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Republic Che chapter 21 . 10/9/2016
This is an interesting story! Please update!
Guest chapter 17 . 7/18/2016
I hope you realize that not all people are as crazy powerful as ichigo... Most of the captains and vice captains are thousand years old, and it takes hundreds or thousands of years to reach vasto lorde level... Most of the espada werent actually vasto lordes, they were adjuchas turned arrancar. Only stark, harribel, and barragan were vasto lordes before they turned into arrancar.
Kairi4ever15 chapter 21 . 12/23/2015
I really like your story. It's well made, the plot is amazing, and the descriptions are also well made. I hope you update this soon!
darkmachines chapter 1 . 2/23/2015
So when are you going to continue that awesomeness? After all I did give you some things about surviving Arrancars that can come in later.
Gundam Emperor00 chapter 2 . 1/1/2015
What happened with Shirley, the girl that have a crush for Lelouch? She goes to Soul Society or became a Hollow and lives somewhere in Hueco Mundo?
Lord Scoro chapter 21 . 10/29/2014
More please
Hailey chapter 21 . 9/21/2014
Keep writing, I would like to see where this goes and posibly see what you will do with the tunnle and the King Cobra Hallow, so please keep writing and if you keep going to the end on this, I might give you somthing worth while, so please keep on writing and I will be eternally greatfull.
RenegadeFire chapter 21 . 6/20/2014
You should continue with this
Rinneganuser1 chapter 11 . 2/21/2014
Reason Edgar is able to remove his mask is because he still holds onto his humanity even if it is a small amount now here is my next one similar to Edgar in some way not exact but I'll just tell you her history in the same way as Edgar
Mask: like a full cover knight she is not able to remove her mask completely like Edgar but she can remove half either bottom,top, or one of the sides can come off but the mask can never come off complete but can be removed to where it is in her hair
Hole location: just below the neck (like ulquiorra)
General appearance: black and red knight armor (kingdom under fire style) with a white cape two rapiers on her side and a bow and spear on and spear her voice suggest she is her early 20s and her face confirms it once the mask is off enough she has blond hair mid back blue eyes and a kind face
Personality: a very serious person on the battlefield but when not she is very kind person she helps her fellow hollows adjust to their life she hates traitors ,perverts (watch out) a certain brown haired bastard because of what he was a traitor, she is friendly she also hates cheater,drunks, and power hungry people,child abusers ,she cares deeply for children because she had a son before she died
Moves:excellent swordsmanship her bow fires Ceros and balas and her spear is great for mid distance combat
History:same as Edgar she was in a kingdom during the 18th century a.d she is from the same family as Edgar but she was one of the exceptions to the no woman in arms rule back then she showed her entire kingdom she was a fierce yet kind warrior but tragedy struck 5 years after her child's birth her kingdom was destroyed son captured and turned into a prince of the enemy kingdom she died protecting her son but later became a hollow and destroyed that kingdom save for her son several hundred citizens that didn't have children and around 1000 families with children she then focused on becoming a vasto lorde she became a Gillian but retained herself like Edgar she then became a vasto lorde a year after aizen was done recruiting them and she was glad she didn't join them
Current location:unknown (you can forget about the first one I made that was a prototype and needed to try it but I added this one right after Edgar but I couldn't upload it on chapter 21 oh and still great story so far hope you can continue with this wonderful story and the reason they can actually remove their mask is because they got revenge on the ones who harmed their loved ones which gave them back some humanity but not enough to pass on to the soul society but it is different with every hollow this is also the reason they can get vasto lorde quickly and please continue on I want to see the next wonderful chapter of this chapter 22 i mean)
Rinneganuser1 chapter 21 . 2/21/2014
Name:Edgar the indomitable (just Edgar unless it's an introduction to enemies)
Mask:ordinary mask with two horns (like ichigo in vasto lorde but smaller about 3inches long) coming from the sides of his skull and jagged teeth (like ichigos) but the mask has a black and red scheme
Hole location: chest
General appearance:black cape with gold trimmings with sliver knight armor under it (think kingdom under fire knight armor) rarely speaks but when he does he seems to have the voice of the kings of old (16 century or so) he can remove his mask which is surprising to most hollows but when he does it shows just how old he is (50 by looks but much much older) scar on his left eye when the mask is off his eyes are ocean blue his hair is grey showing his age again he has to broad swords on his back and two bastard swords on his hips
Personality: a very nice man, humble, loyal to those who earn his trust and respect does not mind making bets (but for some reason he always wins) hates ignorant people , people who abbuse women, money, and power loves kids, enjoys company of those close to him, serious in battle , he will show mercy to those who are unarmed and will go as far as helping up the man or woman who has fallen but he will completely destroy those who betray him without a second thought
Moves: sword skills match kempachi, shows a unuiqe talent with elements, cero, bala considering his power he could handle two captains at once like kuritsuchi and hitsugaiya
History:he was a king of old in England before his death he was betrayed by his most trusted follower he became a hollow and wipe out his kingdom after consuming their souls he then turned on hollows and became a Gillian after one year of feasting on hollows he was one of the very rare ones to keep their consensus after 2 years he became a adjunctus but he took his time consuming hollows around 20 year before lelouches birth he became a vasto lorde after missing aizen recruiting them luckily he found about 15 other adjunctus before he became a vasto lorde although he could easily defend himself he still wanted some company and unfortunately only 5 of then survived and they became his official fraccions he saw what happened to aizen and simply laughed at how foolish those espadas where he knew aizen would fall sooner or later but he stayed out of hollow buisness till long came he then started killing longs followers
Current location: on his way to a certain location in hueco Mundo
Rinneganuser1 chapter 10 . 2/20/2014
Seeing as how I don't know another way to give the description of my vasto lorde this will be the way I'll give it
Name:setsuo pronounced set .sue .oh
Mask: simple black mask two white eyes left eye with a white teardrop the right is a bright yellow teardrop and a white cross on the forhead
Hole location: stomach
General description:black hair, face covered by mask, voice suggests somewhere in mid 30s, body about chads build, wears completely black armor (search knightmare frame arcwalde)
Personality: calm in and out of battle but shows interest in gambling would more then likely be part of his past shows a great care for children and animals hates those who abbuse power, people who kill with out expecting to be killed, people like Luciano. shows mercy if the oppentant fought well out of respect for his skills
Moves: normal move like bala cero and several others his sword can increase in power by several times making him a strong fight terms of naruto with out sword high gennin with sword mid chunin half way powered up high jonin all the way powered up ten tailed beast never goes full out though and never will cause it will kill him in close to 2 minute after use if he doesn't recharge his spirit pressure right after up to his pressure when it is half which would require at least one lieutenant and two 3rd seats level of spirit pressure (if there are problems you can fix the moves I just made them if they are to strong you can alter them to whatever you want just not the way he is only the moves please thank you and this is a great story so far my friend keep up the good work)
Ruelux Prince chapter 11 . 11/3/2013
Please don't tell me you went to Google Translate and translated the shield, the sword, the prism into spanish. If you did, then good job, that is exactly what I woud've done.
Great job on the story though.
Ruelux Prince chapter 7 . 11/3/2013
I first thought the student council from Code Geass was insane, then I thought Rikkaidai was insane, then i read this and i need to reconstruct my insane chart.
Good job by the way.
GGod chapter 21 . 5/31/2013
I see. Lelouch is going to the stage of discovering about Arrancars (that's what I predict). He is going to make his army stronger by doing so. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." by George Santayana. Lelouch is going to repeat the same process that was planned by Aizen. Hopefully the result will be different from Aizen's. Also, interesting fact that Lord Apophis is a hollow in this universe planned by the author (YOU). In Egyptian mythology, Apophis is the snake god of Chaos, in rivalry towards Ra, whom is the sun god and also the god of Order. In Rick Riordan's novel series, the Kane Chronicles, Apophis is the main antagonist as well (hopefully you've read them). It is quite interesting that he is a hollow in this case. I wonder what will happen next...
GGod chapter 19 . 5/31/2013
I didn't see Rolo being mentioned recently. I personally think he should be the STRONGEST hollow within all of Lelouch's loyal guards. He has the Geass power to COMPLETELY stop the sense of time of everyone around him and SHOULD be able to kill every being he wanted to kill effortlessly (except Jeremiah). I would really love to see him fight in battle. He is actually totally INVINCIBLE in that matter. Wonder why he is not mentioned much recently. He could really be the most powerful hollow in existence on the matter.
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