Reviews for New Life, Second Chances
ExBlazE chapter 3 . 8/26/2016
I'm fascinated that Naruto still hasn't gone into the 'sewers' to talk with Kurama, or at least look at him... OR EVEN MENTION HIS NAME FOR THAT MATTER! (BUT! If this fic was made before Naruto fought the fox in the anime, I'll just consider you didn't know... or that you plan to put him in the more later chapters)
Krist chapter 6 . 8/14/2016
Nice chapter as always!
Lerris chapter 24 . 8/11/2016
This really needs an ending, even if is just killing kabuto and orochimaru. The story is good otherwise, and I liked how Jiraiya changed who was fighting whom... Hinata's strength was a nice touch as well. I'd lose the harem concept as well.
Currahee506 chapter 24 . 7/30/2016
Please update im in an insecure area so wont log in for now
372259 chapter 24 . 7/27/2016
This story is INCREDIBLE please update !
The Avid Asian chapter 1 . 7/16/2016
Hi, im gonna review your story.
IT'S. AMAZING. Honestly, your pacing is perfect, it's well within the boundaries of the Naruto franchise, yet is also unique in its entirety! I haven't seen any updates on it though, and that has me worried. This is one of THE BEST stories on . At least in my opinion. Honestly, I hope I can stack up to people who write with their very heart and soul, such as yourself. Please, WHENEVER you get the time, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASSE update this masterpiece of a story.
Thanks for taking the time out of your life to write a beautifully crafted story.
howmanyisthat chapter 1 . 7/14/2016
Thanks for the AN at the beginning
Desultorynights chapter 2 . 6/5/2016
What...why the fox? I'm confused by that
Rayleigh chapter 24 . 5/11/2016
Still waiting for that chapter...
Lacrizar chapter 24 . 5/11/2016
This is a good story, I hope to see it continued
Wolfone10 chapter 21 . 5/7/2016
IF naruto can't even beat NEGJI, who is JUST a gennin then how does he think he can beat Orochimaru or ANY of the akutski? He should have been able to take negji APART easily.
Wolfone10 chapter 8 . 4/30/2016
With Naruto having fought "people" like Pein, Madara/Obedo, Kakazu, Hiden, Sasori, Dederia and IMMORTAL/UNDEAD versions of the jinchurikis (and sasuke), I wouldn't think Zabuza would even register on his "dangerous enemy" radar... You'd think he'd be BARELY A BLIP, more JOKE then THREAT. (the joke being people ACTUALLY thought he was dangerous enough to label a "demon", when naruto could rattle off a DOZEN names that are more worthy the name) he SHOULD be "as cool as a cucumber" in THIS fight.
ZoomStraightToTheMoon chapter 5 . 4/23/2016
So, it's pretty boring so far. It's the same Naruto from canon except he has knowledge of future events and some OC fox servant that the majority of us couldn't care less about.
unknown person chapter 24 . 4/5/2016
I love this fix but everybody who is here... Don't count on a chapter "25" I waited for over 1 year and NO CHAPTER 25
Mystic-Sama chapter 24 . 4/2/2016
I just read chapter 24 and I want more! It was fun to read this fic though.
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