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DeaththeCutie chapter 5 . 4/29/2013
Wow and I still have 3 more chapters to read can you please stop all the cussing I don't like it!
Sora AND Roxas are MINE!
DeaththeCutie chapter 4 . 4/29/2013
Sora AND Roxes are MINE! Espsilly Roxes!
DeaththeCutie chapter 3 . 4/29/2013
That, was TOTALLY Amu!
Roxes is MINE!
DeaththeCutie chapter 2 . 4/29/2013
Alright I'm Loving this story!
Roxes is Mine! ;)
Adriana chapter 1 . 7/8/2012
Awsome story! love the "Roxmu"
(Roxas and Amu) pairing :D
m00npanda chapter 7 . 10/16/2011
Name: Casper Lynette

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: Very smart, loyal, yet can change moods very quickly. Can relate well to Kukai. Except she is not very athletic and she is a bit of a clutz. Makes side comments that are comical to herself or funny and harsh. Overall, crazy with a sweet side.

Description: Small girl for her age. Dark brown/black hair with a few blonde streaks that is layered and she has side parted bangs. Brown eyes, black glasses. Usually wears a white spaghetti-strapped top with small light blue flowers and light green stems designed on the bottom. Sometimes wears a dark blue jacket or a dark green long sweater that comes down a bit lower than her waist. Also wears light blue jeans that are scuffed and a light green belt. Black, white, and light green tennis shoes are the foot wear she usually wears. Diamond earrings and a silver necklace that has a silver star pendant. She also has a silver charm bracelet with her initials as one charm.

Brief History: Loving home, one sibling, a brother, named Soro, who went missing when she was 9. Always admired him until he disappeared. Has been looking for him for a long time. She lives in Tokyo but was somehow transported to Twilight Town a year ago. Trying to figure out how to get back. But is sure that fate or someone has drawn her to Twilight Town to look for her long lost brother.

Family: A mother and father, one older brother who is 18, A grandmother who died while Casper was living in Twilight Town.

World she lives in: The guardians' world in Tokyo. But when she meets them, she is in Twilight Town.

Friend or Foe or Neutral: Friend

Human or Nobody: Human

Weapon: A sword or bow and arrow

Team: Shugo Chara Team

Charas: Two

Chara Name: Fantomu

Gender: Female

Personality: Strong, courageous, loyal. Tough and harsh at times. Sometimes has anger fits(only if the issue is about others). Always is ready to stick it out and go through the hard times. When Fanto(her nickname) is calm, she is very serious. When she fights, she can withstand it. Chara that she is most like would be Miki. She's the fast, strong shadow Casper always wanted.

Description: Dark brown/black hair with side parted bangs. Gray eyes that become darker when she's angry. Black collared shirt with white edges on the collar, sleeve, and bottom hem. Black fingerless gloves with a white star on the back. Black jeans with a white belt. Black and white tennis shoes. Silver necklace with a star charm that matches her bracelet.

Would be self and why: Fanto was born with Akarui , the other chara. This was when Casper wanted to be exact. Casper is way too lenient about things. She is either too serious or too comical. Casper wanted to be strong like a fighter and elegant like a lover. And so, Fanto and Aka were born. Fanto was the loyal fighter and Aka was the sweet lover. They are opposites and do fight, but these twins really do love each other.

Egg look like: Black with white curly-cues and a sparkling silver star in the middle

Character change: Casper gains the black fingerless gloves that Fanto has and the attitude she has

Character Transformation: "Shadow Dream" Casper gets the same outfit as Fanto but with more silver chains and the blonde streaks disappear from her hair.

Weapons: She gains a sword which is double-edge and used for "slicing the x's off x-chara and x-eggs". This sword has a black hilt with a white curlicues design on the bottom of the hilt. It is called the Darkdream's Edge.


1) She slices with the "Darkdream no Surasshu"(translated into "Darkdream's Slash")

2) She pierces the sword into the ground commencing "Abisu no Piasu"(Abyss's Pierce")

3) Boxing and basic combat moves

Chara Name: Akarui(nickname: Aka)

Gender: Female

Personality: Elegant,sweet and loving. Very ladylike. Sometimes stressed out inside, but never shows it on the outside. This is how Aka and Fanto are alike. She always keeps her cool no matter how weird things can get. Uses formal greetings and classy literature. Her sweet tone can fool you, for she can be judgmental and a perfectionist. She sees through any lie even though no one likes to lie to this lovely chara with her charming grace, she could be the princess and girly side in side of Casper.

Description: Brown roots and blonde hair, her hair is long and wavy and has a light blue headband. Her eyes are light blue as well as the ribbon on her white dress. She has long, princess-like silk gloves that she always wears. Her high heels are glass and sparkly. Her headband has a black star on it. There is also a small black star in the middle of the ribbon on her dress.

Would be self and why: check in Fanto's form for why Aka is Casper's chara

Egg looks like: white with light blue curly-cues and a black star in the middle

Character change: Casper gets the high-airs and the glamourous aura as well as the white long silk gloves

Character Transformation: "Light Dream" Casper gets the whole look as the black and dark brown in her hair turn to brown and blonde.

Weapons: Her sparkly white bow and arrows named Crystal Quill


1) Kagayaku ya ("Shining Arrow") when she shoots the shard arrows

2) Kirameku Merodi ("Sparkling Melody") where Casper sings a sweet song and the enemies' weapons disappear

3) She takes out her silk fans and repells the enemies

Please pick me! I would be fine if you added a soul to my characters and put them in your story! Thanks!
Lucy Ash Hawthorne chapter 8 . 7/29/2011
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demonicsheepy chapter 7 . 7/28/2011
Name:Akari Miyashita


Personality:Akari is very shy and blushes very is also very kind and gentle.

Desription:Akari has long straight snow-white hair that goes all the way to her lower back,ruby-red eyes,and fair skin.

Would Be Self:She wishes to be more brave,confident,and wanted to change because she realised she missed out on the fun things of life because she was too scared to try new things.

Egg Look Like:Akari's egg is the color red with a black hatter hat with four cards that has a heart,spade,clover,and diamond on it paired with white bunny actual shugo chara has white hair in the same style as Akari's and is wearing the black hatter hat(the same one on the egg)with bunny ears and is wearing a black strapless dress.

Character Change:Akari wears the black hatter hat with the bunny ears and her personality changes her into a more confident,adventurous girl.

Character Transformation:Akari changes into the hatter hat with the bunny ears and a black strapless dress with red and black ruffles starting at the hips and ending at her also wears a red choker with a small golden clock dangling from also wears black flats with black and white stockings.

Weapons:She can use her hatter hat and can use a pistol.

Attacks:When she uses her hat cards come out from it and attack the calls it 'Dancing Cards'.

When she uses her pistol,heart,spade,clover,and diamond-shaped bullets appear and attack the calls it 'Wonder Bullets'.

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