Reviews for Remembering An Unforgivable Past
Anonymous chapter 1 . 7/4/2011
Please continue with this story
Hellotoday chapter 1 . 9/18/2010
This looks promising. Please continue.
Shocotate chapter 1 . 8/25/2010
*reads fic* interesting…who wrote this…?

*looks at avatar* that looks like...

*checks username* but he was called...

*looks at profile* hmh...


It's **you**! so *this* is what you were talking about, it's me, Puraido-Chama, but I changed my name too so I guess I can't complain.

Anyway, I am quite intrigued to be honest, the sudden increase in Pride fanfiction is strange, though it's a good thing since the little guy needs more love, but it means I have more competition, haa, I jest, I hoped you'd make good of that...hint of an idea you talked...typed about in that review you wrote, and now you have!…congratulations?

Now for the review, since I'd best return the favour.

The premise itself can go lots of ways, which I like, since I’m thinking of trying my hand at something like it in the near future (don’t worry I wouldn’t steal from a fan _), I can’t wait to see how you make things work out.

Truth be told I usually don't like OCs, but I don't feel like sounding like a hypocrite, since I’ve added rather accidental OCs to my fics (the fact that I quickly got rid of them notwithstanding) plus I know that some OCs can be done very well, so I’m not worried about how you’re gonna utilize the children of Ed, Al, Roy, Ling (hopefully not all 50 of them XD maybe Xing’s policies have changed now that Ling took in all the other clans?) etc’s children. I’ll express my opinions on them once I see them a little more I guess…

On another note, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought Elysia and Selim might be friends when they grew up, though considering their ‘similar backgrounds’ and the fact that they’re the only small children in the series left alive, it was probably inevitable, we wouldn’t have wanted little New-Pride being lonely in that little government funded mansion of his.

Nice that New-Pride’s growing normally now, since his other body was *really* below the average height of a/an 8/9/10 year old (though I can’t talk, I’m only as tall as Edward), now he’s just a tall, Roy look-alike(I imagine…he is 28 afterall), normal...alchemy teacher…? Oooh he’s learned alchemy (wonder what he specializes in…), and he joined the military just like he said he would all those years ago _, which is…good, but will only lead to bad things…but at least he’s somewhat happy for the moment (being the pessimist I am I’m assuming Mrs. Bradley has…umm…she’s…erm…*cough* yeah, since after 28 years she’d be about 86, and the life expectancy in 1915 for women was only 75… hopefully I’m proven wrong…)

Wow, you’ve really piqued my interest…all I can say is I’ll be waiting patiently for the chapters to follow, I can’t resist a Pride fic, take as long as you like, you don’t wanna rush it _

Nothing much else to say except good luck and be sure to have fun with it~