Reviews for Five Meetings
Eleantris chapter 21 . 8/31/2010
Just read this story through, and it's brilliant! Everyone was wonderfully in character and I really warmed to Alisa, especially by the end when she managed to get them to admit their feelings to each other! Fantastic story, I really enjoyed reading it!

livvyloola chapter 21 . 8/26/2010
Eeeeeeeee, I loved this!

I couldn't get this story out of my head whilst I was away! I literally raced to my laptop as soon as I got home to read it. :L

Thanks for the mention, I was all too happy to review. I'm not gonna lie, it's an epic story! :D

The Jartha angst was awesome! I love Martha's line: "I TRUSTED YOU TO LOOK AFTER HER AND ALL YOU DID WAS… GET IN HER KNICKERS!" It made me laugh a lot. :P

I felt really sorry for Martha when she wasn't allowed to know where Alisa was, bless her!

And when Alisa was taken! :O I was not expecting that! She's a lot like her Aunt - a tough cookie as Bloom said - and she was very brave. I fell in love with her character!

I liked seeing Martha's undo-ing as well. How she allowed herself to fall apart in front of everyone and how she let Bloom comfort her. I was awww-ing at that part, so cute! :D

How could Bloom doubt that Martha liked him? It seemed pretty obvious to me! Ahaa, silly man! :P

And how Jartha got together, it was so lovely. I loved their banter and when Martha sent Bloom the text.. ahhh, I loved it! It made me giggle and then squeal at the cuteness! (You wouldn't guess I was a fangirl, would you? ;L) I didn't think it was cheesy until you mentioned it but meh, who cares? We like cheese. ;)

I loved the epilogue as well! I loved how Martha was acting like the over-protective parent, such a lovely way to end the story. And of course, the non-stop Jartha kissing was actually adorable! :D

This story was amazing! You really dug out the characters and it seemed like you understood them very well. I actually feel like you developed the characters more than the show did! :L Your writing is incredible and I hope you write more soon! :D

LouBelle04 chapter 21 . 8/26/2010
aawww i like this:)
Symphony In Blue chapter 4 . 8/23/2010
Ooh I like this story! In fact, I think I might even prefer it to the actual series! Keeley was horribly underused in it.
HollyBolly-x chapter 21 . 8/23/2010
Just read all of this, its really good :)
Broken Kindle chapter 21 . 8/23/2010
I just read all of this in one sitting and it was fabulous. Beautifully written and great storyline. I love how you've brought Martha and John together like that 3 So cute.
ladyoinored chapter 21 . 8/23/2010
This is very good!

I like the characters you made up and how they develop, like in Alisa. You didn't write her as a stereotypical teenager, and you gave her a past, which makes her more realistic,

And Alisa's father was another good character,the readers know that he was meant to be a dislikeable character, but like you did with Alisa, you gave him depth and realism. When he hugged Martha made him more than just another 2d character.

I also think what you've done with the original characters are good. In Martha we see a lot of what she was like in the series, but also you gave us a look at the real Martha, the less professional Martha, the one who lets her feelings show.

John was good, I like how we see that he's more than this battle with his two identities. The comliant most people had about John in the actual TV series was that he seemed bored all the time, and they didn't like him. But I liked your John, he seemed he wanted to be there, and his feelings are shown, and still you didn't stray too much away from the real John,

Your plot was also very good, it wasn't rushed, and it developed at it's own pace. But at the same time it didn't go round the world to tell the story.

I've enjoyed reading this story, and look forward to read your other ones. Good luck at writing other fantastic stories in the future. x
livvyloola chapter 15 . 8/22/2010
:O Oh My, this is actually amazing! I love it!

The characters are all written perfectly! I love your style of writing and having the chapters from different character's POV really adds something to the story.

I've got to admit, at first I thought Alisa was going to be Martha's daughter but clearly she isn't :P I like how you've written Alisa and I also love seeing Martha's real self starting to show through, it's really cute.

I like how Bloom is constantly deciding between Adile & Martha, but I sensed that sooner or later Alisa would end up making a move on him! I find it slightly creepy considering he supposedly likes Martha, but nevertheless it adds to their characters and the story so I'm happy with it :)

I'm so looking forward to Martha/John angst when Martha confronts John about Jose's accusation. Jartha angst is the best! ;)

Can't wait for more! :D I can't believe I'm going away tomorrow so I'm gonna have to wait ages for the next parts! :(