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Krysina chapter 17 . 9/22
Well, there's so much I'd like to say about this story. I absolutely love it. I'm not a huge fan of Sasuke being seme, but the plot to this story is truly great. I love how you wrote this and I love how you incorporated Wiccans into this.
I love how you wrote Sasuke and his mother. Mikoto is so funny and adorable in this.

Despite the fact that I'm not a fan of Sasuke being seme, I still love this so much. You've done such a great job on the plot.

You don't have to rush anything when updating. I lost my grandfather to cancer in 2011, it's hard just getting back into the flow of a somewhat normal every day life. Although I'm glad to hear you're writing again, you're great at it.

I'm really excited to read more and will be looking forward for when you update again. I could go on and on about how great this story is, but I wouldn't wanna rant on and on. So great job so far and I'd love to read more.
ahans1b chapter 17 . 9/9
This was a cute and funny love story. I loved every chapter. Hot ending too!
YaoiHimeSama chapter 17 . 9/9
Owengi! I love your story! Im looking foward to your next update, Author san! Thanks for the update! (: SasuNaru 3!
Shauni785 chapter 16 . 8/13
l mm.
Amaterasu7417 chapter 2 . 7/21
Oh my god, Naruto is such a good guy! *_*
And...Mikoto rocks!
Amaterasu7417 chapter 1 . 7/21
Love it!
Father Danzo sounds a little bit perverted...but I'm entertained all the same XD.
Guest chapter 17 . 7/17
I'm sorry for what you've been through. I've had a couple of family members battle cancer and it is pretty tough.
I really adore this story and all of it's little quirks, and i would be amazingly happy if you continued with it. Thank you very much, you are an amazing person-
Guest chapter 17 . 7/1
Hey man take your time! Love your work keep it up :))
Kyuukitsunex3 chapter 17 . 5/31
I know you must be busy with life, but I must have more! Please Rainwater I am on my knees begging for another chapter!
lazysassymissy chapter 9 . 4/23
mikotomum goals af.
lazysassymissy chapter 5 . 4/23
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Noodling chapter 16 . 2/4
*chapters worth of material, after that rollercoaster of emotions lmao. To think that I found this fic on a great drawing on tumblr that featured Mikoto with pot brownies and Minato! I don't know if you seen it or not.

If you update, I will have the pleasure of reading more! Thank you for this. I am such a sucker for your writing.

MY REVIEW GOT CUT OFF this was intense
Noodling chapter 17 . 2/4
I agree, this story is a fckin' masterpiece.

Down to the flow, the build-up, the DIALOGUE (I'M HEART EYES AT CHA'!), how you characterized the characters, etc. How did I miss this before? ? I was clearly missing out.

I don't know where to begin. I just straight up read from chapters 1-17 all one go - although I /did/ have to take breaks from emotional turmoil ser-iou-sly... you know a story is THAT good when you have to pace yourself around the house for a while questioning life haha! The thing was.. I felt Sasuke and Naruto's feelings, felt it so much that it reached out to me. I feared that one of them was going to mess up that incredible relationship that bloomed. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON KARIN she is a blessing among blessings, honestly my favorite in your fic despite my undying love for SNS and the pair itself as individuals but she made me crack up so many times I lost count. howh HOW DO YOU DO. THE THIGNS YOU DO. Your writing has so much charm to it, I'm blabbing my brains out. And the relationship between Sasuke, Naruto, and Karin was the tip of my mcdongie dong. They act like actual friends, constantly teasing and insulting one another & I just !

a n y way

I should've wrote down all the small things that I loved- from Sasuke's slow decline of confidence just by falling in love with Naruto (that development mhmm) and his uncontrollable crush from the start, to Naruto quickly warming up to the duo and falling right into place after that; seriously, all those scenes with the car rides take me back when my friends and I would take turns driving each other around aimlessly listening to feel-good music and dicking around. :') There must be a god when a story makes you relate and enjoy the parts where it shows & not only tells the relationships between people other than the main focus, may it be wiccan god heheh. That element of this was interesting, Mikoto getting high with her son and Minato's initial broken relationship with his. Mikoto earned me so many laughs as well.

There was a lot of angst between chapters that I enjoyed, the angst that I know, love, and dread. And I again I was scared outta my mind because Naruto anchored into his head internally that he loved women and couldn't open up to the thought of loving men- even if it were just Sasuke, who he had undeniable attraction and deep fondness for, and I didn't want to see Sasuke hurt (but that was the majority of the chapters, and it made me read more). He didn't have to start seeing other guys in the same way if he fell for one, but he failed to see that there could be exceptions. He doesn't love him for what he lacks or carries, his best friend just happened to be male. And I've always had this notion that sexuality was never black and white, and while mentally you'll prefer one gender and limit yourself, emotional attraction can overcome these obstacles. Our heads function in weird ways... I've even asked married couples who were in loving relationships if they'd still be with their significant other if they magically became the same sex. Only a few were hesitant to answer because it was an absurd idea. But I think you summed it up beautifully with Karin, "You can love Sasuke as a partner for WHO he is and NOT because he is male. Wanting him simply because he is the person you love doesn't make you a raving fag." And even more well said, "All I'm saying is that it's rare for anyone to find their soul mate in this world. Are you really ready to pass that chance up because it's now with a woman?" MODERN ART.

Even downright from the beginning, I was hooked from Sasuke making obscene gestures to him in church nonetheless, to Naruto holding on to a sense of familiarity with Sasuke's attention on him, and Deidara's contradicting crush-turned-stalkingobsession for Sasuke and commenting how his attractive features demanded your attention, ofc he'd react to these feelings with violence. I liked how Sasuke turned him down and handled this, relating to his unrequited pining and ignoring his desire to be a complete dick because he understood the exact situation. I admit I found the earlier chapter's characterization a tiny bit out-of-character when you described Naruto has a tightass that wouldn't smile but then again.. that wasn't the Naruto that Sasuke knew at first. And Sasuke's overly sexual behavior.. I was a bit wary over, but then you explained in the latter chapters (beautifully yet again.. you just have a way with words haha) that Sasuke wants to feel close with people again but not have that personal bond at the same time after Itachi's death. That's why he's sex hungry, and you know what, IT works. You give explanations and meaning behind actions, I want to appreciate that just a lil more. Sasuke's disconnection to people yet crave for interaction is a tormenting balance. And I'm glad you incorporated Karin's care for him, being his first friend and all. Uzumaki "I just want to see Sasuke happy" Karin that I know and love in the manga. This is so HER. When she asked Sasuke to bed her just once and that pain/betrayal she witnessed in his eyes.. she defo wouldn't go through that.

Gaara is a bit iffy on me, but his involvement was much needed. To show Naruto that his love for Sasuke ran deeper than platonic. After revealing that he was in love with Itachi first, I can see why Sasuke would be hurt and to assume that he'd be a replacement. Tbh, it still seems that way to me, their relation and similarities can't be discarded. He keeps reiterating that they're their own person but it seems like he's just trying to convince himself moreso than he's trying to convince Sasuke. But he deserves his own happiness too, to be friends with him at least. He needs his own closure. After all, he did want the best for him, even if his plan was faulty. Like c'mon, he's aware of how smitten he was with Naruto and outright told Sasuke that he can tell it was mutual. If he was selfish enough.. he wouldn't have said that. Because I sure as hell don't have faith that Sasuke could see that for himself lmao, ditto with Naruto. It's more denial on the latter because it was new territory. He'd never considered nor had a gay relationship. It would be nothing BUT a slow grind, if he gave it a try. At least they came to an understanding.

Man, now we get to witness Sasuke fighting for Naruto's affection instead of second guessing, manwhoring somewhat, and regressing to a Sasuke that is unsure. Well, not so much regressing, since he changed so much from the first chapter- I lOOove it. Love it love it. Love how you can pinpoint the exact moments where his adoration was overwhelming him, that he couldn't even act properly at times. Those smiles. Those laughs. These are the two characters that I know and seen in many different lights, and to see you execute them in a fresh way somehow just by your own spin to it HOOOH boy. And Naruto's possessive nature with him even in the times where he was definite that they were just friends? GAH. His worry over him when they were trying to take Danzo down warmed this ice cold heart of mine. His clear jealousy over Deidara but not recognizing what it meant. That he'll never let Sasuke get hurt again, "Even from yourself?" GAHDAMN that was a perfect musing. His own budding feelings, not wanting to let him go, reflecting on it all, spending the night at his house when he needed company, etc. I was giddy when he showed up when he thought Sasuke was having sex with his 'boyfriend', he couldn't even bear with that. These idiots truly don't know what they're doing. I can't even write coherently about my thoughts, it's just simply 'yes' to everything when I digged it all. Sasuke was his life as much as Naruto was his, and I began to see that tenfold as things progressed. The confused devotion. He was wishy washy, yes, but because it would be hard to accept something that would deeply impact an already good thing. I saw both sides of their pain. It's just not that simple when one's straight and they know their friendship makes them happy despite 'intimacy'. I was fearing the moment one of them gave up; because their love was there, but something inside of them told them it was fruitless. Doubt is a real game killer. I guess that's why I was wary over Gaara, because while he wanted to mend his own emptiness, he was ruining something with potential that never truly began. Instead he aided it, unexpectedly.

Can I just say that if I make a compilation of the way you word things, this would take up the whole dang site? I can. And I will. But that'd require copying and pasting ;) I think my favorite moment between the two weens was when Naruto learned that Itachi was killed in the same accident Kushina was in. And Naruto told him that he wished it were him that was in his place instead. Sasuke's reaction was raw, I had to take a moment away. That little moment with their foreheads, saying he couldn't lose him too and that he'd beat his ass and take him away from the gates themselves. The way Sasuke relieves tension is perfect. Also, those little stares from the back of the head, that reversal from beginning to the end. Literally seeing both of them lovestruck gives me joy in every place imaginable OHOH no but seriously. I might die from the fluff after the period of them becoming boyfriends and I wouldn't have it any other way. Naruto waiting for a couple of minutes before going into the shop because he didn't know how to greet him.. lmao! Their awkwardness is even cute.

Your humor is the perfect match to the saddening tones, from Karin and the toaster strudel madness and disdain for coffee shop workers, Sasuke's random and abrupt comeon's when he and Naruto were just friends "can we have sex" "pig" "oink oink", the thong, and Mikoto catching her son having a good ole' wanky wank wowee I'd list them all but I never had a chance, the dialogue is unworthy of my comments.

I'm sorry this is all jumbled, it's hard to review 17 chapte
PshhAnonymous chapter 17 . 1/30
This was freaking amazing! I absolutely love this story And the wait was most definitely worth it! My prayers are with you and your family, I hope everything works out. Whenever you have time to update, know I'll be here to read! -Dawn
kiki2222 chapter 17 . 1/23
That phone sex was kinda
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