about three thousand reviews as its
Packed full of teenage angst drama action romanc e
Everything I'd also love to read your one shot yet I
Don't know how to fix the problem good luck with it
As you're one of fan fictions better writers of Harry
Potter stories please keep it do I feel sorry
For albus as gruff indoor could've won a different
Way that Oliver wood could've been proud .love Elizabeth skinner
Weasleys witch chapter 12 . 3/18
I'm hoping two very important things firstly that
Rose realises that she deserves to be treated a lot
Classier by scorpions than she been now he's an
Obscenely arrogant vile toe rag whom needs a
Dose of his own medicine ,so rose has to lose her
Infamous redheads temper then get dolled up to
The nines and make scorpius very jealous she has
To grow a major backbone immediately right now
She's spineless. You're an exceptionally gifted writer
I will always be a skinner loloud
Weasleys witch chapter 11 . 3/18
Being a redhead myself were the hardest people to
Convince in the world it's a matter of stubbornness and
Always being right every time. I'd would be great if
Scorpions had to work for roses love similar to James
Potter and lily Evans nothing good ever came too
Easily plus working for it might teach him!ot to
Take it for granted as he is grammar quite
Brilliant along with the plots no worries at all you're
A totally inspirational storyteller although scorpions
Needs some .elizabeth skinner
Weasels witch chapter 10 . 3/18
Breaking the rules to be together absolutely smashing
It's exactly what prongs would do and overdue in no
Uncertain way the sexual tension is brilliant although
I'm hoping that jade won't cause any trouble he is
A Malloy after all plus going through secret passages
Is adventurous and romantic as well its a very good
Thing the headmaster likes this pair of troublemakers
Waiting for the make out scene is worth it as you're
Totally amazing with setting the scenes for this
Love starred twosome skinner
Weasleys witch chapter 9 . 3/18
I've got to hand it to victoire she had similar problems
With teddy so rose should pat attention to her as her
And teddy are engaged plus pictures never lie yet
The tumultuous feelings are highly amusing as albums
Is right for once they're both miserable and too proud
To give way shades of potter and need to
Be given a major scare by being pranked by her
Uncle George weasels so they begin to really talk. Don't
Worry to much about updates or tests everything will
Be fine you deserve it to skinner
Weasleys witch chapter 8 . 3/18
She's not a failure at anything scorpions is just being
A normal hormone driven wizard going for the easy
Witches whom don't mind being a notch on his bedpost
Until he's ready to grow up hopefully soon rose is too
Beautiful to be lonely for long he might miss the boat
If he takes to much time , not even James potter took
That long plus his girlfriend is creepy and a fake also
Although scorpions is looking very bored he's to quiet
Which isn't a good sign tough been quite
A superlative author so skinner
Weasleys witch chapter 7 . 3/17
They're both acting very similar to lily Evans and James
Potter when they became head boy/girl denying
Their madly in love because it's not cool right now to
Admit it hopefully it won't take these two forever
Yet scorpions is going to be put through the wringer
For his callous treatment of rose Harry knows his
Parents history plus rose is his niece I'd start crawling
This minute before every weasleygets furious and
Hexes him to kingdom come they're all
Read it you're brilliant skinner
Weasels witch chapter 6 . 3/17
I've loved the names of almost everyone in potters
World except for crab be and Boyle naturallyaprils a
Sweetheart as is Natalie however how long till
Scorpions works out its him that's crazy about rose
He's just been very dim witted over it yet she's ideal
As rose can keep his ego in check similar to lily
Evans did to James such an imaginative
Writer that you could write on anyone from the potter
Books or movies such as regulus black, the weasels
Twins the presets etc skinner
Weasleys witch chapter 5 . 3/17
So very interesting scorpions is trying to forget the
Kiss he had with rose by snogging his soon to be ex
It's not going to work for starters she's seen the writing on the wall plus Malloy quit kissing jade when rose
Left even though rose wasn't meant to cry as when
Her male cousins find out scorpions is dead meat
No one hurts rose she's family and weasels are very
Big on families so is a downright tremendous
Author whom when she finishes school is going to
Make everyone take notice of skinner
Weasleys witch chapter 4 . 3/17
Right now I'm feeling some tears coming it always
Happens when either Fabian or Gideon preset are
Mentioned they died too young plus they were
younger people seem to be quite
Cluey it's wonderful as is their strange sense of
Humor I've now got the giggles plus a great new
Years eve party bad luck draconian love the fact that
The exceptional long bottoms are there Neville was
A favourite from the potter movies more so than Ron.
You're thoroughly skinner
Weasleys witch chapter 3 . 3/17
That was absolutely magnificent not only did he buy
The emerald necklace he warmed up her hot chocolate
This guys a keeper every one on Christmas Day should
Slowly wake up with a hot chic you it's pure happiness.
There's no way that gift would've suited anyone else
As the Colorado looks great against redheads it's our
Lucky Colorado plus he gave her the first kiss as well
This is really fascinating I'm so hooked yet getting
More curious by the way I. Hoping you win something
For this terrific e Elizabeth skinner
Weasleys witch chapter 2 . 3/17
Well there's nothing wrong with blondes although no
Wizard can be better than Fred weasley the first one
He was rather scrumptious anda totally smoking hot
Even though he might have forgotten her sparkly
Present that's fine privacy is starting to
Have daydreams of scorpions the same thing happened
To lily just got to say that I prefer her ions
Married to the original Fred weasels jk Rowling killed
He was more clever handsome fun braver everything.
You're a brilliant skinner
Weasleys witch chapter 1 . 3/17
Scorpions will go back to the jewellers and but the
Emeralds and diamonds for rose I'd lay odds on it
They're the perfect gift for her nota good time girl
Just someone he's very attracted to yet in denial
About the idea,he's the best part of both his
Parents as Draco had a lousy childhood thanks
To that father and rose keeps him sane which in
The wizard img world isn't easy. I'm really loving
This very brilliant story and cannot wait to find
Put some more thank skinner
sand beneath our feet chapter 17 . 2/25
Aaaaaah me! This story is the absolute best
Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this weekend so awesome because of this story

Also Xi'An? Are u talking about China? I was so excited when i saw it cuz.i live in china :)
sand beneath our feet chapter 8 . 2/25
Haha there are no words for how awesome this story is
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