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WyszLo chapter 16 . 10/11/2010
I honestly can't tell if I'm still crying because of what happened or because this is over.

How fitting that the last chapter made me cry. As soon as I read the word 'cranberries' the first words out of my mouth were "oh God, no." I miss Logan. Why do I really feel like someone important in my life died? I really just miss him so much.

Obviously I choked when Carlos put the paper crane on top of their tree. I can't describe how much I loved them spending Christmas Eve in Logan's room. I was crying pretty steadily throughout this chapter, but it was a different kind of crying that what I started this story with. They've come so far. I'm so proud of their decision to turn Logan's house into a cancer foundation headquaters and to chase their dreams in order to keep Logan's memory alive.

There are so many reasons why I love this line, I just have to include it:

"Logan is here." Carlos reminded him. "And I really hope your tears don't freeze to your face. That's be weird."

But mainly, I loved the last line. I start to cry every time I read it, but I'm ok with that. I'm sad to see this story end, but I think it ended beautifully. You made me cry but you definitely left me at peace with the characters and where they are. This is truly an incredible story. I hope you know how much I adore it, and you.

Happy Big Time Rush Day,

Fang lover23 chapter 16 . 10/10/2010
That was such a COOL idea! I really liked this ending...even though I don't want it to be over. There's not much more I can say besides that.

Can't wait to see the new story! (Just, please, MINIMAL hospital visits this time Xd). :D
SecretLifeOfAChemNerd chapter 16 . 10/10/2010
Wow. That was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful! I'm tearing up again, which never happens to me! I don't know how you do this, but you do!

I don't think the ending was too abrupt at all! Lovely way to end a lovely story! It's just the way Logan would have wanted it *sobs*

But this stroy, I don't even know the right words to describe it. Completely heartbreaking, but wonderful at the same time. And with everything that's been happening in life lately it's definately helped me figure out some things. So, thank you for that. For this. Because it truly is amazing!

I can't wait to read your new story and will anxiously be checking everday until it is up! D love ya!
Falling to Fly chapter 16 . 10/10/2010
Oh. My. God. I don't think you could have come up with a more perfect ending. It was like a movie again. Whoa.

This review won't do it justice, but I hope you know how deeply this story has affected me. Because it's not just a story. I've had to deal with so much of this stuff, so much like the boys did that it's not even funny. Really, it's not. No, no one I know tried to kill themself, or did the paper crane thing, or anything like that. But some of the details... It was heartbreaking, because I had a friend who had a little sister that was diagnosed with cancer when she was two. She went into remission, but it came back when she was four. She didn't make it the second time around and... She passed a few days before my friend's birthday and a few weeks before Christmas, and it was one of the most painful experiances of my life. So it's amazing when someone writes something as beautiful as this that shows you how hopeful life is, even when it seems unbearable and too painful. So thank you for that.
waterwicca chapter 16 . 10/10/2010
wow! that was just so beautiful and wonderful :D..I'm crying, but its more of a happy-their-moving-on cry.. It was a really great idea for them to buy the house... the paper crane symbol.. and their motto... the whole thing was amazing and seemed like the perfect ending :) thanks for this wonderful story... i know its going to be one of those that stay with me for a long while... :)... now i'm just excited for whats coming next from you
WyszLo chapter 15 . 10/10/2010
I don't know how I just made it through that. It didn't go smoothly. I kept having to stop reading and curl into a ball to cry.

My head is POUNDING right now. You know exactly what this did to me. I can't analyze it, I'm sorry, but when I try to I just start crying too hard. This broke my heart so many times.

So, on a slightly different note while I try to calm myself down, is Triangle what I think it is? You've told me a little bit about it before? I'm excited. I need a story with Logan in it NOW. I'm going to go read Miracle of the Moment... maybe that will help.

Oh, and Big Time Girlfriends? I'm SO BEYOND PUMPED for that! I can't tell you how many times I've watched the preview. I watched the clip of "Boyfriend" on my phone in the airport multiple times today, and it was awkward because I laughed out loud every time James looked at the plant in the beginning. Also, I laugh every time Logan does his pose when Carlos is singing. Oh, and the episode is about Logan and Camille. DUDE! I LOVE THEM! I'M SO EXCITED. It's kind of embarrassing how excited I am for Monday.

Ok, thinking about Big Time Girlfriends helped me calm down. My eyes and head still hurt though.

Update soon!

WyszLo chapter 14 . 10/10/2010
You haven't made me cry this hard in a long time. You made me squeak.

I kept crying harder and harder, and there were all these lines I was prepared to copy and paste like usual, and then you did this:

Then a thought struck all three of them at the same time. They met each other with a steady gaze, knowing that once again, their thoughts were connected. "Happy Birthday, Logan."

Nothing else even compares to that. This entire chapter was horrible. (Emotionally that is- fabulously written as always.) I mean, of course it was wonderful that they were back together again and finally on the road to healing... but it was still horrible. I'm still crying. I'm trying to think of something to say but you've actually left me speechless.

I'm so sorry about this late review, I was visiting colleges with my dad and it would have been immensely awkward to read this on my phone in the hotel with him. Considering how hard I just cried, I'm glad I waited.

I have 2 more updates from you now.

"Happy Birthday Logan." That'll replay in my mind all night.

LIV3xLAUGHxL0V3 chapter 15 . 10/9/2010
But I dont want this story to end! :( the guys were sweet to visit logans grave. Can't wait to see what they're gonna do for him :D
Falling to Fly chapter 15 . 10/9/2010
Oh man. I think I've started my reviews like this all day, but seriously. OH MAN. I was listening to this awesome song when I was reading this chapter and it fit it PERFECTLY. Like, I thought I was going to die. I actually think I did -dies-

Man, everything is good again -sighs contently- They boys are together, no one is hurting themselves, they're finally starting to move on... It's so heartwarming:) And somehow I just knew Mark was going to come back. Evil drug dealers don't just go away like that. But Kendall was amazing and banished him. HURRAY!

So great chapter, and I'm off to catch up on everything else, 'Miracle of the Moment' included. So amazing chapter, and please update soon!

P.S. I can't believe this is almost over -dies again-
Hmmm chapter 15 . 10/9/2010
wow , uhmm , GREAT CHAPTERRR!

So yeah. It was awesome . Update. sooon ((:
BeastBoyfangirl chapter 15 . 10/9/2010
I loved this chapter! I feel so happy that there back together and acting a bit more like themselves. This chapter had many awww moments and I love all of them. I don't want this story to end but all great things have to right?

Only 2 more days for Big Time Girlfriends and I keep on dying every time I see the promo!

Love the whole mark scene!

I don't know why but I have a feeling that 'Triangle might have something to do with James, Logan and Camille? I don't know but you might never know right? Keep up the great work!


valentine142 chapter 15 . 10/9/2010
aaaw he found a crane :')

**sniffles happily**

when i first read this story i thought i was going to hate it because logan isnt in it but i really like it, its so sweet and it shows just how strong their friendship is :)

please update soon :D x
InLoveWithLogan chapter 15 . 10/9/2010
OMG YOU BROUGHT BACK A PAPER CRANE. I love you for that, and every chapter that you include them in I have to express my internal happiness.

The minute I read "no trips to the hospital", I started saying YES! YES! YES! Thank you, because now when I'm old and crusty and dying in a hospital, I'll be emotionally unstable because of Logan.

Keep being awezome! ;)

Fish Stick Friday chapter 15 . 10/8/2010
Hey! I've updated and reviewed in the past couple of days! Come back to you? I never left.

I love how Kendall and Carlos literally didn't leave James' side. That was so sweet!

I also love how you give all your characters first and last names, even if they are minor characters. In my stories, I'm just like, "Meh. This person is not even a blip on the radar in this story, so he/she will be unnamed." Lol.

OMG! James waking up with Kendall's head on his shoulder, and Carlos' head on his chest was adorable! *dies*

"He was doing so well and everyone but himself was proud." Aww, that makes me sad!

It's Carlos' birthday in this chapter? *dies*

James and Kendall comforting Carlos when he woke up. *dies*

Yay! Carlos went and got his helmet! It's funny. I'm making a sorta big deal over Carlos' helmet in my story too. Have you noticed?

I've never really got the Kendall/James slash appeal. However, I loved when Kendall stood protectively in front of James. I guess I don't get Kendall/James because I rather have Kendall be paired with Carlos or Logan because they're smaller and Kendall could protect them. Same with James. But with bromance, it's all good!

Woohoo! Go Kendall! You tell mark!

Eww! Mark spit on Kendall's sneaker!

OMG! So THAT is what Carlos got from his closet besides his helmet! Okay, what is it with the paper cranes and their ability to make my lips quiver? Then the date on it. *dies*

'Triangle' huh? Wonder what that will be about. Logan will be in it? Really? *tackles you affectionately*

Oh, please! This story is NOT horrible! Quit talking about yourself and your work like that!

So, yeah, I was trying to pass the time because I don't want to upload C30 of BTD until it says the update date is 10/9 instead of 10/8 which I think is when it is midnight over on the west coast, which means another 20 minutes. I've already replied to everyone's reviews, and put the chapter in the document manager thingamajig. I just need to wait another 20 minutes, well 19 now. In the meantime, awesome chapter wifey!
CalmMindedFellow chapter 15 . 10/8/2010
cant wait to read more, sorry bout the slow day, and thanks for this sad, yet meaningful story. It was hard for me to keep up, but worth all the angst in the end :)
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